Season 4, Episode 3: Where Do I Belong?

Hello fam. Let us continue with this glacial pace that is the review of Season 4.

The episode opens with people rocking their goddamn asses off to Busy and “The Neons” aka Neon Vomit, who now have a new name. It appears that they also have a music video and it is called “Unleashed”.

This sounds anything but unleashed, as it’s a pretty generic drum solo going on, we don’t even get any of the Liz’s signature screeches. I’m pretty disappointed.

This sequence continues with Busy smugly walking down the hall at Dorsey, spitting on the little people who got in her way all these years.  We also get our first shot of Sag, who will be our new permanent addition to the cast, but more on him later.

Anyway, in case you couldn’t figure it out based on the grey images and ridiculous set up, this is yet another Ready or Not daydream sequence. Lucy is heard calling to Busy in the distance, where we now see that Busy is actually playing the drums alone in her dank basement. I could tell pretty much right off the bat that this wasn’t real though, because as if anyone would ever give Neon Vomit a record deal. Busy tries to ignore her mom until Lucy finally pokes her head downstairs and tells her to get her goddamn ass to school.

So now the real opening which features Busy hustling into Dorsey where Petrocelli is seen handing out flyers for The Neon’s next gig. He tells her to get to work, as Amanda is no longer the band’s lackey and he needs Busy to put up and hand out posters for their show. We also see some dude named Brad who used to be the drummer in the band aka FORESHADOWING. P.S. When the hell did Brad play with them? Busy’s been their drummer since she was like 12, how long has this stupid band been in existence?

Busy gets to work handing out those Neon flyers… hey I just realized probably to promote THE NEONS, wow that’s clever. Anyway, Amanda and Nina are loitering around and ask for some “VIP passes” to the show. Considering this concert is most likely being held in Neon Vomit’s garage, I doubt they’ll have trouble getting in. Amanda also remarks that she can stay out late that night as Phyllis has wasted no time after dumping Mel and has gripped her talons into a new unsuspecting male.

We also find out that Amanda is going to be auditioning for some community theatre version of The Wizard of Oz (see I told you guys this acting shit was not going away). Nina eggs her on, saying that she’d be the perfect Dorothy, despite the fact that I’m pretty sure Nina has never seen Amanda act at all.

Oh yeah and Sag randomly comes out of nowhere and asks for a flyer. This show is really trying to make a point of saying it’s some weird type of destiny for Busy and Sag to meet even though basically nothing of importance ever comes out of them knowing each other.

Next scene is literally just Nina and Amanda being retarded in the bathroom aka rehearsing the tornado scene from The Wizard of Oz. Amanda bellows “TOTO!” like a groupie at the concert of said band. I’m betting she possibly caused some poor frightened girl’s urine to retract back into her urethra with that screaming. Why do these characters literally have to do everything in the washroom? Does this school not have an auditorium?

At the Ramone residence, the family and Sheila are all gathered around inhaling their dinner. Busy then notices a rock on Sheila’s hand, and it turns out Manny is finally making an honest woman out of Sheila. Lucy breaks down in tears of joy, probably because she thinks she’s finally free of doing Manny’s laundry, and rushes over to congratulate/offer condolences to Sheila.

The couple also informs the fam that Manny can’t find work beyond the butcher shop and wants to move back in with the Ramone’s so they can save up a down payment for a house. Sam for some reason gets pissed at this i.e. them living together in sin under “his roof” even though they have been living in sin at an apartment and thus his logic makes no sense. Manny, with the insight of how the future will go for many Millenial’s, tells Sam that “everyone is doing it” aka moving home. Sam is still pissed at the idea though. Lucy tells him to STFU as they need to celebrate by getting sloshed on red wine. Frankie asks where they’ll go and Manny suggests the basement which immediately makes Busy mad as that’s where her precious drums are. Of course the conversation then becomes about said drums and how important they are blah blah blah we’ve heard this 10,000 times on this show. Lucy quickly shuts her up and they all go back to ignoring her feelings and celebrating.

Next day at school, Busy rushes up to Amanda and Nina to inform them of the news. Before Busy can give Amanda the 411 on the Manny situation, Nina spits out that Amanda got a role in the play. But alas she is not playing Dorothy. No, Amanda is playing the goddamn tornado. Busy does what anyone would do and laughs in Amanda’s face. Amanda gets all pissy, stating that Busy’s music isn’t the only important thing round these parts. But yeah, I agree with Busy, if my friend told me they were playing a weather event I’d laugh at them as well.

Later on in a short scene, Sheila reveals that she has no sisters/friends and asks Busy if she’d be a bride’s maid at her wedding. Busy says yes even though later on she’ll act like being a bride’s maid is the biggest fucking ordeal which it so wasn’t for her as she ends up doing nothing.

New scene and Nina and Amanda are at the Neon Vomit show. Busy is about to perform, when Petrocelli comes by and asks if Brad can play the first songs of their set which Busy says yes to even though you can tell she’s not happy about it.

Anyway, so Brad’s slightly less generic drumming has had quite the affect on these teens as they start cutting a rug to his jams. P.S. This is the same song from the dream sequence and I still find it weird that there is no singing in it at all. Brad does a cool little drum solo at the end and everyone starts losing their goddamn minds at this John Bonham reincarnate.

Finally Busy tells Petrocelli that Brad’s been playing three songs (when they said he would only play two) and that he needs to get his ass off the drum stand ASAP. Busy finally rejoins the group and starts playing a ditty, but it is too late; the crowd is drunk on the greatness that is Brad, and they begin to boo Busy and chant Brad’s name. I feel pretty bad for Busy in this scene, it was pretty dickish of the dudes to let Brad play before her. You can tell Busy is on the cusp of crying.

After the show, while Busy is off somewhere, the guys of Neon Vomit have wasted no time already trying to figure out a way to get her out of the band as Brad is now available. Doesn’t seem to matter to them that he was the one who left the band in the first place and is probably a total flake. What a bunch of douches. Amanda and Nina overhear them and ask where Busy is and they say she’s probably in the can, so they go off to find her. I just need to say though that The Liz is looking LEAGUES better with his short blue hair and also the fact that he is now speaking full sentences (I know he has been for awhile, but I always think back to that first episode we saw him in and remember how he was borderline a reptile before).

They wander off downstairs where Busy is hiding in a corner crying but can hear what they are saying. Nina is clearly all about attending some after party that the band is having as Brad will probably be there i.e. she doesn’t care at all about Busy. Amanda’s more sympathetic and says what I was thinking in that the band would be morons to dump Busy as Brad is clearly not reliable and will probably bail again. They give up looking after one second and head off to the party.

Suddenly we hear the faint sound of what sounds like a flute. Enter SAG “short for Sagittarius” and you will NEVER forget that because trust me, Sag won’t let you. Sag is literally every pretentious teenage high school boy wrapped up in a trench coat wearing package. He reminds me so much of guys I knew in my youth who thought everything they said was super profound. I feel like Sag will look back on his teen years and grimace (least I hope so, really hope he gains self-awareness when he becomes an adult). Anyway, so while he is probably the most cringey character on the show, I don’t hate Sag, I just find my eyes rolling into the back into my head about 90% of the time he is on the screen.

So yeah, Sag comes along with some weird flute thing and sits with Busy, letting her know that while the other guy had “flash” she was more “solid.” He then tells Busy that “it’s not easy becoming your future” and then walks off into the night. See, told you he’s full of shit. Also, I literally can’t tell if he’s chubby or if he just wears a lot of layers. This has bothered me since I first started watching the show.

The next morning the Ramone’s are all in piss poor moods because Manny is making Sam and Frankie help him move a futon into the basement. The door bell rings and it’s Petrocelli whose come to officially kick Busy out of the band. He tries to act all remorseful but Busy is not having it and slams the door in his face. She runs off to beat the living shit out of her drums in the basement. Manny comes and apologizes for taking over her space but you can tell Busy is on the cusp of having a freak out and runs upstairs. Amanda randomly stops by and is being super annoying with her stupid tornado rehearsing. It’s pretty obvious Busy is looking to take her anger out on someone, as she starts getting into it with Amanda by bringing up the fact that her and Nina were gushing about how good Brad was in the basement the night before. Amanda tells Busy she thinks she’s good too and Busy tells her to shut up as she knows she’s good and she’s sick of dealing with Amanda’s selfish artsy bullshit. Amanda tells Busy to call her when she’s not on her rag and takes off. Busy kicks some boxes because she’s pissed at the world and obviously can’t be a drummer anymore because some shitty garage band from Scarborough kicked her out.

Later on in her bedroom, Busy starts humming and creating a song to the melody Sag was playing on his didgeridoo when she encountered him in the basement. She gets frustrated and throws away the song within mere seconds. Lucy comes as she noticed her daughter is acting a lot more mopey than usual. They have a heart to heart about how Busy is feeling lost and feels like things are not easy. Lucy tells her that being an adult sucks and it doesn’t get easier but at least she has new adventures/disappointments to look forward to in her future. Lucy then suggests they take apart Busy’s bunk beds, I guess symbolizing that Busy is growing up. I wish they had decided to take an axe to her drum kit to symbolize that instead. Busy fishes out the song she was creating before and pins it on her bristle board. This will begin Busy’s new progression into becoming a song writer. Hopefully she does better than she did last season with Maxine.

The next day at school Nina has Amanda is this horrendous tornado costume that Amanda is actually going to wear to her audition. Busy tries to hold back her laughter after Nina runs off to get shit ready at the theatre. Amanda is upset because A. She looks crazy as hell and B. Busy is still mad at her. Busy tells her she’s not mad anymore, she was like having a pre-mid life crisis and took it out on Amanda. She then tells Amanda that Manny is getting hitched and she is going to be a bride’s maid. Amanda of course is ecstatic at that since she lives major life events through Busy and her family. Amanda runs off to the audition and the episode ends with Busy seeing Sag in the hallway and talking about music or some crap.

This episode was meh for me, mostly because I don’t care at all about Busy’s music stuff and that was the entire episode. I guess I will miss seeing The Liz, but now that he’s normal he’s pretty boring so good riddance Neon Vomit.

P.S. These last two weeks have been a whirlwind (much like Amanda’s costume) for me. I got married October 28th and then this past Monday I had to put my cat to sleep. So yeah, I am happy to be writing in this blog because it’s a good distraction and attempting to be funny makes me feel better. Thanks for reading everyone who still does/new readers.



Season 4, Episode 2: The Grass Is Greener

Hi guys. Remember how I said the next review would be in March? Well I actually meant August.

Anyway, this episode is probably my favourite of season 4, I just find it highly entertaining. Let us go forth with the review!

The episode opens with Amanda telling Busy that Phyllis finally got bored of Mel’s penis and has broken up with him. Apparently she’s being super emo about it as now all she does is hum sad music. Busy goes on to point out that at least Amanda’s mom talks to her like an adult, as Busy’s family literally only cares about watching basketball and forcing Busy into involuntary slave labour. They go on to discuss how each of their family’s have their own mental aspects and how the other girl is the lucky one to be part of a normal family unit. For example, Amanda is jealous of Busy’s massive family and her hot ass brothers and Busy is jealous that Amanda gets the privacy and attention of an only child. Somehow this family talk turns into them making a bet that involves switching families for the weekend, as each girl believes the other one would not be able to handle their family. The terms are if Busy wins, Amanda cleans out Busy’s contaminated locker and if Amanda wins she gets to borrow Frankie’s jacket to which she will most likely sew onto her body.


Awww their special handshake! We haven’t seen that since….two episodes ago.

Next scene is Amanda telling Phyllis about the switcheroo, but for some reason Amanda lied and said it’s for a school assignment, which leads Phyllis to be annoyed at the lack of a school note. I don’t get why Amanda would need to lie since Busy’s been her friend since they were fetuses and I doubt it’s a huge deal if they just decided to do this weird bet on their own accord.

Amanda tells Phyllis to make sure she’s her usual harpy self, as Busy needs to get the real experience of what life is like for Amanda.

There’s a short scene thereafter with Busy and Lucy saying the same type of thing, meaning Busy wants Amanda to experience the hijinxs of being a Ramone.

The girl’s meet up next day in their office washroom setting and set up some ground rules like no going through private things (yeah, right) and no calls home if the other one can’t take it. They exchange keys and are off on their own little social experiment.

Busy arrives to Amanda’s place first, where there is peace and quiet as Phyllis hasn’t gotten home from work yet. Phyllis has a little tape recorder set up for Busy telling her she’s looking forward to spending the weekend with her “new daughter.” Busy of course is stoked as she doesn’t have a million people in her face and can actually breathe.

Amanda arrives at the Ramone’s and as usual much activity is afoot, such a Frankie looking for a lost juggling ball (you dodged a bullet with this one Amanda girl), Lucy running off to class and Sam eating salami on a newspaper with a massive bottle of Pepsi. I dunno why but I enjoyed that touch, seemed like such a thing a dad would do. Clearly no one cares about what Busy says, as all of them are surprised at Amanda’s presence. Eventually they all go do their respected tasks while Amanda beams at the energy of such a “passionate” family (her words).

The next scene shifts back to Busy and Phyllis and Phyllis discussing all these art galleries that she plans on taking Busy to, which Busy is excited about as she hasn’t had any culture since going to the Pioneer Village gift shop at the age of 10. Oh how I miss that place, I feel like that was a staple field trip location for Toronto youths back in the day.  Phyllis is also being a super hippy and gets really into some candle she probably bought at Bed Bath and Beyond but is acting like it has the aura’s of the universe. Busy just starts hacking as a result of it.

Amanda starts taking her entrance to the Ramone family into incestuous territory as she gives Frankie’s dirty jersey a big ol’ sniff and then kisses a random picture of Dom.

The next day Phyllis wakes Busy up at 6:30am to beat the “art gallery crowds.” Is this a real thing? Can’t see people waking up at the crack of dawn to go to an art gallery.

Amanda wakes up and there’s already a line up for the washroom as Sam is in there taking a thirty minute crap. Frankie pulls out a piece of paper from his boxers and gives it to Amanda. It’s an I.O.U. from Busy and it’s to clean his room. Awww there was once a moment when Amanda would’ve jumped for joy at being able to touch Frankie’s dirty underwear.

Switching back to Busy and Phyllis, Phyllis applies some face masks that makes them resemble Blue Man Group rejects. Then they head to the art gallery which is full of pretentious looking extras. Guess everyone really did wake up to hit the gallery. Phyllis walks around looking impressed by things that look like giant wheels, while Busy stands around bored out of her mind chewing bubble gum.

Phyllis becomes horrified with how uncouth Busy is and runs off to another exhibit. Busy decides the best place to dispose her gum is in an art piece that looks like a coffin made out of fishing line.

This screen shot of Phyllis is hilarious, she looks so shocked that Busy is not enthralled with whatever the hell it is this art exhibit is suppose to be showing. Also there’s the coffin thing Busy sticks her gum in, haha.

Meanwhile, Amanda is struggling to survive at the butcher shop carrying heavy meat, while Manny sits around talking on his massive phone to Shelia. Amanda then screams like a banshee at the sight of a giant pig dangling from the ceiling. I kinda have to agree with her, this seems like something that would be hanging in the middle of the house from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Why’s a huge pig just hanging in the middle of the floor on display? I dunno, I am not up on butcher shop Feng Shui so maybe this is normal.

Back to Busy and what appears to be a new art gallery. She’s still bored out of her skull and decides to wipe out the headphones and probably some new U4EA to listen to. The flamboyant tour guide doesn’t appreciate her antics though and Phyllis quietly tells her to cut it the fuck out. P.S. I wish I could make a gif of Busy dancing awkwardly. I have never seen someone move around so much while listening to headphones.

A short scene we switch back to the butcher shop and Amanda’s having trouble with an elastic band. Sam basically wants to kill her now and sell her carcass to his customers.

Yet another art gallery, and Phyllis is clearly moister than an oyster and on the rebound as she’s resorted to flirting with this fruity as hell dude giving a live poetry reading. Busy just smirks as she is well aware of Phyllis’ needs for the D.

See, I wasn’t joking when I made all those comments about Busy being the Ramone’s slave, because in this scene Amanda is being forced to pour pop for Frankie, Manny and their random friends while they play cards. I understand more and more why Busy needed to escape that house, even if only for a weekend.

The scene shifts back to Phyllis and Busy who are now sitting around at home reading. Busy gets bored and tries to turn on the TV, only to discover to her horror that it is broken. Phyllis doesn’t really care, while Busy is on the verge of tears as TV is basically half her life.

Back at the Ramone’s, loud music is heard while Amanda is trying to sleep, causing her to fall out of the top bunk bed. She tries covering up her head with a pillow only to discover that Busy decided this was the perfect spot to stick her old gum, which results in Amanda getting it stick in her hair. Amanda’s truly having a shit time compared to Busy in this episode.

Ok so remember at the beginning they said no going through private things? (Well actually Amanda said that). Busy didn’t give one crap about that rule as she has found a hilarious gold mine of pictures featuring models Amanda has pasted her her head on. Right about this time we hear the phone ring and the music from the Ramone’s can be heard in the background but the caller promptly hangs up as soon as Busy says hello. Apparently Amanda has called five times and hung up so you know she’s dying right now.  Busy chuckles to herself as the worst she’s had to deal with so far has been a lack of television.

The next day in the morning Amanda is writing in her diary when Frankie comes barging in looking for his calculator. What is with this guy and his random lost items? First juggling balls and now this? Amanda gets pissed at his lack of respect for her privacy which prompts Frankie to grab her diary and start reading aloud. Apparently Amanda is trying to send “psychic messages” to someone named John. Frankie harasses her some more to reveal who the mysterious John is, and turns out it’s John F Kennedy Jr (RIP). Frankie then pulls out the Dom photo that Amanda kissed earlier which still has her lip marks on it and mockingly says that Dom will be so jealous. Amanda’s bout ready to explode and slams the door bitching at how goddamn messed up the Ramone family is.

Back at the Zimm residence, the worst Busy is having to endure today is having Phyllis read her foot. Seriously, compared to Amanda, Busy’s weekend has been a walk in the park. Anyway, Phyllis asks her some questions about herself such as what makes Busy excited to live. Busy is unsure how to answer that, considering no one in her own family ever actually cared to probe that deep in her life before. Busy says “her drums” and Phyllis gets all excited that they bonded. Now that she’s broken up with Mel she’s gotten lot more hippy dippy which I guess could be slightly annoying, but still better than literally one second of what Amanda has had to deal with from the Ramone’s.

Back at the Ramone’s, Amanda helping prepare dinner with Lucy while Frankie and Manny get in the way with their nerf football and Sam sit’s around bitching about something. Busy calls Amanda for some reason, even though it was against their rules and they chat about how each other’s weekend has been so far. The piano plays while Busy asks if Amanda wants to come home a bit early, so you can tell that they miss their regular fam jams. Amanda says no, she can survive a couple more hours of the Ramone’s (she hopes) and that she’ll see Busy in a bit.

Later on Amanda’s sitting around fidgeting her ass off waiting for her mom to come save her. Finally Phyllis shows up and Amanda practically bolts for the door to escape. Phyllis goes to speak with Lucy, while Amanda and Busy chat about how everything went. Both conclude that each other’s family’s are “intense” aka that neither one could put up with what the other one has to on the daily ever. They decide to have a draw on the bet since Busy did call, but Amanda did about 1740 hang up calls. Busy was so dumb to call IMO, she literally had this bet in the bag. Ah well. Amanda then bets her a month’s worth of homework that she won’t get the remote off her dad. Amanda and her mom leave, and the Ramones welcome back good ol’ Busy. Episode ends with Busy indeed getting the remote and everyone jumps ontop of Sam for some reason.

I really liked this episode, as it sort had a Freaky Friday feel to it. Ok not really, but seeing what it would be like to live your best friend’s life for a weekend is a pretty cool idea. I feel like since both the girl’s spent so much time at each other’s houses they expected totally different outcomes, so it was funny to see how it was to deal with each other’s family’s on a solo mission.

Ok so I started this entry back in May and it is now August. Really unacceptable. I had someone on Facebook actually contact me and left a really sweet message saying how much they hoped I would keep writing this and how good a writer I am. It made me realize I need to keep this alive, if anything to maintain my writing skills, and to continue to hopefully provide entertainment for the few but awesome who still continue to read. Thank you loyal friends.

Next episode: Busy has an identity crisis.



Season 4, Episode 1: First Day of Junior High

Hi guys.

I really dropped the ball on this website, didn’t I? I don’t think I’ve updated since September…ooops. And yet somehow, this website still gets at least 20-30 hits a day. That gives me joy.

Anyway, just know that it’s not from a lack of love  that I quasi-abandoned this site, it’s because I’m now working two jobs and trying to plan for a fall wedding this year… so yeah. Stupid busy.

But I really enjoy working on this site, and I miss watching Busy and Amanda annoy me for half an hour, so I am back! I promise at least one monthly update. I know that’s shitty, but I think it’s reasonable for myself.

Anyway, it’s good to be back, and let’s get the ball rolling.

We’re now in Season Four… I can’t believe it, as the series is more than halfway over now. I find that this season the show takes a drastic change. I’m not saying it’s better or worse, it’s just….different. In addition to Amanda and Busy now sporting much more trendy hair styles and clothing, the story line’s seem a lot less endearing and more basic teen drama. I dunno how to explain it, maybe it’s just me but I prefer the earlier seasons. Not that these seasons don’t have some good moments, but a lot of random characters get introduced and it sort of draws away from Amanda and Busy’s friendship. Also, one thing I noticed is how Amanda and Busy kind of switch personalities. Amanda becomes a lot more confident in these seasons (to a degree, Amanda will always be a little self-doubting) but Busy seems to totally lose her identity and really questions who she is. Anyway, you guys decide for yourselves.

So yeah, new season, and now, a new opening!


…………Which I can’t link to as I can’t find it on YouTube. 😐 But since these episodes are on YouTube again, you can go watch for yourself. Basically instead of the photo booth intro it is now various clips from the episodes this season. Don’t worry though, that great song still remains.

So the episode opens with Amanda and Busy discussing clothing and their upcoming first day at their new school, Dorsey Jr. High. You’ll notice right away that the gals are sporting totally different hairdos. Busy has lost her moppy curls and has a straightened bob, while Amanda has cut off a chunk of her hair and has layers now. I have to say, I really enjoy Amanda’s style in these newer seasons, as she wears clothes I myself would’ve enjoyed in the mid to late 90s.




Much like every stupid Canadian tween show, there always has to be some dumb reason these kids can’t go to a real high school. In this case, it’s because of some “rezoning law.” Despite the fact that they live in Toronto, the biggest city in Canada, they can’t find a high school that will take them in. SURE. I literally have no idea why the show made them not go to a high school as they ended up at a new damn school anyway! At least with Degrassi they were still at the same school when they pulled this similar stunt. Maybe they didn’t want to have to get into serious high school story lines, and having them be in Jr. High was a way to keep them innocent for like a year longer… Anyway, moving on.

So Frankie barges in bitching about Busy using his razor. Busy mocks his lack of facial hair on account of his lack of masculinity, and Frankie uses this as the basis for the dumb plot of this episode. He tells Busy to watch her back, as the Famagletti’s go to Dorsey. The Famagletti’s are an Italian family who hate the Ramone’s for some reason, and Frankie goes on to tell how two of the Famagletti’s kicked the crap out of Manny and Dom, all the while this Godfather type music is playing in the background. He succeeds in somehow convincing Busy that they’re all at Dorsey, waiting to beat her ass. Does this look like dude you would actually believe?


Next day we see the girls walking down the hall at Dorsey, and I’m sad to say that we were not able to escape having to deal with Monkey Ears. In fact, you better learn to love him because he’s in the rest of the show all the way to the BITTER END. Plus, he’s now much more of a secondary character, as the show loves to add those in these last two seasons. He’s also about 10,000,000,000 x more annoying now. So yay, already lovin’ season 4.


Yep, here’s a man who definitely will not be having sex any time soon.

Amanda and Busy then arrive at Amanda’s locker (they aren’t together, much to Busy’s chagrin), when one of our new character’s makes an appearance. The show doesn’t come right out and say who she is, because of this stupid Famalgetti plot, but I’m gonna tell you her name is Carla Slavinski and I guess she’s sort of the antagonist, at least for Busy because these two never end up really getting along. Carla tells Amanda this is “her block” and steals Amanda’s locker away like a stupid ass hoe.


So the girl’s go over to the locker Carla dumped on Amanda and apparently it reeks. Amanda goes to put her disc man inside, but then is greeted by some new chick who tells her not to do that because the locks don’t work at this ghetto ass school. Anyway, this is the show’s way of introducing another character, Nina Pepperman, who will become the girl’s bff for a bit of this season. So I’m gonna be super un-PC and point out that Nina looks like she has dwarfism to me. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing at all, she just looks like a little person. It would’ve actually been awesome if they had a dwarf as a friend on this show, not gonna lie. Would’ve been better than that annoying dude in the wheelchair in a future episode, but y’all will just have to wait and see for that one. So anyway, Nina walks off and everyone is all “SUP NINA” while the screen gets all glowy, so I guess she’s super popular or something.


Carla then like randomly runs up to Amanda and Busy and tells them that Nina Pepperman is stuck up and to stay away from her. I don’t get why they instantly didn’t tell her to fuck off after the stunt she pulled with the locker seconds ago, but I digress. Carla is kind of a loser; like she makes fun of the girls, but constantly hangs around them.

They arrive to class, and we see the main teacher for these seasons, Mr. Clemmer. He is an OCD candidate who seems to have to repeat everything twice. As he’s discussing random shit, Amanda accidentally hits her foot on her disc man causing it to turn on. Busy, sitting right behind her turns it off. Clemmer thinks Busy did it and asks her name, forcing her to say aloud that her last name is Ramone while the stupid Godfather music plays in the background. I’m already so bored of this stupid Famagletti subplot. Clemmer than tells everyone to get into groups of three and Nina joins up with Amanda and Busy. Carla being obviously friendless, has no group so Clemmer sticks her in their group and Carla starts annoying people right off the bat.


In the next scene Busy and Amanda are bitching about how annoying Carla is, while banging on the bathroom door to get Frankie out since he is “shaving” again. I feel like the shaving is a cover for something else he is probably doing, as he is at that very special age in a man’s life. Anyway, Frankie opens the door and warns them again that the Famagletti’s are on to Busy and she should be shitting her pants in fright at these fictional characters.


Next day is photo day and the four gals are all waiting around to git it done. Carla asks to borrow Amanda’s cover stick as she has “pores the size of dinner plates” (comment will become important later on) to which Amanda makes up some bullshit excuse because who would want to share their make-up with Carla? Nina goes up to get her pic taken and Carla starts going on about meeting up to do the project without Nina as I guess she hates her or something, and Busy and Amanda come up with an excuse not to hang out with Carla on account of her sucking. Amanda then goes up to get her picture taken, and see’s Carla fucking licking her hair for some reason which rightfully grosses her out and causes her to make a weird face.



Then Busy goes and shuts her eyes like a dolt.


After their shitty pictures, Amanda Busy and Nina take off to grab food and leave behind their photo IDs to be taken by ANYONE like possibly the FAMAGLETTI’S(except not).

So they go to this place called The Lakeview, which is a real diner in Toronto (and pretty damn good, went here once in like -30C weather…twas worth it) and sit around listening to Nina sound super pretentious talking about her past career as a barista. As a current barista I’ll tell you it’s nothing to brag about. Some shady looking folks walk in and Busy gets paranoid that it’s the Famagletti’s. Does she think they have a hit out on her or something? Nina then asks if they wanna go to some Japanese tea ceremony tomorrow because of course this 14 year old is into stuff like that. Anyway, they get on the topic of Carla, and start discussing how much of a loser she is, with Amanda and Busy  chiming in with the “dinner plates” comment from before. Of course right as they are bad mouthing her, Carla walks in and hear’s everything. The girls don’t see her, and you can tell Carla is pretty hurt, but screw her, Carla was an asshole right off the bat. Zero sympathy. I also think it’s kinda hilarious that her friend is also smirking at the comments. Clearly everyone hates Carla.



The following day at school, Amanda and Busy are in the washrooms discussing some random crap, when all of a sudden Amanda finds a photo copy of Busy’s horrid photo from the ID pictures yesterday.


Geez, Busy looks high out of her mind in that picture.

They go confront the photographer about their IDs and it turns out someone has taken Busy’s as well as Amanda’s. The logical thought for them is to instantly go straight to thinking the Famagletti’s did this, when it’s pretty obvious who the damn culprit is. Monkey Ears than walks up to the girls brandishing a photo copy of Amanda’s ID. Turns out neither girl was immune to the attack, as both their pictures have been plastered up all over the school.


They freak out and tear down the pictures and then go to lunch. Turns out they are basically social pariahs now, as no one lets them sit with them except for good ol’ Carla.

They’re sitting around when suddenly some thuggish (for Canadians) guys stand up and Busy freaks out and takes off because she thinks it’s the Famgletti’s. But turns out they were just putting up a poster for their Christian rock band, at least that’s what I will assume based on this picture.


Amanda and Carla more or less shrug off Busy’s panic attack and carry on discussing how redonks it is that someone would want to trash someone else’s reputation. Carla then goes off to “gargle” and leaves Amanda with her trash like a common troll.

Later that night, Amanda is already ready to give up on Dorsey after being humiliated and wants to move in with her dad. Come on Amanda, you survived having your bra thrown around a classroom, I think you can handle this. Phyllis comes in and demands the phone since she and Mel are basically on the cusp of breaking up and she wants to yell at him for being late for the opera or some lame ass shit.

Over at the Ramone’s, Manny is over and raiding the fridge since he still can’t care for himself, despite nearing the age of 45. He asks Busy why she’s all mopey and she tells him the Famgletti’s are bringing her down. Manny is basically like “what the hell are you talking about?” and Busy brings up the Famagletti’s and how they kicked his ass once. Manny says the Famagletti’s are non-existent and no one ever kicked his ass, but you can totally tell Manny is one of those annoying alpha males who would never admit if they did lose a fight. Anyway point being, it finally took Manny saying something for Busy to realize Frankie was bullshitting the whole time. I feel like past Busy would’ve figured this out a lot sooner. Also we get some mini insights into the Ramone family as Lucy is now going to school and Sam has started grocery shopping, probably for the first time in his life. Yay Ramone family succeeding.


So now that the idiots have finally caught about the fictional Famagletti’s they then try to figure out who put up all the posters. First they come to Monkey Ears, but he tells them that he has better things to do, like run a shitty joke shop out of a suitcase at a junior high school. Then Carla comes up and basically implies that Nina did it, which makes absolutely no sense, but I guess if they believed some fantasy Italian mobsters could’ve done it than anyone could.


They all go into class and it seems like Busy and Amanda are seriously considering Nina as the culprit since she was away from school at her Japanese tea ceremony aka cosplay convention. Carla starts bitching that she was the only one who started their project and Nina goes to look at her work when suddenly 10,000 posters fall out of Carla’s binder. Wow… like who didn’t see that Carla was doing this from a mile away?


Amanda and Busy burst a blood vessel and freak out on Carla. At first she kind of tries to deny it, but then she comes out and says dem bitches had it coming because of their remarks at the diner. Somehow the music turns all guilty and regretful since they hurt Carla’s feelings but CARLA STARTED IT BY BEING AN ASSHOLE FIRST. If Amanda and Busy were just picking on some poor random weirdo that never bothered them than fine, they are bitches, but Carla was a jerk right off the bat with the locker shit and by being generally unpleasant to be around. They were never friends with her, if anything the only connection they had so far was being forced do a stupid project with her.  Carla is apparently allowed to go around being a giant twat to everyone, but the second someone hurts her fee fee’s it’s not ok. Anyway, she has a major suck out and leaves the class, but not before calling Amanda and Busy “wannabes”.


Later on Busy is setting up her shaving cream trap she purchased from Monkey Ears to get back at Frankie for the Famagletti stuff. Amanda says how she feels bad about the Carla incident, but Busy has the same frame of thought as me in that Carla is a douche who deserves it. Frankie barges in to shave for the 100th time (how does he not have razor burn) and we hear him spray what looks like purple Gak all over himself. Remember GAK guys?? (let’s see just how many early 80’s babies read this)


The episode ends with Amanda and Busy trying to hold back Busy’s door while Frankie attempts to break through and beat their ass, all the while talking about what a freak Mr. Clemmer is.

Anyway, I find this episode truly annoying, mostly because of the stupid Famagletti plot line. But then again I find that when episodes have to introduce new characters they usually aren’t the greatest, so maybe that’s why. It just felt like too much stuff was going on in this episode.

I feel soooo rusty with the writing right now haha. Next episode is actually probably one of my favourite of this season so I am looking forward to doing that in March. Hope someone out there is still reading this!

Season 3, Episode 13: Nothing In Common

Hi guys. Well, we’ve finally reached the end of my beloved season three. You can kiss the old school Amanda and Busy good bye after this episode. Their attitudes change, their style changes, their hair do’s definitely change and overall the show as a whole feels like it changes. It’s still good, but I think it loses the charm these earlier seasons hold.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, we still have one more episode of this season to tackle, so let’s get on with it.

The episode opens with Amanda and Busy sitting at a creek, that seriously reminds me of Taylor Creek in Toronto. Amanda is forcing Busy to listen to her mediocre poetry, and Busy’s acting her usual annoyed self with Amanda’s antics. Amanda’s disappointed that Busy wasn’t impressed with her poetry, but what can she expect? Busy never enjoys anything artsy Amanda attempts, like I’m sure she’s still traumatized by that Save the Animals song from the Wild Life episode in season one.

They randomly run into a homeless lady in the park, and Amanda gives her the poem because she’s a cheap bastard.


Amanda’s all excited because Busy’s Uncle Pasquale is in town and he’s a publisher….of cook books. But Amanda figures she can use some good old fashioned nepotism and charm her way into getting published in one of his cooking magazines. Busy tells her to calm the hell down, because her uncle is not in town just to help Amanda’s half-assed writing get published. But Amanda’s got a mission and there’s no way Busy is getting in the way of that.

Next scene, Amanda’s at Busy’s place having dinner and Uncle Pasquale is amidst the Ramone clan. He brings up some random song from Amanda and Busy’s youth about them being “best friends forever” (the theme of this episode) and they kinda groan at him remembering the stupid shit they said when they were seven.

Amanda wastes no time pointing out that she still writes and that she’s been working on some poems. Busy tries to shut her down, but is unsuccessful, as Amanda worms her way into getting Uncle Pasquale to read some of her poems. I don’t really get why Busy is trying to cock block Amanda’s writing. I mean, it is annoying that Amanda is trying to use Busy’s family to get published, but at the same time, it’s not that big of a deal. I’m sure Uncle Pasquale is just being nice, like reading one of her damn poems isn’t going to take up his day. Anyway, Uncle Pasquale then starts eating some corn in a really disturbing manner which makes the girls giggle since he apparently did this at a corn roast many moons ago.



Later in the eve, Amanda puts together a little care package of literally every poem she’s ever written in her life, including some ribbons about winning poetry contests, in case Uncle Pasquale doesn’t recognize how talented she is y’all.

The next day at school during lunch, Amanda presents Busy with her poetry package, and as usual Busy doesn’t give a shit. Amanda catches glimpse of a cassette that Busy has, which Busy seems weirdly uncomfortable about. Amanda gets it out of her that it is music she and some chick named Maxine are working on. Amanda really wants to hear it and even offers to write lyrics for Busy, but Busy turns her down saying the way she writes wouldn’t work for the music. Amanda is still really insistent on hearing the tape, and Busy begrudgingly gives in. I think because Busy is so hyper critical of Amanda’s art she’s worried Amanda will judge her (and rightfully so, because we later learn Busy really sucks at lyric writing).

Suddenly some random Asian chick named Wendy sits herself next to the girl’s table. I don’t think this is the same chick who was the “Oooo tough luck” one from the Danny pimple episode, but I think she was the one who schooled Amanda in the Jewish episode. Anyway, Wendy has come up with some book club idea that she thinks is super not nerdy at all. Amanda thinks it’s rad and offers to be a member, but Busy thinks it is hella lame and takes off.  Uh oh, AMANDA AND BUSY DON’T LIKE THE SAME THINGS. WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN?


Shortly after, we see Amanda and Wendy sharing a Walkman and listening to Busy’s tape, as Wendy loudly and openly mocks the lyrics. Busy is at a water fountain and hear’s everything. I don’t think it was very cool of Amanda to listen to that tape with Wendy, when Busy is clearly the type of person not comfortable sharing her art. At the same time, Busy’s been acting pretty bitchy towards Amanda lately so I’m not surprised it occurred. Anyway, of course Busy is pretty pissed at this situation. Also, what is that person behind Wendy in this screenshot?


After school Busy meet’s up with Maxine, whose trade mark is a monotone voice and a stupid hat. Amanda manages to catch Busy before she takes off  to “jam” with Maxine, because Busy forgot the poetry package at the lunch table. Busy tells Amanda she’ll give it to her uncle after she’s back from Maxine’s, but Amanda being her usual selfish self, whines at Busy to please go home first and give it to her uncle because it is important to her. Busy reminds Amanda/every viewer for the 10,000th time that her music is important too. Busy eventually just lies and tells Amanda she’ll go home first. Amanda then gives Busy back her tape and in a super phony manner tells Busy how great she thought it was. Busy see’s right through her bullshit and takes off with Maxine. So yeah, some tension is definitely brewing between these two girls, and honestly, it’s been in the making for awhile now. I feel both of them are probably a real chore to be friends with sometimes.


Busy and Maxine then ride their bikes through that same ravine/park Busy and Amanda were in at the beginning of this episode. Amanda’s poetry package was on some really flimsy looking back part of Busy’s bike and falls off and her poems scatter everywhere, unbeknownst to Busy.

Amanda later stops by Busy’s place, and is now basically harassing Busy about these poems and Uncle Pasquale. Busy’s getting mighty fed up with Amanda and her poetry shit, and tells her Uncle Pasquale is at some convention and isn’t even home yet. Amanda then decides she should just give him the poems herself, and Busy tells her they are on the bike. Amanda notes their absence and Busy is basically like DERP.


They return back to the ravine and Amanda’s poems are all over the place and completely ruined. Busy feels really bad and offers to make new one’s but Amanda apparently didn’t have copies. This would not be an issue in this day and age I must say. They then start getting into it, with Amanda saying Busy never cared about her poetry and Busy being pissed that she and Wendy made fun of her tape. Amanda says it was basically retaliation for insulting her poems at the dinner table the night before, which Busy didn’t actually do. Busy then says her and Wendy are perfect for each other because they are boring boy crazy book worms and Amanda says Busy and Maxine are boring, and that Maxine doesn’t talk. Busy tells her she’s thankful for that because she’s grown weary of listening to Amanda’s bullshit 24/7. They then leave each other on that bad note.  I’M NOT KIDDING….WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN? Seriously guys…I’m so scared. Will they survive this rift?


The next day Amanda arrives at school in full Claude Tanner from Degrassi High attire. She meets up with Busy at their lockers and they both exchanges bags with the stuff the other had left at their homes. So basically, they are acting like a couple breaking up and returning items.

Later on Amanda is walking with Wendy and see’s Busy with Maxine so invites Wendy over to read poems. So Busy asks Maxine if she wants to jam. Both are trying to make the other one jealous I’m assuming. Definitely acting like a former couple. I wish they’d just accept their feelings for each other and date already.

So then Wendy is at Amanda’s reading some boring ass poem that could be used to induce a coma. Seriously, look at Amanda, she looks like she’s about to fall asleep.


We then switch to Busy and Maxine where they are jamming along. Interestingly, Busy is now playing keyboard instead of drums (she’ll be playing keyboard a lot more in future episodes, so I wonder if this was a coincidence or the show planned this) and while the music is actually decent…the lyrics are….yeeeeah. I’ll let you guys judge:

You’re such a bore, don’t come ’round no more, just walk out that door, like you did, before.

No wonder Amanda and Wendy made fun of the lyrics. Even Busy thinks it might rhyme too much, but Maxine says that lyrics should rhyme, and Busy is very easily satisfied with that half-assed reasoning.


Then we get a sort of montage of the girls doing things they like with their mini me’s aka Amanda rating boys and doing make-up with Wendy and Busy playing video games and listening to U4EA (remember that band?) with Maxine.



Next day at school, Busy is playing Pogs with Maxine (“remember ALF, he’s back, in Pog form!”), while Amanda is partaking in the book club with Wendy and some other nerds. They both look at each other longingly from the across the cafeteria, missing each other’s annoying tendencies.

Later on, in a pretty random scene, Maxine and Busy are walking through that damn ravine again. Seriously, what’s with this location? They’ve never been there before and now everyday they are hanging out here. Busy points out how Amanda gives that homeless lady money/her poems which makes Maxine scoff. Busy then kind looks like she has some epiphany that maybe Amanda is a good person and gives the homeless lady money too. I dunno, was this the scene they used to make Busy realize she’s kinda been an asshole lately to Amanda and should cut her some slack? I dunno, it felt really out of nowhere to me.

Then we see Wendy and Amanda reading poems and Amanda’s pretty much over this scene. She basically rolls her eyes at her own poetry and you can tell she’s bored as fuck by everything with Wendy. I guess Amanda is now realizing how dull of a person she actually is and needs Busy around to keep things interesting with her sassy attitude. See, these bitches need each other!



I think the last straw comes for Busy when she has Maxine over for dinner, and the Ramones are acting like freaks as per usual, and Maxine doesn’t roll with the punches like Amanda did. I guess it is pretty important to have a friend that can understand and relate to your family’s quirks.

A new scene, the girl’s are in class and the teacher comes up with an assignment to have the kids write about their most memorable birthday’s. Busy asks Amanda if she’s going to write about when they put Brandy to sleep. I really hope Brandy was a cat and not her grandma. Amanda asks Busy if she’s going to write about when she got her first drum kit. So yeah, obviously these two have been in each other’s lives since the dawn of time, and should just become damn friends again already.

Later on in the evening, Uncle Pasquale stops by Busy’s room and asks about Amanda’s poems. Busy lets him know that she and Amanda aren’t friends anymore because they have nothing in common. Uncle Pasquale points out the most obvious thing ever in that Busy and Amanda never had anything in common in the first place, and that’s why they were best friends, because d’uh opposites attract. This should be most evident by the fact that both girl’s are already bored of their clones after one week of hanging out with them. Uncle Pasquale then does a creepy wink and leaves, never to return again. Thanks for your pearl’s of wisdom, Uncle Pasquale.


In the last scene, both girls are at a coffee shop with their new friends, but keep looking at each other. Finally Amanda bails on Wendy, and Busy follows, dumping Maxine. They meet up outside, where they have awkward small talk. Amanda asks Busy how the song is coming and Busy admits the lyrics blow. Amanda tries to use an analogy of Busy being peanut butter and her needing some jam aka Amanda, but Busy’s a tad too dense to get it. Finally Amanda just comes out and asks if Busy wants help and she says yes. They both do their secret handshake from years gone by and become friends again. The episode ends with the girl’s casually walking down the street dissing both Wendy and Maxine haha.


I’m not going to lie guys, I have been writing this review since Labour Day weekend. I find this episode so incredibly tedious, it’s been hard to get through it. I really did not like this episode, it severely grated on my nerves. I’m wondering if the show did this episode of their friendship almost ending in case there wasn’t going to be another season, just because season 4 is the start of a whole new look for the show. Anyway, apologizes for taking a decade to do this review.

BUT I got exciting news! Y’all should go look for Ready or Not on Youtube, because yesterday I looked and was pleasantly surprised, that’s all I’m going to say. 😉

Next episode: SEASON 4, EVERYTHING CHANGES aka mostly just Amanda and Busy’s hair. The first episode is actually kind of stupid, but I’m looking forward to the review. Until then!


Season 3, Episode 12: Sister, Sister

Hi gang, sorry for taking for frickin’ ever to write this review. I cannot believe this is the second last episode of season three. Where has the time gone? Soon Amanda and Busy will completely change…and not for the better.

Anyway, let us focus on the now and this episode, so aptly named after the mid 90’s sitcom starring Tia and Tamara Mowry. Unfortunately this episode does not feature a sassy black lady by the name of Jackee.

The episode opens with Amanda and Busy talking about some upcoming concert Neon Vomit has on the weekend. I wonder what sexual favours The Liz had to perform in order to secure that gig. Amanda’s also decided that it is a brilliant idea to let Busy perm her hair. I know it was the 90s, but who the fuck still got a perm beyond the 80s? Anyway, Amanda wants curly hair because “everyone she knows has it”…wonder if that will be her excuse for when she acquires herpes in the distant future. But she points out that it isn’t nearly as “radical” as changing your name, which Phyllis has now done, going back to her maiden name of Myers. Busy asks Amanda if she will change her name too, but Amanda gets pissed, proudly proclaiming she will always be a Zimm. Oh yeah, and I forgot to point out the most important part of their conversation; Amanda will be meeting Mel’s daughter Leslie tonight and she has a dead mom (will matter later).

amanda perm

The next scene…and Amanda’s hair looks exactly how you’d expect it to, i.e. a deranged poodle.

amanda poodle

Now that Phyllis is newly divorced, she is wasting no time washing every aspect of Leonard out of her life, starting with a purging of her closet. She goes to throw away some fugly sweater, which Amanda gets offended by since she and her dad picked it out for Phyllis. Maybe if you guys had better taste she wouldn’t be tossing it out.

Amanda then goes in her room and writes some emo diary entry about how she wishes her hair wasn’t fucked, that she didn’t have to meet Leslie and that her mom would quit pretending to be sad about the divorce. Yawn, next.

Next scene, and Phyllis and Amanda arrive to the restaurant. Amanda gets all whiny about the restaurant being really fancy, even though her outfit looks totally normal (other than her hair and her stupid Blossom hat). Mel comes waltzing up with “14 year old” Leslie in tow. Can this show please start casting people that sort of look their age? This girl looks like she’s in her early 20s. Anyway, Amanda seems to immediately take a disliking to Leslie, sort of snubbing her, and Leslie seems super fake, so I’m sure these two are going to get along swimmingly!


They have a boring dinner, where Amanda is forced to eat vegetables she doesn’t like.

Back at home, Phyllis is obviously trying to get this Mel/Leslie and Phyllis/Amanda dynamic to happen, because her and Mel want Amanda and Phyllis to spend the whole weekend at his place to bond. Amanda gets super pissed, because she wants to go to Busy’s concert. Phyllis pulls the whole “Mel and I would be soooooo disappointed” line. I don’t often side with Amanda, but I was pretty annoyed with this scene. Phyllis just got divorced and already is trying to force this new dynamic on Amanda who clearly hasn’t come to terms with the fact that her parents aren’t getting back together. Pretty selfish on Phyllis’ end I must say.

Amanda calls Busy to bitch about it (while she’s clipping her toe nails in the scene haha) to which Busy is pretty sympathetic. Busy then implies that Mel and Phyllis are probably banging, because they went to New York together and they are forcing interactions between the two daughters. Busy even goes so far as to suggest that maybe Phyllis will marry Mel and Leslie will become Amanda’s sister, which freaks Amanda right the hell out.

busy toenails

Next scene, Amanda and Phyllis has arrived at Mel’s artsy-fartsy pad. Leslie is playing a solo cello concert for Mel and Phyllis, and Mel suggests Amanda bring her things to Leslie’s room to sleep in. Both girls are pretty WTF at that, as it is clear that neither likes the other, but these adults are determined to force this union on their daughters so they can keep having sex and not feel guilty about it.

Amanda goes into Leslie’s room, and looks at a bunch of pictures on her wall from various moments in Leslie’s life. She comes upon a picture of Leslie as a child with her dead mother. Amanda gets tears in her eyes, and I guess starts wondering if Leslie is going to attempt to steal her mother for her own.

leslie mom

After the concert, Phyllis suggests that her and the girl’s should go shopping. Leslie totally burns Amanda’s sweater, saying they should buy her a new one, which makes Amanda mad haha. The sweater is ugly, just accept it.

They end up going to some shop that looks like it’s in Yorkville or something. Amanda points out a purple dress to Leslie that she likes in the display window, and then goes to find it in the store to try it on. But lo and behold, Leslie also likes the same dress and THAT CAN’T BE!!!! Amanda gets super bitchy and exclaims that she doesn’t want the dress anymore. I’m sorry, but get over yourself. Leslie doesn’t even live with Amanda, and there’s definitely been times I’ve bought the same thing as my friend because we both like it. Amanda’s being super immature here. The salesmen then makes the error of asking Phyllis if she wants him to wrap up the dress for her daughter aka Leslie, and Phyllis doesn’t correct him, which results in a look of betrayal from Amanda.


amanda betrayal

Later on, Amanda calls Busy to bitch about Leslie, saying how super fake she is and is trying to be all chummy with Amanda’s mom. Busy more or less says just deal with it and ignore Leslie since it’s only one more day. But we all know Amanda’s the queen of drama, so that will not be happening.

Amanda returns to the living room and looks at Mel’s photography while still sulking about the dress. Mel asks Amanda if she still wants to see his new shots at his studio because he needs “a good eye.” I gotta say, Mel is being really nice to Amanda considering that A. She’s being a brat and B. SHE FUCKED UP HIS CAR LIKE LAST WEEK.

As they start setting the table for dinner, shit is about to hit the fan. Leslie asks Mel to drive her to her friend’s house, to which Phyllis replies that she wanted everyone to watch a movie together. Because obviously this forced interaction cannot take a break for one second of this weekend. Amanda gets excited at this, because if Leslie goes out than she can go to Busy’s concert. But Mel agrees with Phyllis and says they should stay in and become the Brady Bunch. Phyllis hands Leslie some food she doesn’t like, which Leslie makes known and Phyllis tells her she doesn’t have to eat it if she doesn’t want to. This pisses Amanda off since Phyllis always forces Amanda to eat shit she hates, which makes sense because you’re her daughter you dumbass. Leslie tells Amanda to mind her own fucking business and both parents start getting annoyed at their kid’s behaviour. Leslie calls Amanda an “immature baby” (correct) and Amanda retorts back with calling Leslie a “snobby stuck-up” (also correct). Leslie tells Amanda she should GTFO because it’s not her house. Amanda then says “Maybe it’s your house, but she’s my mother. Just because you don’t have a mother doesn’t mean you can steal mine. She’s not yours and she never will be!” And runs out crying like an immature baby. I find this an extremely insensitive thing to say on Amanda’s part, but as always I will fall back on my “teenagers are stupid” reason. Dumb parents should’ve just let them see their friends and this all would’ve been avoided.

crying amanda

leslie pissed

Amanda runs outside to sob and Phyllis follows. Amanda basically lays it out to Phyllis, saying she’s been acting weird since the divorce, forcing Mel and Leslie on her and she knows Phyllis is doing the nasty with Mel. Phyllis says yeah, she is, but Amanda will always be her family and the most important thing in her life. Phyllis says she loves Mel a lot and that it’ll take time for them to get used to Leslie and vice versa, to which Amanda replies “what if I don’t want to get used to her?” Phyllis kinda shrugs and is like “you’re not wrecking this for me!!!” aka looks sadly off into the distance knowing she’ll probably have to deal with future outbursts from Amanda.

amanda and phyllis

Next scene is Amanda writing in her diary about how changing means growing up and she’s not ready. Well clearly not judging by that little spectacle you pulled earlier.

Amanda goes into Leslie’s bedroom where she awkwardly has to spend the night and asks Leslie if she is still awake, to which Leslie replies “d’uh my eyes are open.” Amanda tells Leslie she used to want a sister when she was younger, even wrote to Santa for one, but then one day she didn’t want one, and now she still thinks she doesn’t. Leslie then says she never wanted a sister, only a mother, but now she doesn’t really think she wants one anymore either. So it is clear they both still hate each other.

Amanda then gets in bed and says “Leslie….goodnight.” Way to not apologize at all for your actions, Amanda.


Ugh two Amanda-centric episodes in a row is too much for me. I’m so tired of her bratty behaviour. Thankfully the last episode is equally about Busy and Amanda and how they may be too damn opposite to continue their friendship. Will it survive???? (yes, come on, there’s two more seasons of this goddamn show). But tune in soon (probably) for the final episode of season three!

Season 3, Episode 11: Sweet Thirteen

Hola faithful readers. How are you enjoying the summer if you are in the northern hemisphere? It’s humid as hell here in the ol’ southern Ontario, so it’s good enough a time to sit in some air conditioning and to do a review. Off topic, but I randomly noticed that from here on out there are no more winter episodes of this show, which kind of makes me sad. Meh, anyway.

The episode opens with Amanda crocheting and giving her mom the stink eye as she flirts with her boyfriend, Mel. Mel and Phyllis are canoodling on the balcony, and Mel opens the door and tells “Mandy” to come outside, as they are discussing Amanda’s birthday party. “Mandy” doesn’t take too kindly to her new nickname, and her face expresses as such.

amanda unimpressed

Hey man, I get it. I hated when people called me “Mel” as a short form for Melissa. MEL IS NOT A GOOD NICKNAME.

Anyway, she goes outside and they start discussing her lame thirteenth birthday party. Phyllis asks her what kind of food she wants, and she says dumb shit like hors d’ourves, because Amanda thinks she’s super sophisticated now that she’s leaving the pre-teen level. Mel offers to photograph the party, since that’s what he does as his day job, and Amanda shoots him down. Mandy then brings up that she doesn’t want her mom there at the party, and Phyllis says fuck no, since Amanda’s borderline special needs, and can’t be trusted alone. Amanda then shows her maturity by sticking her tongue out and stomping off in a sulky manner. Phyllis shakes her head, wishing she had gotten that abortion thirteen years ago.

sticking out tongue

phyllis regret

Later on, Amanda is bitching to Busy about how Phyllis treats her like a little kid. Yeah…you’re fucking twelve! Apparently her dad treats her maturely though as he is taking her and Busy to a French restaurant for her birthday. Oo la la, you know Amanda probably harassed him into doing that. Amanda then takes out some dresser drawer and flips it over, revealing a letter she wrote herself when she was ten predicting what she would be like at thirteen. Do people actually care about their thirteenth birthday? I mean yeah, technically you are a teenager, but not really in a sense. You’re not in high school at thirteen. Sixteen is a much more memorable year than thirteen. But then I forgot this is Amanda, and she makes the biggest deals out the stupidest shit. I’m surprised she didn’t create a care package for herself for when she got her period.

birthday letter

Outside, Busy is leaving and Mel and Phyllis are washing his car and acting totally gross and PDA together. You know they’re banging on a regular basis. Phyllis waves Amanda over and tells her that they’re going to New York. Amanda gets all excited, as she thinks she’ll be heading to the Big Apple, only for Phyllis tell her fuck no, Mel and I are going, like we’d invite you to ruin our sexcapades. Of course Amanda is pissed, because Friday is her birthday, despite the fact that she’s staying with her dad and won’t even see her mom anyway, and Phyllis will be back Saturday for her party. But yeah, I know for a fact I would’ve been pissed too, it’s such a teenage girl thing to be so self-centred. Amanda is pouty, but accepts the fact that they are going, all the while writing “SMel” on Mel’s car because she’s such a bad ass. This reference will become important later on.


The next day in class, Busy and Amanda are waiting around for 10:52am, the time Amanda exited her mom’s vagina, to read the letter she wrote herself three years ago. They open the letter, and ten year old Amanda basically expected thirteen year old Amanda to be “an awesome French kisser,  have a boyfriend who drives, be a published poet and someone who played hooky”. Wow, what a twisted little ten year old she was. I guarantee no ten year old’s I knew were thinking these thoughts. They’re study hall or whatever ends, and Amanda decides she must live up to her ten year old self’s expectations and asks Busy to play hooky with her. P.S. The shadow’s on Busy’s face makes it look like she has jowls in this shot….eeesh.

looking again

They end up going somewhere and sitting on a bench, bored out of their minds. Why they didn’t go to Amanda’s house and watch daytime TV, I have no idea. That’s what me and my friends did when we skipped, and taped hilarious parts of TV shows.  Suddenly Busy spots three randoms who are apparently friend’s of her brother’s and freaks out, thinking they’ll rat on her. Of course, they really couldn’t careless about Busy’s ass. Anyway, their names are Wright, Reed and Joy. Wright is played by Paul Popowich, who recently in Canadian TV played Claire’s almost-rapist newspaper boss on Degrassi: The Next Generation. He was also a regular on the Canadian show Catwalk, which I mentioned before is an old favourite of mine. Wright asks the girl’s if they have any money for smokes, and Amanda whips out the twenty dollar bill her mom left for her. Wright immediately snatches it up, winking at her and saying “Thanks Mandy.” Amanda gushes because as long as it’s a hot guy, she doesn’t care what name he calls her. The group then offers to show off Joy’s artwork to the girls and they scamper off all excited at their hooligan behaviour.


They show the girls some snake that Joy had a dream about and spray painted on a wall. Busy exclaims that it looks “so real!” which made me laugh. It has a neon-pink belly! Wright comes back with smokes and snacks for his friends, spending all of Amanda’s money, and giving her back like fifty cents in change lol. But he did buy her some truffles, so I guess that makes it ok. Suddenly they see the cops and need to take off because they “hassle them.” Really doubt cops give a shit about teens skipping school. Although, these “teens” look about twenty-five, so maybe they are worried they are impersonating youths and trying to lure children into their lair.  Anyway, Amanda offers to bring them back to her place, and Busy gives her classic “WTF Amanda” look.

wtf amanda

Amanda’s hanging out with Wright in her kitchen, making some Cheez Whiz hors d’ourves, while he raids her mom’s beer stash. Wright asks her why he’s never seen her at the plaza before, and she tells him she’s skipping because it’s her birthday and she just turned thirteen! You can tell he’s like “okaaaaaaaaay” but then goes with it and says they’ll party all night! P.S. Amanda makes the best face after she drinks the beer, wish I could capture it but it looks too blurry.


Amanda decides to call her dad and postpone their dinner for tonight, by lying and saying Busy is throwing her a surprise party, so they can keep hanging out with the Funky Bunch here. Busy seems none the thrilled at this idea, but Amanda’s pretty pleased at the bad ass she is becoming, tossing her letter into the wind and preparing to party all night long.

So I guess “partying” equals watching Reed and Joy make out, as we get an uncomfortably close-up shot of them French kissing. I guess Amanda could pick up some pointers from observing them. Amanda decides to mack on Wright a bit and goes outside onto the balcony and offers him another hors d’ourve. We then get this weird as hell shot of him eating it in slow motion, I guess in a sexy manner to Amanda? I have no idea.


Wright notices a sweet car in the parking lot and it turns out to be Mel’s which pisses Amanda right off. Wright then says it would be pretty sweet if she had keys to the car, and of course dumbass Amanda decides it’s a great idea to let an almost perfect stranger drive her mom’s boyfriend’s expensive-as-fuck car.

They then go on a joyride around the neighbourhood, screaming and waving at confused old people.


old peeps

They totally end up driving past an area I used to live, and drive underneath the Gardiner Expressway so Joy can do some more mediocre spray paint art. Busy offers to be on the look-out for cops and Wright offers Amanda the option to spray paint. Wright then suggests she spray paint onto Mel’s car. Then these assholes flat out lie and tell Amanda the paint can be washed off with soap and water, despite it being indelible. Poor gullible Amanda totally falls for it, and goes to work painting “SMELL” on the car.

Busy walks over and is like “What in God’s name are you doing??” And Amanda all joyfully is like “Don’t worry it’s indelible!” To which Busy replies, “like permanent?” and Amanda’s face just drooooooooops.

Amanda spray paint


Driving back, Amanda’s clearly silently freaking out over the car stuff. Wright decides that having the car damaged is not enough, he must kill everyone as well, and decides to “cheer up” Amanda by speeding down a residential road. He gets up to almost 100km which is insane on a city street, and does a donut. Amanda freaks out and tells him to drive their asses home now. Fun and games are over!

amanda scurred

They get back to the apartment, and Amanda basically tells the group to fuck off and they leave. I know Amanda’s a pretty bad judge of character, but this was probably one of the worst examples of that. I dunno how she thought it was normal to let these random “teens” drive Mel’s car, even if she does hate him. Amanda tells Busy she hopes they think vandal’s marked up the car.

And sure enough, they do! They don’t even seem to have one slightest suspicion that Amanda was the culprit. Score one for Mandy! They don’t even get the “SMELL” reference, referring to it as “gang code” haha.

wtf gang

Busy comes by later on and asks Amanda how it went. Amanda tells her they think vandals did it, which Busy replies is great. But you can tell Amanda’s being eaten up by her guilt. Busy tells her to forget it, because Phyllis would’ve caned her if she had told the truth, and she’s lucky they fell for the vandals bullshit. But apparently Smel convinced Phyllis to actually go out tonight and let Amanda have her unchaperoned party, because they think she’s so mature now…pfft.

Anyway, I guess now Amanda displays some real maturity, because she totally ‘fesses up to Mel about spray painting his car. She even tells him about her SMELL nickname for him. I’m gonna tell you all right now, no matter how old I was, if I was in this situation, no way in hell would I confess if the people already thought vandals did it. “The truth will set you free” my ass. Amanda did it to make herself feel better, there’s no way Phyllis or Mel got anything out of learning the truth, other than discovering Amanda is still an immature brat.

The episode ends with Mel and Amanda having their serious convo. I kind of wish Mel shoved her off the balcony to be honest.


So this episode was lame. Amanda was extremely gullible and chose once again to hang around with bad seeds who brought nothing of value to their interaction. I don’t care about Amanda’s “growth” either, because if she was actually mature, she wouldn’t have done like 90% of the things she did in this episode. Oh well, can’t blame teens for being stupid.

Next episode: Amanda meets Mel’s daughter and they hate each other.


Season 3, Episode 10: Just Friends

Hi loyal readers. Apologizes as per usual with the lack of entries as of late. I started a new job this week (which I am feeling very “meh” about), and general mental health good times. So now that I’ve gotten my usual excuses out of the way, let us begin.  P.S. I can’t believe Season 3 is almost done, so sad my favourite season is soon coming to an end.

The episode opens with Busy and some random cute boy discussing some nameless band they both like, and how their favourite song is something called “Shattered Heart.” That sounds like the title of a really bad country song. I’m cautiously curious what this band sounds like. Anyway, the guy’s name is Jamie, and he’s played by Mik Perlus, who played Victor on a pretty “popular” (by late 90s Canadian TV standards) show called Student Bodies (which also featured Ross Hull aka Danny playing a slightly less annoying character). Anyway, it was a pretty decent show that I recommend if you are bored.

Anyway, back to this show, so Jamie and Busy are playing baseball, and you can tell they have a pretty good dynamic, in a purely platonic fashion as evident by Jamie treating Busy like a total dude. They even have their own stupid handshake… if that doesn’t scream absolutely no sexual chemistry I don’t know what does.


Suddenly along comes Amanda, wearing her latest Shakespeare in Love attire. They have some boring idle chatter, and Amanda mentions she likes baseball. Jamie tells her to try to hit a few balls. She stands there in worst batter’s stance I’ve ever seen, barely swings the bat and of course misses hitting the ball. Jamie and Busy exchange a look, and kinda roll their eyes like “WOMEN, AMIRITE?”


Later on, Busy and Amanda are in the locker room, discussing Mona’s upcoming party. Amanda’s excited because she thinks it’ll be a make-out party and that she’ll get to participate in her very first orgy. Anyway, Amanda’s got her eye set on “Alex from Eight B” who she hopes she’ll get lucky with at Mona’s party. Amanda starts going on about some aroma therapy thing her and her mom went to, as Phyllis is now entering her hippy New Age phase. Amanda dabs some camomile on her temples while Busy decides to not shower and allow her natural sweat to be her eau de toilette.

Ok I somehow I paused at this moment and I will use it as a reference to this scene because it makes me laugh really hard. Amanda looks like she’s doing some really offensive cultural reference, but she’s really just dabbing essential oils on her head.

amanda essential oils

Later on, Busy and Jamie are playing catch  and wearing the EXACT same outfit. They are discussing Mona’s party, and Busy asks Jamie if he plans on going. Jamie says he is, and that he wants to invite someone. Busy starts getting her hopes up, as Jamie walks over and says “Busy…will you…..give me Amanda’s phone number?” As the look of disappoint spreads across the poor girl’s face. Maybe if you didn’t stink he might’ve asked you Busy.



New scene in science class, and as I’ve already harped upon numerous times, but will AGAIN, the show’s theme is corresponding with a real world event, i.e. the class is about magnets and how opposites attract and likes repel. WE GET IT, does this need to be bashed into our skulls from each different direction? 90’s shows clearly must’ve thought kids were too stupid to figure out themes and had to hammer it into their heads from 10,000 different angles.

While the teacher is yammering on, Busy asks Amanda if anyone aka Jamie called her last night because she tried calling her but the line was busy. Note how this scenario would never happen in today’s modern times, the 90’s are so antiquated. Amanda then says someone did call her but they hung up when she answered and that it’s bizarre as fuck that Busy called at the same moment. Busy is somewhat relieved to learn this info. The girls then continue learning how magnets work, it’s pretty complicated.

magnets how do they work

How DO they work? The questions of our time.

ANYWAY. So later on Jamie meets up with Busy and tells her he was too much of a pussy to talk to Amanda. Busy, clearly not taking note of the science lesson, asks Jamie why he likes Amanda because they have nothing in common. Jamie says it’s because she’s funny, pretty and she smells good. Once again, Busy, take a SHOWER and maybe you’ll stand a chance with this dude. Maybe Jamie only thinks Amanda smells good because in comparison to Busy’s BO she probably does smell amazing. I have a hard time believing anyone would think camomile is a sexy smell.

In the hallway, Busy goes for it and asks Jamie if he wants to go to the party with her as friends. Jamie, being the clueless male that he is, gets excited because he figures since Amanda is Busy’s best friend they could all walk over together. Busy glumly agrees. Poor friendzoned Busy.


Later on in the girl’s washroom, Amanda’s discussing some slutty dress she wants to buy, when Busy tells her she shouldn’t come all the way to her house and to just go straight to Mona’s place for the party since Amanda lives closer to Mona anyway. Amanda says she doesn’t mind waiting, to which Busy again tries to make up some excuses and then casually lets out that Jamie will be picking her up. Amanda quickly catches on that Busy wants that D to which Busy gets really defensive. I don’t get why Busy always acts so weird whenever Amanda tries to get her to admit she likes a guy. I guess because of this weird triangle going on right now, but even in other situations Busy is strange about it. Anyway, they get sort of pissed with each other, but at least Amanda won’t be cramping Busy’s game….or so she thinks.

bathroom talk

In a new scene Busy’s taking a bubble bath (finally), when Lucy knocks and asks if she can grab her glasses. As she’s leaving, Busy asks her mom to tell her the story again how her and her dad met. Turns out when Sam was fresh off the boat, he couldn’t find any work, so Lucy’s family hired him to fix things around the house. Lucy fell in love with the way Sam could handle a wrench and Sam also was smitten with Lucy. Whoa Busy’s parents must’ve gotten married pretty young, sounds like they met when they were teens. Anyway, somehow Busy relates to this story, even though her situation with Jamie seems not at all similar to Sam and Lucy’s courtship. Lucy tells Busy to then have a good time at her pretty. Busy grins and then submerges herself into the bathtub. This part always annoyed me because you can clearly see that Busy is wearing a white bikini when the bubbles move (not that I wanted to see a naked Lani Billard, she just should’ve laid still!)

tub talk

Busy gets ready, and you know she’s trying to look hot, because she’s wearing the boob enhancing shirt from the French guys episode (Edit: I went back to look, and it’s actually not the same shirt, but it looks pretty darn similar). She even bought some of that camomile essential oil stuff to try and appeal to Jamie’s senses.

The doorbell rings and Busy’s excited to see Jamie’s fine ass. But her excitement lasts for about two seconds, as Amanda appears right behind him. Turns out Jamie walked a mile to pick up Amanda and then back to get Busy. If he had the guts to go all the way over to Amanda’s house unannounced, why didn’t he just suggest they walk over to Mona’s party together alone? I guess that would be too big an asshole move, but anyway, Busy is pretty disappointed. To add insult to injury Jamie exclaims that something “smells like mosquito repellent”.

jamie and amanda

Walking to the party, the gang makes small talk, and we learn Busy and Jamie share more similarities with History being their favourite subjects. We get it show, they’re too darn alike to ever have a romantic connection.

They finally get to Mona’s and I notice that Daisy is not present. She’s probably at home carrying Danny’s love child. Amanda quickly rushes into the party, while Jamie keeps forcing Busy to be his wing woman by asking her to find out if Amanda likes him. Busy’s just thrilled with this whole fucking scenario.

Busy meets up with Amanda in the kitchen and Alex from Eight B is totally checking Amanda out. This pleases both girls, and Busy plays up her wing woman role to Amanda’s benefit and pushes her towards Alex from Eight B to get that going. Jamie comes over and asks Busy if she’s asked Amanda yet and Busy says nope. Jamie then reluctantly asks Busy if she wants to dance which she happily says yes to.

party 2

Everyone dances around in the whitest way possible, when the song ends and Busy decides to request “Shattered Heart”, her and Jamie’s favourite jam. Since it’s a slower song, Jamie tries to use it as a chance to ask Amanda to dance, even though she’s already slow dancing with Alex from Eight B. Busy decides to be blunt and tells Jamie it’s pretty damn obvious Amanda doesn’t care about him at all since she’s barely acknowledged him since they got to the party. Jamie’s “shattered heart” can’t handle the rejection and he decides to leave.

jamie and busy

Busy ends up leaving with Jamie, and walks home with him. She vaguely implies that somewhere out there a girl probably likes him, and he just doesn’t know it yet. Of course he still has no idea it’s Busy, as it’s clear he totally doesn’t realize she is a girl. As they walk up to her door, Jamie tries to do their handshake, but Busy goes for it and kisses him. Jamie backs away in shock and horror saying “Busy! We’re friends…JUST…friends.” Stone. Cold.


Busy goes inside and Lucy comes out of her bedroom and asks her how the party went. You can tell Busy is really struggling not to cry in this scene, or at least that’s how it looks to me. She tells her mom she’ll be up in a minute, and then goes to sit alone in the dark living room. I feel really bad for Busy, like what guy would immediately reject a girl after being rejected themselves? Busy isn’t hideous… but I guess if it’s not there you can’t force it. DAMN MAGNETS.


Next day at school Amanda’s excitedly reminiscing about the party, while it’s clear Busy still feels like major shit. Amanda then goes to display the finest trophy of her life thus far; her very first hickey. Busy of course doesn’t care, and turns to leave when she and Jamie spot each other. They both look at each other awkwardly and turn in the opposite direction, as it suddenly dawns on Amanda that Busy did have a crush on Jamie.


Busy’s sitting on some bleachers like a Sad Panda, when Amanda comes over and says she knows Busy liked Jamie. Amanda asks why Busy didn’t tell her and Busy replies because she knew he liked someone else. Amanda asks who and Busy says it doesn’t matter. Wise decision there Busy, that would’ve been so awkward, and knowing Amanda, once she realizes a guy likes her she zeros in for the kill. Busy goes on to say it’s bullshit because she and Jamie have so much in common, while Amanda points out that love is illogical and dependent on chemistry, which is pretty much true.

Just as the girls are about to leave the bench, Jamie shows up. Amanda takes off and Jamie asks Busy if she wants to play catch after school, obviously trying to completely avoid talking about what happened and hoping they can just go back to being buddies. Busy says nope, but as he’s turning to leave, she says “maybe next week.” Judging by the fact that Jamie is never seen again, I’m going to assume Busy held onto her grudge forever.

Jamie walks off as “Shattered Heart” is played once again over the credits.

walking away

I liked this episode a lot. It’s rare to see Busy really fall for a guy like she did with Jamie. It kind of sucks that he shot her down in such a cold manner though, but I think he was more shocked than disgusted since it’s clear Jamie never saw Busy as anything other than a dude.

Next episode: Amanda turns thirteen and she thinks that gives her the right to be a rebellious little shit.



Season 3, Episode 9: Swear to God

Hola Ready or Not party people. Apologies for not writing a review lately. I have no excuse other than needing a break from this damn show. Well now I feel more energized, which is good, because this episode is probably the lamest of Season 3 and I will need all willpower I can muster to write this review.

The episode opens with some random teacher doing roll call, showing off how diverse this school is with names like Ricki Rodriguez and Wendy Wong being called out. After the teacher calls out Amanda’s name, he notes that it’s weird she’s in school, because she’s a Jew and it’s Yom Kippur. Amanda lets him know she’s not a Jew in terms of actually practicing the religion, just a Jew culturally or something. The teacher then asks her to explain to the class what Yom Kippur is, even though she told him literally one second ago she is not a religious Jew and thus wouldn’t know any of the holiday meanings. Stupid teacher, no wonder you’re never shown again…learn some listening comprehension.

Anyway, Amanda stands up and tries to stammer out some bullshit, before accepting defeat and sitting her ass down.

amanda unsure

The teacher opens up the floor for the other multi-cultural students to educate Amanda on her own religion, to which Wendy Wong does. This leads the teacher to begin a discussion about “comparing” religions (not sure if that’s the best choice of words when talking about this subject matter). He asks Busy about Catholic stuff, which Busy is a pro at because you know Sam drags the Ramone’s asses to church every Sunday. Amanda’s impressed that Busy knows all these Catholic holidays, but they’re really not that hard to remember. I grew up Catholic, and I don’t consider myself very religious now and I still remember all those holidays Busy pointed out. Amanda tells Busy she’s embarrassed about not knowing about Jew stuff. The teacher tells them to shut up, even though he started this whole religious conversation. Thank God this teacher is never seen again, bring back Mr. Boil please and thanks.


The next scene Amanda drags Busy to a church to bask in Catholic glory. It is a pretty nice church…the show probably scouted out the best looking one in Toronto for this scene. Amanda finds praying fascinating, thinking it is like “passwords to God.” I guess that’s an interesting way of looking at it. Amanda notices a woman doing confession, and wants to try it out. Busy says she can’t, because Amanda would be engulfed by the wrath of God if she went into the confession booth since she hasn’t had her first communion. Amanda tells Busy she’s lucky to get to go to Church every Sunday and Busy tells her it’s supremely boring and Amanda can go in her place if she wants.


Amanda arrives home, and who should be there but her extremely Jewish grandmother or “Bubbie” as she likes to be called. Once again, the show conveniently having an event i.e. Amanda questioning her religious beliefs coincide with someone/something appearing on the show that compliments this event aka Bubbie’s one and only appearance ever on this show.

Bubbie made a big ol’ spread, but Phyllis tells her that she and Amanda aren’t practicing Jews, and so breaking fast means nothing to them. You could still eat the damn food, Phyllis. Bubbie’s disappointed at raising a heathen child, which stressed Amanda out and asks Bubbie if it’s bad she didn’t fast. Bubbie tells her it’s not her fault her mom is an infidel, and that God doesn’t expect kids to fast. Bubbie then points out that if Amanda was a real Jew she’d be having a Bat Mitzvah around now. Amanda decides she’s going to give it a good ol’ college try, and attempt to be a Jew.


Next scene shows Busy building a “studio” for her drums. This will never been seen or spoken about again. She asks Amanda to come by and help this weekend, but Amanda’s going to synagogue on Saturday with Bubbie, and Busy can’t do it on Sunday because of her church duties. Damn religion, always ruining people’s lives.


Amanda and Bubbie are then seen doing what I can assume is the “Shabbat Blessings” as I looked up “Jewish Friday night rituals” and that’s what came up.

The next day at synagogue Amanda makes eyes with a cute Jewish boy. If there’s anything that motivates Amanda, it’s a penis. With that, she has now decided to become a full-fledged Jew, and tells an overjoyed Bubbie she wants a Bat Mitzvah.

amanda looking

cute jewish boy

The next day, in a short scene, Amanda’s discussing her decision about becoming Jewish with Busy. Busy thinks it’s pretty lame and advises Amanda to make sure she doesn’t become a fanatic. Wise words in this day and age.

Later on in the day Phyllis, Leonard and Amanda are meeting with a Rabbi to discuss all the things Amanda needs to do before her Bat Mitzvah. Leonard tries to throw Phyllis under the bus by saying he always wanted to go to synagogue, but Phyllis reminds Leonard he is a lazy jackass who would never be able to follow all the rules of being Jewish. The Rabbi tells them to shut the fuck up, and tells Amanda she needs to decide what it means to be Jewish to her. Amanda then suggests Brent Green (cute Jew boy) as her tutor to learn Yiddish or whatever the language is that she has to learn. The Rabbi smirks and you can totally tell he knows she’s only using his people’s religion to get laid and says “I’ll see what I can do.”


Wisely, the Rabbi chooses the person with the least amount of sex appeal to tutor Amanda; Monkey Ears. Amanda gets all pissed off that converting to a religion isn’t getting her access to hot dudes anymore, and you can tell she’s already checked out of this Jewish thing by the sheer annoyance on her face of one day’s worth of practicing the language.



As they’re leaving the synagogue, Amanda’s discouraged that learning a language is hard and has already basically thrown in the towel. Suddenly as they turn the corner, she see’s that the synagogue has been defaced by eggs and a huge swastika. Amanda’s in shock, while the other Jewish kids sadly don’t seem that surprised. What the hell? I’ve never heard of anything like this happening in Toronto…. this is like Nazi Germany garbage.


Suddenly, Amanda is hit in the back with an egg by the invisible man, who runs off saying “dirty Jews, stop stinking up our city!” Again…if this has happened to anyone in Toronto please let me know. Toronto has a huge Jewish population, so I’d be rather surprised, but I guess anything is possible.

So now Amanda’s definitely not becoming a Jew, as this event has fully traumatized her.

Later on, Amanda’s with Busy cleaning her egg-stained coat, and telling Busy she’s done with being Jewish because it’s “too dangerous”. She really must not know the history of her people and all the stuff they’ve gone through. I honestly think Amanda just expected becoming a Jew to be a walk in the park.

Later on that night, Bubbie comes in to say good night to Amanda as she’s heading back to Florida tomorrow. Bubbie gives Amanda some really nice candle holders as her Bat Mitzvah gift. Amanda tells Bubbie she can’t go through with it because “it’s too hard” (Amanda’s catch phrase, as she gives up on everything that takes some sort of effort on this show) and she’s worried people might hate her for being Jewish. Bubbie doesn’t try to hide the fact that people might be assholes because she is Jewish, and tells Amanda her half-assed attempt at moving up the ranks pleased her enough, and she can keep the candle holders.


The episode ends with Amanda performing the Shabbat with Phyllis. I’m assuming Amanda’s going to be a part-time Jew like I am with Catholicism, aka only going to synagogue on whatever the Jewish equivalent of Christmas Eve is.


This episode was pretty meh for me. I think Amanda was extremely naive about becoming Jewish. Was she never informed that Jews have gone through a lot of shit in the past and thus can sometimes have incidents happen in the present? I know her parents aren’t practicing, but the fact that Amanda seemed so absolutely clueless about Judaism really surprised me. You’d think she would have had some idea about the trials and tribulations of being a Jew.

Ah well. Anyway, next episode: Busy likes a boy who likes Amanda. DRAMA.

Season 3, Episode 8: Thin Ice

Yeeeeeeah. So I’m going to stop giving myself deadlines, because it clearly doesn’t work for me. Plus I figure the two people who I know for sure read this won’t care if it’s not right on schedule. I must allow my creative juices to flow naturally,  but really….this show can start getting on my nerves after awhile.

Anyway, I don’t remember much from this episode because I always found it kind of dull, and Amanda continues with her season long shitty behaviour. So let us begin.

The episode opens with the grade eights rehearsing for a production of the play Hamlet. The talent in the school must be tapped dry, because it looks like Monkey Ears is actually playing the lead role. Amanda’s backstage pacing around nervously because there’s some casting lady in the audience of their dress rehearsal looking for talent. No idea why she’s at this school, but whatevs. This is also the start to Amanda’s annoying love of acting, which we won’t stop hearing about for the rest of duration of this show.


Amanda’s cue comes up and she starts hamming it up on stage. I’m pretty sure she’s playing the role of Ophelia. Suddenly the cardboard wall behind them starts to fall, threatening (not really) to flatten Monkey Ears and Amanda. But luckily Busy saves the day, and catches it in the nick of time. This act really impresses the casting lady who gives Busy a hearty applause, resulting in Busy showing off her muscle definition. That girl off to the side of Busy looks severely unimpressed.


busy muscle

After rehearsal, Amanda and Busy are called over to meet the casting lady. Amanda’s having heart palpitations, while Busy couldn’t care less. We find out the casting lady’s name is Ms. Kurahashi (probably spelt wrong). Her name seriously sounds like a Japanese car company.  Amanda asks Ms. Kurahashi what she’s looking for, and she says general talent and casting for commercials. Amanda continues on and asks what commercial specifically, and Ms. K (not gonna spell her name out ever again), says the latest thing is for some granola bar called “Solo” and it will star Canadian figure skating sensation Kurt Browning. Amanda and Busy are both awe struck hearing this.


At Busy’s place, the girls are both going on about how Kurt Browning is both their hero’s. Busy likes him because he’s a good athlete, while Amanda thinks he’s cute. I’ve never heard of anyone having a crush on Kurt Browning. I feel like he forced the show to say that Amanda finds him hot. Busy apparently has a vast Kurt Browning VHS collection, and they start watching one of his ice shows. Busy wishes aloud to be as talented as Kurt in “anything she does” while Amanda just wants to see him naked and to use the commercial to launch her one-second-old acting career. BTW, off topic, but I always though Kurt Browning won an Olympic gold medal, but he never did. The highest he placed was 5th. I remember hearing a lot about him growing up, so I was kind of surprised to hear that, because he was a big deal here. Then again, Canada goes on about any athlete that does mildly well, so I’m not surprised when it came to figuring skating that he and Elvis Stojko were the bee’s knees in the 90’s.


Later on, Busy is washing dishes when Amanda calls to bitch about the casting lady not calling her yet. As if right on cue, Busy’s “call waiting” goes through (such a throwback to the 90’s) and lo and behold, it’s the casting lady calling for her. Busy returns back to the line with Amanda and tells her the casting lady wants her to audition for the commercial. Amanda’s in shock and you can tell she is pissed off, because Busy didn’t do any acting whatsoever. They have an awkward, tense silence, and then Amanda says she has to go just in case the casting lady calls her. Busy’s pretty excited about getting the call, while Amanda tensely watches her phone for the rest of the night.


The next day at the audition, Amanda comes along with Busy for her own selfish reasons. Ms. K comes out and all Amanda has to say is, “try and put in a good word for me!” She didn’t want you, Amanda. Quit being so desperate.

Busy goes in and Kurt Browning is there with the director for the commercial. Busy has a total star-struck moment, and freezes in front of Kurt. He asks her name, and she replies with Busy, which Kurt seems to find endearing. The director asks Busy questions such as “have you ever played hockey?” and “what position?” to which Busy replies “goalie.” So it’s clear this is going to be a sport’s based commercial, hence the reason why they didn’t want Amanda’s prissy ass.

kurt and co

The next day at school, Busy tells Amanda that she got a callback to come back for another audition. You can tell that Amanda is plenty jealous at learning this information. Turn’s out that they are looking for a goalie, and that Busy will get a chance to be on the ice with Kurt. Amanda points out that Busy sucks at skating, which Busy acknowledges, but figures since they need a goalie, she probably won’t do any skating. She asks Amanda to help her practice, but Amanda’s ego has been severely bruised at being rejected for the commercial, and she tells Busy she’s too busy with rehearsal for the play. Once again, Amanda’s being a little snotty bitch. What is it with her and season three?


In the eve, Busy’s parents are prematurely celebrating Busy getting the commercial. Busy tells them to calm the fuck down, because she hasn’t gotten it yet, but Sam is already telling all the customers that his daughter’s going to be in a commercial with the “champion of the world.” Way to put the pressure on her, Sam. We then get a Ready or Not dream sequence, it’s been a while since one of those!

Kurt is skating around “Busy” (because it’s clearly an actual skater whose in a goalie mask), and then lifts her up and does some elaborate skating moves with her. She then takes off her mask and Kurt shows her the “Solo” bar in a corny manner, and then kisses Busy on the cheek while she looks at him lustfully.


oh dear

Busy is shaken out of her daydream by Sam yelling at her to focus on being a goalie. Frankie, Lucy and Sam are all practicing shooting on her in net, though it is important to note that it’s street hockey she’s playing and not ice hockey (it will matter later on).

Next day at school, backstage, Busy is practicing goalie blocks with some random extras. I think the Asian girl is the “OoOoOoh tough luck” girl from last episode. Good for her for getting more lines. Monkey Ears comes up and asks Busy if she can get Kurt to autograph some picture of him looking like a total chode. The kid’s continue talking and gushing about Busy getting to hang out with Kurt, much to Amanda’s immense jealously. Since she can’t stand not being the centre of attention,  Amanda yells; “DO YOU MIND? SOME OF US ARE TRYING TO REHEARSE!” while stomping off like a total diva. Everyone wonders to themselves how Amanda got sand in her vagina, since there’s no explanation for her behaviour. But Busy knows better.



Busy finally confronts Amanda on her extremely immature behaviour, telling Amanda she’s sorry she got picked for the commercial, and that she didn’t try to get chosen. Amanda counters with asking why Busy ran on stage and “stole the show” by stopping the castle from falling down. Busy tells her she’s a complete dumbass, and only did that to prevent Amanda’s inflated head from being smashed by cardboard. Amanda whines that she’s the one that wants to be the actress, and Busy tells her that the commercial is more about being a good athlete than acting. Amanda’s still not having it and being pouty, and Busy asks her why she needs to be such a self-centered bitch all the time and make everything about her. Amanda tells her “good luck” in a really sarcastic manner and stomps off again. This reminds me a lot of the “Wild Life” episode, where Amanda acts like a complete little brat for not achieving something on the same level as Busy. It must be exhausting being friends with Amanda.

busy annoyed again

The next day is the audition, and Busy is there with her parents. There seems to be a lot more people auditioning than Busy expected, as there is worry in her eyes.

The first portion of the audition is goal tending. Busy does pretty well here, and advances further.

Amanda decides to finally stop being a shithead and to actually support her friend, by coming to watch the audition.

The next portion is skating, and Busy also does really well here. She’s getting closer and closer to getting the commercial. The final portion of the audition is coming up, and it’s with Kurt. He comes out and remembers Busy’s name, which makes her all giddy. How could you forget a weird as fuck name as Busy though?

busy happy

The next part of the audition involves Kurt doing some crazy skating moves and then shooting the “Solo” bar at the net, which the goalie catches. The goalie then skates around Kurt and they kinda wink at each other and comment on how awesome “Solo” is. The first girl auditioning does this really well. Next up is Busy. The world kind of slow-mo’s it down, while Kurt does his skating portion. Busy manages to catch the granola bar, but unfortunately crashes into Kurt while circling around him, and tumbles like a game of Jenga. Everyone gasps at this tragedy. But it’s not that surprising, as Busy didn’t practice at all for the skating part. Also this screen shot makes me laugh.

Busy dead

Busy walks off the ice and she’s so pissed at herself she nearly knocks over a grown man, while stomping to the change room. She catches glimpse of Amanda and is like “what the fuck are you doing here?” and Amanda says she wanted to see her audition, to which Busy replies “satisfied, you wench?” You know a small part of Amanda is satisfied.

amanda meep

The next day at school, Busy appears to be still crying about the audition, as she’s in the washroom wiping her eyes. Time to move on, Busy. Amanda comes in and apologizes for being a jealous cow. Busy says she has to go into hiding because she didn’t get the commercial, stating she’ll have to “switch schools and possibly families.” Busy, Busy… you need to learn that people really don’t care about events outside their own lives, and I guarantee you not one of your peers gives a single fuck about the commercial anymore. Busy runs into a washroom stall stating she’s never skating again, and Amanda calls her a dumbass, saying she didn’t quit the play when she didn’t get a call from Ms. K. It’s really not a good comparison though, as Amanda wasn’t publicly humiliated like Busy was. Then Amanda starts saying some corny PSA stuff like “you don’t get good unless you try” and then tries the ol’ reverse psychology with the lines “if you want to be a quitter, go right ahead.” Yeah that wouldn’t work for me. I would just quit. Fuck skating.


I guess Amanda’s little “pep talk” worked, because the next scene is Amanda and Busy somehow gaining access to the rink that Kurt is practicing on. We see Kurt skating around, but then he falls on his ass. I guess to prove that yes, even World Champions can stumble sometimes.

kurt falling

But listening to the wise words of the dearly departed Aaliyah, Kurt dusts himself off and tries again, this time nailing his complicated routine.

Kurt finally notices the girl’s watching him and I’m sure his immediate thoughts were “where’s security?” But he goes up to them and says hi, remembering Busy from the audition. Amanda then has the balls to ask if they can skate with Kurt for a bit, and he figures why the fuck not. The episode ends with them gliding around the ice with Kurt.

skating again

I actually enjoyed this episode a lot more upon re-watching it. I guess because I really liked that “Wild Life” episode from season 1, and this one reminded me a lot of it. I like when Busy and Amanda get competitive with each other, though in this one, it was mostly Amanda being a little baby. I felt bad for Busy, but since 90% of life is about not getting what you want, I feel this was a valuable life lesson for her.

Next episode: Amanda attempts to be a Jew.


Season 3, Episode 7: Crater Face

Hi guys. I know, I know, I failed you already. It’s past Monday and I didn’t have the review up. I have no excuse other than I’ve been feeling kind of bummed lately, but I apologize. Gonna try to keep a schedule, dammit!

Alright alright, let’s begin. The episode opens with what looks like a sleep over at Amanda’s place. I see she’s wearing the same pj’s that she pissed in during the camp episodes. It looks like Daisy and Mona are also there. I love how these two randoms who were never once in this show are now bosom buddies with Amanda and Busy. So they’re taking some Cosmo quiz about the ideal man, and I guess now that Frankie has rejected her, Amanda has gone back to pining over Danny, stating her quality man is “sensitive with a great sense of humour.” WRONG. How easy it is to forget how not funny Danny was. Amanda has some video tape Danny sent her of actually performing in a club. Amanda uses this to once again, try to show off to Mona and Daisy how awesome her current beau is. I’m really surprised no one is shading Amanda, considering it’s been merely two weeks since her whole Frankie fiasco. Like if this was nowadays, people would be calling her a slut and cyber bullying her online. She’s lucky she grew up in the 90’s. So yeah, Amanda’s really proud that Danny is actually going somewhere with his lame comedy and suggests to Daisy that she could probably get him to perform it at her pool party. Daisy is really excited, because she’s never met Danny and has no idea how unfunny he is in person.

watching tv

danny tv

A new scene with Busy and Amanda, and I guess this will sort of set up this episode’s theme of body insecurities. Amanda’s once again gone back to bitching about her body, stating how “huge” her thighs are. Busy is like “shut your pie hole”, while Amanda is worried Danny’s going to reject her because she’s a fat fuck now. I think this episode really begins Amanda’s descent into becoming superficial, which lasts for the rest of the duration of this show. But yes, Amanda’s bitching about being a beached whale when she probably weighs 100lbs. at most. God this shit annoys me. Danny should reject her not because she’s a fat ass, but because she’s a dumb ass.


The next day at school, a new guy comes up to Amanda and begins flirting with her. This actor was on this lame Canadian show called Radio Active which I of course watched. I watched every Canadian show in the mid to late 90’s and I am unashamed. Anyway, he compliments her outfit and we find out his name is Doug, but he prefers to go by Jake. K…. Amanda’s all pleased with their interaction, since she thrives off male attention. Doug/Jake walks off, then Busy comes up to her and asks where the hell Danny is. Amanda doesn’t know, and points out that Danny didn’t see her last night, despite living downstairs. He claimed to have jet lag from that whole one hour flight between Toronto and New York. Amanda’s worried that now that Danny’s performing in da club, that he has “tons of gorgeous groupies” and thus will give in to temptation. But no…that is not the reason, and we learn that as Danny comes up behind Amanda and we get a look at his now pimply faced mug, hence the title of the episode.

danny pimples

Sorry, you can’t really see his face well in this screenshot, but rest assured he’s covered in zits. Also, I think it’s interesting to point out that Amanda immediately thought that Danny would dump her for hot chicks, when she was the one on the brink of probably dumping him for Frankie. Like there’s no way in hell she would’ve went back to Danny had Frankie not resisted her psycho urges.

In a short scene after, Amanda and Danny awkwardly have lunch together, while it becomes clear that Amanda has nothing to talk to Danny about now that he is hideously grotesque.

Moving on, in gym the girl’s are discussing Danny’s pimple problem. Mona say’s he should lock himself away like Quasimodo, while Daisy is a lot more sympathetic. Mona brings up the gross thought of kissing him, which Amanda makes a face at. That can’t be a good sign when he’s your damn boyfriend.


Later on, Amanda’s checking out Doug/Jake, and Danny comes running out of the school and squirts her with a water gun. See, this is the type of shit that Danny does that I find a lot more unappealing than his stupid pimples. He decides to squirt his gun at Jake/Doug which of course pisses him off, while Amanda stands there feeling super awkward. She then gets pissed because he’s not wearing socks with his shoes which could result in warts or more things that could make Danny even uglier.

mad doug

Later on, Amanda’s bitching on the phone to Busy about how immature Danny is for bringing her back a squirt gun from New York, even though she apparently used to collect them. She tries to come up with some bullshit reasoning for not inviting Danny to Daisy’s pool party, by saying that he’s probably too tired to socialize. So it’s pretty clear Amanda does not want to be associated with Danny now that he’s deformed in her eyes.

Next day at the pool party Amanda chats it up with Doug/Jake and we learn the origin of his two names. It’s not that interesting…basically he doesn’t want to be called Doug because it is “too clunky” whatever the fuck that means. But I have to agree, Doug is a terrible name. Random side note: for the longest time I thought this guy was wearing a life guard whistle, which I thought was stupid…like does this fuck think he’s on Baywatch or something? But I think it’s a cross, though I cannot be sure.


Doug/Jake runs off to get Amanda a drink. Much to Amanda’s chagrin, Danny decides to show his hideous face at the same social event she’s at. Danny points out that Amanda didn’t tell him about the party, but Daisy ended up inviting him. Amanda sounds totally disappointed when she hears that. She suggests they go for a swim, but Danny declines, which leads me to believe he probably has bacne as well, which is very unfortunate. Jake/Doug comes back and points out that Danny was the dumbass who squirted him with the squirt gun. Monkey Ears puts some weird white shit in his mouth and spits it out, claiming he’s a “Danny Masters zit.” Everyone starts laughing their asses off.


While everyone’s laughing, Danny walks away to sad music. Monkey Ears asks Amanda if she’s going to go after her boyfriend to which she replies “he’s not my boyfriend!” much to a pained look on Danny’s face. I need to point out that this Asian chick says “OooOoOOh, tough luck” during this part, and my friends and I would imitate that line for many years to come.

tough luck

Later on, Busy and Amanda are in some strip mall and it looks like Amanda’s going to buy something to help Danny with his pimples since “some people can’t get past his complexion.” Probably going in to buy him a bag to put over his head, since it is clear Danny should never be seen in public again.

But no, it’s just some Clearasil, which Amanda gives anonymously via a brown paper bag outside Danny’s apartment door. I’m sure Danny isn’t smart enough to figure out who was the person who left it there.


A few moments later, Danny stops by to confront Amanda about the pimple cream. Amanda plays dumb and says it was free samples, to which Danny replies that free samples don’t have the receipt still inside. Danny then goes on to school her, saying drug store acne cream isn’t going to clear his extreme acne. Amanda’s actually an idiot, and figures he hasn’t even tried, to which Danny says, “I’m on medication for it you dumbfuck.” It’s honestly the equivalent of someone trying to tell a depressed person to “snap out of it and look on the bright side” i.e. pretty insensitive and really stupid on Amanda’s part.

Danny finally catches on that Amanda has become totally vapid, and tells her she should run off and be with Doug/Jake because they’re both superficial and obsessed with appearances. He kicks her to the curb and walks off. Damn Amanda’s personality is terrible, she loses men left, right and centre.

bitch please

Next day at school Amanda’s bitching to Busy yet again about Danny, except this time she’s saying how mean he was to her. A little self-reflection on her part would go a long way. But even Busy, who hated Danny at first, seems to see his point of view a lot more than Amanda’s. Daisy and Mona come in discussing how Monkey Ears pulled a totally dickish move against Danny at the pool party.  Danny suddenly comes in wearing these novelty sized ears with a banana and starts acting like a monkey.  This embarasses Monkey, but really, I think Danny looks idiotic in this get up. But whatever, I guess he kind of got his revenge, since everyone laughs at Monkey Ears’ ridicule.


At lunch, Amanda’s eating with Doug/Jake, and he’s going on and on about wanting to become a male model. I guess after realizing that really good looking people are boring and self-centered, Amanda stares longingly at Danny, who at least had some personality (even if it was an annoying one). Danny’s playing basketball with Daisy, and you can tell Amanda is one of those women who only wants a man once she realizes other women like him, since there’s this look of sadness in her eyes staring at Danny having fun with another girl. Anyway, she deserves it, Amanda’s been an asshole this episode.


A short scene of Amanda walking through a park with the water gun Danny gave her, shows her looking really regretful at the way things ended up with him. I really think she’s looking at their past relationship with rose-coloured glasses. As I’ve said in the past, these two never had great chemistry. Maybe she’s bummed that she’s not going to have a guy to obsess over now (though we all know that won’t last).

Back at the apartment, Danny comes back and Amanda runs up to him as she’s been waiting in the lobby for God knows how long. She confesses that the reason she was treating Danny like shit was because she was obsessed with her thighs and she thought he would think she was obese. Danny kind of gives her a “bitch please” look, while Amanda begs him for forgiveness. But Danny reveals that he is moving to New York for good, as his mom finally got full custody of him. As they ride up the elevator together, Amanda tries one last desperate attempt to get back with Danny, asking if he wants to hang out on Friday, but he already has plans with Daisy. BURN. You lose every dude to some other chick, don’t you Zimm?

As Danny is leaving the elevator, Amanda decides enough is enough, pulls out a gun, and kills Danny.

danny and amanda

Not really, she squirts him with the squirt gun and they chuckle softly to each other. The episode ends with Amanda almost getting crushed by the elevator, but unfortunately not.

Well that’s the end of Danny as a character. I always found it weird that he was Amanda’s boyfriend for so long (I think they dated longer than Busy and Troy) and yet was barely in any episodes together with her. I don’t know, they’re relationship was so lackluster to me, that’s why I supported the short lived Frankie and Amanda union. Oh well, hopefully Danny got laid with Daisy.

Next episode: A famous Canadian figure skater causes a riff between Amanda and Busy.



Season 3, Episode 6: Three’s A Crowd

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Alright, as mentioned before, this is my favourite Ready or Not episode. Why, you may ask? Well it’s got steamy (for a children’s show) romance, betrayal, Amanda being obsessive, which is always hilarious, and Busy is a pretty stellar friend in this one. All in all it is highly entertaining, so off we go.

The episode opens with a shot of Frankie riding his bike up to the house, while Amanda gazes down from Busy’s bedroom window at him. Girl has a serious case of penis on the brain since their little kissing session.


Apparently it is “36 more hours til school starts” and Amanda’s depressed. Busy points out that Amanda’s the biggest keener and loves school, but Amanda wants to be going to high school since Cornelius is super lame. Poor Amanda, you’ll never get to go to high school as long as your on this program (spoiler alert: they end up going to a junior high for some stupid reason instead of a high school next season).

Suddenly, Frankie’s super fruity music is heard from the hallway. Busy yells at him to turn it down, while Amanda gets excited at the prospect of having an excuse to talk to Frankie. She excuses herself to pee, and then get’s her Lip Smacker’s lip balm out and ready to pounce. After walking by Frankie’s room 250 times, she finally pokes her head in and see’s that he’s also reading (while listening to music? who does that?) and says hi. Frankie wanders over and they make small talk about the book he’s reading.


Amanda makes her move, and comments on how good Frankie’s drawing are that are hanging in his room. Frankie gets super excited about his ego getting stroked (probably because he’s basically ignored by everyone else in the household) and invites Amanda in for a “closer look.” Before he can give it to her good, Busy pulls a major cock block move and calls Amanda out for not peeing. Amanda get’s all flustered and runs to the can, while Frankie gives Busy the stink eye for ruining his game.

busy cockblock

We cut to a new scene and it appears Busy has randomly decided to shave her legs. This is also another throw back to the first time Amanda shaved her legs. Are these chicks using rusty razors? I didn’t have that many cuts the first time I did it! Also, we can see here what I call the start of Amanda’s “school girl phase”, where she will now take a liking to wearing knee socks and short kilts. At least it’s better than her Claude Tanner look.


Anyway, there’s a valid reason for Busy’s cuts….she didn’t use soap and water! Jesus Christ that would be painful. Dry shaving…ugh..I am shuddering thinking about it.

Two random girls come up to the Busy and Amanda and they will sort of be their recurring friend’s for this season. I’m pretty sure their name’s are Daisy and Mona if my memory serves me correctly. Anyway, Daisy is hyper and annoying, and Mona is sort of…there. I guess the show wanted the girls to interact with more people. Anyway, they have small chit chat and then head to homeroom. Oh yeah, and there’s some dance that weekend that Amanda and Busy will be attending together…it’s stupid but sort of important to mention for later.

daisy and mona

They go into the classroom and Amanda is irritated at how immature the grade 8 boys are. I guess her tastes are refined now that she’s gotten a taste of a grade 10 man.

Next scene is in Busy’s garage where she’s practicing, and once again Amanda is hanging out waiting for Frankie to get home. Dom randomly comes out with some cookies he made for his girl and takes off quickly after. Amanda notes how romantic Busy’s brothers are which makes Busy roll her eyes. Frankie gets back and Amanda quickly tries to start a conversation with him about stupid shit like his t-shirt and school. Busy starts getting really annoyed and tells them to shut the fuck up, so Frankie goes in to get some food. Amanda quickly runs in after him. BTW I need to note that Amanda is wearing way too much make-up in this whole scene.


Amanda runs in and Frankie returns back downstairs with a drawing for her. They kind of stand around, slowly building up some sexual tension, until they finally kiss again.

kiss again

Busy stops her damn drumming and walks in to see her brother and best friend making out. Also, does anyone else think Amanda’s body is bent really weird here? It’s like the show didn’t want to show them actually moving their mouths? I dunno, she looks hunched back to me, and it’s odd. But anyway, Busy is majorly WTF at this whole scenario.

busy wtf

Amanda comes back outside pleased as punch, and Busy cuts right to the chase telling her she saw her canoodling with Frankie. Busy asks how long they’ve been fooling around, and Amanda confesses to Frankie first kissing her at the go-karts. Busy gets irritated that Amanda didn’t tell her, and Amanda uses the excuse that she wasn’t sure how Frankie felt about her. Not true, she did it because Frankie told her not to say anything, but anyway. Busy brings up a bunch of reasons why it would be stupid if they dated, such as their age difference, the fact that Amanda is still sort of dating Danny and the biggest one being that he’s her goddamn brother. Amanda reassures Busy that they’ll still hang out and do all the same stuff, but everything is super awesome because she has an older boyfriend! Busy gives her major death glare in response to that.

pissed off

The next day Dom and Frankie are sharing a brotherly breakfast when Busy enters the kitchen. Dom asks her to get milk from the fridge, and Frankie asks for jam. Busy totally snubs Frankie and only gets the milk for Dom. Buuurn. She walks off and Frankie asks Dom “what’s her problem??” Are you really that dense, Frankie?

At school, Amanda is putting Frankie’s drawing up in her locker and bragging to Mona and Daisy about having an older boyfriend. They walk off and Busy comes up offering Frankie’s toenails for her collection, haha. Amanda says she’s not being fair, and Busy sort of clams up. Daisy and Mona run by again yelling at Amanda that they look forward to seeing her man candy at the dance and Busy gets all hurt/angered because she and Amanda had a date to go together. Amanda being as selfish/clueless as ever, thought it might be a swell idea to invite Frankie along and Busy blows up on her and walks away. Amanda stands there like a dumbass with her mouth open wondering why in the world Busy could be upset with her.

why are you mad

In a new scene, the Ramone’s have finished dinner, and it looks like Sam has finally done something domesticated and cooked for the first time. Finally, Busy can’t keep up her silence anymore and lays into Frankie that she “saw him” yesterday, while Frankie tells her to shut her hole because she sucks at shaving her legs. Just before Battle Royale breaks out the doorbell rings. Busy goes to answer it and it’s Amanda, and she’s looking for Frankie. Damn this girl has some nerve/Fatal Attraction shit going on. Busy’s over it, and embarrasses Frankie by loudly yelling “Frankie it’s for you, it’s Amanda!” Sam and Lucy both give a wtf look and Dom starts laughing his ass off.

the fuck

So Amanda’s going full on crazy girlfriend and dropping by asking Frankie about some dumb class he mentioned once to her. Frankie starts to realize that Amanda’s probably going to turn into that meme Overly Attached Girlfriend and quickly cuts to the chase trying to figure out why she came over. They don’t show her saying it, but Amanda ends up asking Frankie to the school dance.

sitting on porch

Frankie goes back to his room (after Dom calls him a cradle robber lol) and Busy bursts in telling him she’s sorry for publicly humiliating him in front of the family, but that she’s looking out for him. She tells Frankie that it would look weird that he’s dating a 12 year old when he’s in high school and it makes him look desperate. I just need to say, I was watching this episode way back when when I was around Amanda’s age (a bit older), and my boyfriend was three years older than me and I felt SO awkward haha. I remember thinking “please don’t think this, I’m not a little kid, I got game!” Frankie totally denies that she’s his girlfriend and more or less says that their kiss meant nothing to him. Busy asks if Amanda invited him to the dance, and that he said no to going to that lame ass event. So I guess Busy figures this is now all over and done with.

busy talking

The next day during gym Busy comes up to Amanda and asks how she is, figuring things are shitty now that Frankie officially dumped her ass. Amanda says she’s cool, and that her and Frankie aren’t going to the dance, because he has to do inventory  at the butcher shop and they’re going to do something afterwards if he finishes in time. Busy flat out tells her that her asshole brother lied to her, because they never do inventory on the weekend. Amanda then goes on to say that Busy is jealous of  her and Frankie’s love and needs to step off. Busy’s like “you’re a dumb bitch,” all while they are doing some odd yoga position.


Later in the eve, Amanda calls the Ramone residence looking for Frankie. Busy answers the phone and tries to get Frankie to deal with Amanda’s shit, but Frankie refuses. Busy tells Amanda Frankie is out, hangs up and lays it into Frankie for being a douche and basically leading Amanda on. Frankie tries to justify his shitty actions by saying he didn’t want to hurt her feelings, which Busy replies “you think this isn’t going to hurt her feelings?”

The scene shifts to Amanda’s house and Amanda’s making cookies….obviously for Frankie. This girl is the definition of desperate. She asks her mom what it means if someone doesn’t get a telephone message and her mom says the person who took the message might have forgotten to give it. But Amanda thinks Busy didn’t give the message to Frankie on purpose. Amanda’s being a right bitch this episode, seriously. I don’t get how she can immediately think so poorly of her friendship with Busy.

amanda cookies

The next day, Amanda decides to go full on stalker, and is now at Frankie’s school with the cookies. By some weird twist of fate, Frankie is standing in front of a window with another girl right as Amanda came along, which gives Amanda a front row view of Frankie kissing her. Amanda is crushed and walks off. Part of me thinks Frankie paid a girl to stand there all day and wait for Amanda to inevitably come by and then made the girl kiss him so Amanda would take a hint and leave him alone.

frankie and girl

amanda crushed

Now that Frankie has broken Amanda’s heart, she decides to run back to Busy for support. She starts crying to Busy about how she’s such an idiot (true) and she truly thought Frankie liked her. Busy told her he was borderline ghosting her big time, but Amanda didn’t want to see it. Amanda then goes on to say she would “never do that to a boy”…uhhhh you’re still technically dating Danny, so you did much worse i.e. cheating. Busy says she kind of did that to Troy, and Amanda has the gall to  say “maybe it runs in your family.” WTF Amanda. I would’ve slapped her for that remark. Frankie comes home and awkwardly says hi, while avoiding Amanda as much as possible.


The episode ends with Busy twirling Amanda around to try and cheer her up.


As I mentioned, I love this episode. I really wish they could’ve made the Frankie and Amanda romance last a bit longer though. I do think Frankie did like Amanda, but felt way too awkward about doing anything about it, especially after Busy made him feel weird about dating her. To me, it makes it pretty obvious that Frankie and Busy are very close and he does value her opinions. Plus it didn’t help that Amanda got super needy/obsessive about the whole thing. I think this episode was the one that cemented for me how much their friendship means to Busy, as it could’ve been so easy for her to blow Amanda off and be like “fuck you” considering how Amanda treated her during that whole thing.

Next episode: Danny’s back and he’s got a surprise!


Season 3, Episode 5: Crossing the Line

Hi everyone. Ok I made it my April resolution to update this once a week. So starting NOW, April 10th, I will be updating by Monday at midnight at the latest. I need to get back to regular updating. BTW I also want to give a shout out to superslabz for liking a bunch of entries the other day. You da real MVP.

Alright, on with this episode. I need to point out that I really enjoy this episode, it is probably in my top five favourite episodes of season 3.

So the episode opens with Busy throwing a ball against a wall while Amanda attempts to tan and get colour on her florescent skin. Busy is truly bored as fuck with the current situation, and starts spraying Amanda with a spray bottle. Amanda tells her to screw off because chilling outside in the summer kicks ass. I agree, I hate when people try to make you do stuff, always let laziness prevail.

Frankie comes out and for some reason kind of flirts with Amanda i.e. by playfully smacking her with his baseball cap on her bare stomach and acts all strangely happy to see her. Yeah there will be an explanation for this behaviour later in the episode, but it’s weird to see now, because Frankie never once seemed to give a shit about Amanda’s existence before.


Turns out Frankie is going to some sports park called Sticklebacks with his friends, and Busy begs him to let her come. Frankie says no, but as if he could stop her. I know for a fact this guy doesn’t drive, so Busy could just go anyway. Does she need Frankie to ride the bus with her for some reason? I dunno. Anyway, Busy tells him she’ll fix his bike, so Frankie gives in. Amanda snarkily asks if the reason Busy wants to go to Sticklebacks is because of the hot piece of ass working at the go-karts. How does Amanda know about this guy? Like who would know about the attractive people working at their city’s amusement parks? Once again, Amanda is so creepy in this pre-social media era. Busy gets really offended by this and says no, she wants to ride a go-kart so fuck off Amanda.

busy annoyed

They finally get to the park after Amanda apparently spent an hour raiding Busy’s closet for clothes. Did she not wear her own clothes over to Busy’s house or did she walk over in a bikini. Really, this stupid line adds nothing to the story other then them having a reason for being late, and thus Frankie not being able to find his friends, which leads to…events. Either way, this show always has to set up the plot with weird circumstances that bring it to that point, i.e. the stupid French guys episode and the gym situation. Alright, I’m gonna shut up and move on.

So they decide to do the go-karts first. Busy approaches the hot go-kart guy and asks him which kart is the best. He asks “if she wants to go fast” (foreshadowing) and tells her to take some kart he finished working on. This guy is a vast improvement over the French dude Busy was crushing on in terms of appearance, but that’s about it.

guy 2

So even though it looked like Frankie had ditched them, he is now riding the go-karts with Amanda and Busy.  They all ride around a track, with Busy and Frankie tied for the lead. Amanda’s in dead last, and every time they show her a sad tube tune plays, it’s pretty humourous. While this is all happening, creepy go-kart dude is checking out Busy.


Busy ends up winning and wants to continue riding, while Amanda doesn’t and Frankie wants to find his stupid friends. Busy keeps checking out the go-kart dude and tells Amanda to hang out with Frankie, because she wants to ride more than just go-karts. So Amanda and Frankie pair off, while Busy starts another race with the go-kart guy.

amanda and frankie

So Frankie and Amanda go off to play mini-golf. Slash omg these two are so goddamn cute together, I can’t EVEN. Seriously though, I like Frankie and Amanda together, and Frankie does the cutest little smile to himself when Amanda agrees to play mini-golf with him. Sadly this screenshot does not do it justice. Goddamn Insight Productions, release this show on DVD already!

amanda and frankie again

The scenes shift between Frankie/Amanda and Busy/Steve, whose name hasn’t been officially mentioned yet, but I don’t feel like writing “go-kart guy” anymore. Busy and Steve’s scenes are pretty boring, it’s literally just them riding the go-karts over and over. Amanda and Frankie have small talk, and it really has a first date feel to it. Frankie accidentally drops his sketchbook/journal out of his fanny pack (heh) which Amanda likes because it shows he’s artistic and sensitive like she is. He offers to show her his pics, and she sits beside him and they look at each other awkwardly out of the corners of their eyes and seriously…this whole scene is too cute. I miss being a teenager sometimes.


Busy and Steve finally stop go-karting and formally introduce themselves, though Busy refers to herself as “Elizabeth.” We find out Steve’s dad owns the park and that’s why he works there. He seems to be digging Busy for some reason, and wants to hang out with her, even offering to buy some food because “he gets a discount.” Wouldn’t he get the food for free if his dad is the owner? Anyway, so sparks are flying between our two couples, I wonder what’s gonna happen??

liz and steve

Amanda and Frankie are strolling along, discussing their poetry, when they come upon a super tacky fortune teller’s tent. Naturally Amanda wants to go in, so off they go.

The scene shifts back to “Elizabeth” and Steve, and they are getting to know each other more. Turn’s out Steve’s dad is some amusement park connoisseur, as they also have a park in Florida, and that’s where Steve goes to school. He finds out Busy is only thirteen, and he tries to pass himself off as “sixteen, turning seventeen in the fall”. PFFFFT. This actor looks around twenty seven. He tells her he’s going to enter some national go-kart race and he’s building his own kart for it. Is that a real thing? National go-karting? Probably is, just sounds really stupid. They catch a glimpse of a batting cage which Busy gets all excited about and thus turns “sixteen year old” Steve on.


They go up to the batting cage and then Steve puts his arm around Busy…more foreshadowing.


While in the tent, the fortune teller is telling Amanda that she’s extremely artistic and will do something with arts as her career, so Amanda’s pretty happy about that. Frankie asks if he’s also artistic, and she says he’s athletic, which makes Frankie cry out “No, I’m not!” ‘Tis true, we all remember that basketball episode from Season 1. But the fortune teller could give two shits about Frankie’s future, and would rather talk about the future of them as a couple. They both start feeling really awkward and she starts talking about their friendship blossoming into romance, and makes them hold hands. Suddenly her huge ass cell phone rings and it’s her kid bitching about something. The fortune teller excuses herself to go deal with it, while Amanda and Frankie sit there still holding hands.

fortune teller

Busy and Steve are at the batting cages, and even though Steve has to show Busy how to hold a bat, she somehow ends up beating him. Steve basically comes out and admits he’s got a thang for Busy, and asks if she wants to see the go-kart he’s building. She grins and says yes, while holding his hand also.

hands again

Back in the tent AMANDA AND FRANKIE KISS. I don’t even care that Amanda’s technically cheating on Danny, because these two are way better as a couple, and actually seem to have chemistry. As much as Amanda can get on my nerves, I 100% support this union. These two seem to make so much sense together, unlike every other person each girl ends up hooking up with.


So things seem to be blossoming quite lovely for one of the couples…let’s check on the other. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t turn out as great for Busy.

Busy enters some garage where a bunch of go-karts are. She sits in Steve’s go-kart and start acting like she’s in some race, which I guess gets Steve even more horny because he starts awkwardly rubbing her shoulder.  Steve confesses to liking Busy, and leans in for a kiss, which causes Busy to slightly freak out and try and jump out of the go-kart. He starts getting super creepy when she tries to leave, stroking her arm and saying “I thought you liked me, I thought we were having a good time.”


By now potential-rape-situation bells are going off in Busy’s head, and she’s trying her best to vacate the situation. Steve can sense she’s about to run, and goes full on sexual predator, trying to corner her and saying shit like “I saw you checking me out earlier, are you just leading me on?” Finally he goes in for another kiss and Busy pushes him to the ground. She manages to run out, while Steve holler’s “stupid tease, what did you think was going to happen!?” Christ, I’m disturbed to think how many victims he has lured to his rape cave.


Anyway, back to Frankie and Amanda. They leave the tent with huge ass grins, but Frankie asks Amanda not to tell Busy what happened. Amanda agrees, and Busy runs up all in distress about what just happened. Frankie finally see’s his friends and runs off, while Busy runs home. Amanda’s way too pleased with how her situation turned out to really notice/care that Busy is pretty upset.


Later on in the evening, Busy is in her room quietly brooding about the events that happened today. Frankie comes up and tells her Amanda’s waiting for her downstairs, and Busy tells him to say she’s sick. Frankie asks if Busy wants to talk about anything and she says no. I guess this is showcasing Frankie as a sensitive soul and that not all guys are like Steve. Anyway, we already knew Frankie was a decent guy based on other episodes.

The scene shifts to outside where Busy is borderline in tears asking Amanda if she was a tease for not giving in to Steve’s sexual attempts, because prior to that she did like him and held his hand. Amanda says some kind of lame line about how kisses should feel good, not rapey. Then she points out (as I already mentioned) that not all guys are like that, as evident by her macking with Busy’s fine ass brother. P.S. She doesn’t say that, as of now Busy does not know that Amanda and Frankie kissed.

The episode ends with Busy pointing out that she did knock Steve’s bitch ass onto the ground and Amanda nods her head in approval.


I know I said in the beginning this was in my top five, but this is honestly my second favourite episode of the series, with the next episode being my favourite. I really enjoy the Frankie and Amanda romance, and this episode in general was really good. It sucks what happened to Busy, but bastards like Steve need to know that no means no.

Alright, next Monday, Amanda and Frankie’s relationship continues, but will it survive? Tune in, to FIND OUT.


Stats Stats Stats, Which are Good, Which are Bad?

….Yeah. I got nothing. Anyway! Ever notice how cool stats are? No? Yeah, me neither. But when it comes to this website I’m pretty interested in who reads it, where they are from, what they are searching for etc. which makes these stats sort of fun for me. So I thought I’d share the stats here, maybe do it as a year end thing. Obviously I’m late on this, as I came up with this idea mid-year, but ah well. I’ll try to have a review done by this weekend or early next.

But until then, here’s some stats stats stats! These are for 2015 only.

  1. In 2015 the website had 1,847 views and 721 visitors. The fact that I barely posted this website anywhere beyond Facebook/Twitter makes me happy to see these stats. I know these aren’t crazy high numbers, but I also know non-family members read this site, so again, proud. As of right now 2016 has 1,093 views and 463 visitors. I feel confident that I can SMASH (or slightly dent) 2015’s record.

2. I posted 29 times in 2015. So far in 2016 I’ve posted… 3 times. Wow, that’s a fail. Peeps need to start harassing me to get it done. Seriously though… I’ll work on this.

3. The month that had the most views was December with 285. Contrast that with March of this year which is 380. YEP I need to update more frequently. This is showing me the light.

4. The day that had the most views was April 13th 2015 at 76. This was because the website TV, eh? Tweeted about it.

5. Most popular day in general is Monday with 17% of overall views.

6. Other than the Home Page, the episode that received the most views was Season 1’s “Thirty Two Double A” with 89 views. Season 3’s “My Buddy Buddy” and Season 1’s “Origins of Man” are both tied for last with 12 views.

7. The site was referred to most by Search Engine (which makes me happy), and then Facebook coming in second and Twitter third. I think the most interesting thing I found out from looking at this is someone made a Buzzfeed article entitled “Times In Life When You Should Turn to Busy Ramone.” Wish they had actually mentioned my site. But yeah, I was pretty humoured when I first saw this.

8. The country that had the most views was my home and native land, Canada with 956. So I thank you, my fellow citizens.  The US is second with 681 and UK is third with 48 hahaha. STEP IT UP UK.

9. Here’s my favourite one, what people look up for search terms. The most common one that came in twice was “Why Does Amanda Zimm always wear purple?” Extremely fair question, as I’ve wondered that every day. The most disturbing one is “she is just thirteen but ready for fucking”…. NO. 😐 The funniest one is “when I have sophylis on my breast what do I use to treat it”. Can you even get syphilis on your breast? No, I don’t actually want to know.

So there you have it. The main stats for the website in 2015. I feel like part of the reason why I’ve slowed down with reviews is because I’m already in season 3, and there’s only two more seasons after this. I DON’T WANT IT TO END. But I do love writing reviews, and I’m so glad all you randoms out there read and hopefully enjoy them too.




Season 3, Episode 4: Under One Roof

Hi eurrybody. I feel like I haven’t updated this thing for awhile, but according to my stats it’s been less than a month, so yay on that. Last night I spent like two hours trying to figure out how to put ads on here, and then realized you can’t do it on a blog. Booourns I need the monies! Not that I expected anything but figured may as well try…it’s all about the Elizabeths baby. My goal would be to make some monetary gain from this website one day if at all possible. Maybe when I get a real job I’ll hussle on over to .org and get started on making this a real website.

Anyway, enough about me, let’s continue on with our jam packed summer episodes of Ready or Not.

The episode begins with Neon Vomit rehearsing in Busy’s garage for some musical showcase they want to be in. They now have a new girl singer, having replaced the former boring guitarist who wore his shades all the time ala Bono. The Liz is also sporting probably his most ridiculous hair style to date if you can actually believe that. I will attempt to get screenshots at some point. Anyway, NV now puts more than screams and grunts into their music as this song actually has lyrics. For a garage band it’s not terrible either.


Just as rehearsal is getting into full gear, Dom, Sam and Lucy return from somewhere with a huge “Viva Ramone” banner for their family reunion that will be the main plot of this episode.  Dom cuts off the music by unplugging their amp, (and proves their whole singing was pre-recorded as the girl’s mouth doesn’t synch up with the words…yes I notice these things!) and plugging in his own, where he begins playing “O Sole Mio”.  Sam and Lucy dance around acting dorky, but it’s nice to see them getting along. I’m glad Busy didn’t end up with a broken family. But yes, Busy is highly embarrassed by her family’s behaviour as teenagers are wont to be.

But look how cute Sam and Lucy are in this screenshot. They are way too proud of this stupid banner.


The next scene Amanda’s indulging Busy in her pipe dreams of becoming a famous musician one day. Busy’s harping on about how Sam thinks The Liz and Joanie (the girl) are weird looking. Well in terms of The Liz’s case….yeah he is fucking weird looking. Amanda’s excited about going to the reunion because she’s very open about having no life of her own, and thus needs to hang around the Ramone clan almost all the time. Busy then jet’s off to meet up with the band.

The band are at some diner discussing their song. The waitress comes to take their orders, and they all order boring shit like “a side of string beans and a Coke” while Busy orders a veal sandwich. They all kind of make a face, and the The Liz starts preaching about how bad veal/eating meat is in general. Busy makes some squirmy looking face and I guess feels bad about eating meat now. This tactic would not work on me, if anything it would make me order more meat out of spite. I hate people who pull that shit, thankfully my vegetarian friends are normal and keep their traps shut. P.S. Here’s a screenshot of The Liz’s hair. I don’t even know what to make of this.

the liz wtf

The next scene is Busy deciding to get her nose pierced, because Joanie has one and now Busy feels like she must emulate all the cool people in Neon Vomit. I wish she had decided to get dreads like Petrocelli instead. I feel the nose piercing is a wasted scene as we don’t see it happening at all. We had to watch Amanda wax her legs, they could’ve easily added some scene of Busy almost having a freak out during the session. Anyway, moving on.

Busy arrives home right as her family is setting up dinner. Of course they immediately notice her nose ring and their reaction is pretty much what you’d expect. Sam is like “wtf take that bullshit out now” and Dom and Frankie make fun of it.

They go outside, and Sam is clearly getting more and more irritated by the second with Busy. Lucy passes her the steak which she passes to Dom as she is now a newly found vegetarian. The whole family kinda scoffs and Frankie calls her trendy, which I definitely agree with. Busy say’s meat is murder which pisses Sam off even more as meat is the reason that family isn’t living in some shanty town. Plus Sam isn’t the one actually killing the animals, he doesn’t work at the slaughterhouse, he just packs the meat up, the deed is already done so get over it Busy. Sam’s had about enough and then starts ranting about how her band is a bad influence, that they’re druggies, they dress bad etc. and Busy starts getting lippy back as a result. Sam then grounds her and Busy runs off pouting. It’s very typical teenager and parent fighting stuff.

busy nose ring

sam pissed

The next day Sam and Lucy are going grocery shopping for the 700th time and Sam yells at Busy to make sure she doesn’t leave the goddamn house or he’ll cane her backside upon his return. Naturally Busy ignores this threat as the next scene is her at the audition with her band. They play their music for about ten seconds and the guy in charge decides that’s enough and they’ll do. Must not be much competition for this showcase. But of course there must be a conflict, in that the showcase had to move up a weekend and is now the same one as Busy’s family reunion. Also what is with this concert promoter’s outfit? This looks like an amateur Shakespeare actor came inside from his smoke break and decided to eat pretzels and judge some teenager’s music.


Busy manages to get home literally right before her family does. She also has removed her nose ring, I guess to begin buttering up Sam for the eventually bomb she’s about to drop. So Busy casually asks if it would matter if she didn’t go to the reunion because her band got into the showcase and it’s amazing because “they only pick twenty bands!” Yeah this isn’t Lollapalooza Busy, I bet twenty bands didn’t even audition. Of course Sam and Lucy are disgusted with her lying and general behaviour. Sam tells her to get her goddamn ass back upstairs because she’s sill grounded. Of course Busy has to get in her little statement before running off claiming “you don’t know anything about me!” Of we know Busy. The whole Ready or Not universe and the like knows that you think your mediocre musical aspirations come above any and all else. We’ve all had that friend, haven’t we? The one that believes they are so talented despite evidence to the contrary, and their talents justify their shitty behaviours and attitudes. I’m over this music shit with Busy, and we basically have to endure this until Season Five.

Dom comes up to Busy’s room and more or less asks her why she’s being a rat bastard and ruining the reunion for Sam, because it’s clear that this something he cares about a lot. She brings up her usual “my music means a lot to me” spiel and that they are ruining her life as a result. Dom kind gives up and leaves because it’s obvious Busy isn’t to be reasoned with. I guess this is realistic in how a teen would act;  with the melodramatic “my parents are ruining my life” crap and thinking anything going on in their life is more important than anything else, despite the fact that Sam’s family is flying in from Italy for this party which makes it a lot more important in the grand scheme of things.

dom and busy

Busy comes downstairs and Lucy tries to get Sam and Busy talking about the reunion. Sam tells Busy that it’s very important for him that she’s at the reunion because 10 000 of their long lost relatives are coming in from Italy, and she should be there to meet them all. Lucy even suggests that Busy play a drum solo at the reunion because they do support her musical aspirations.

Of course this isn’t good enough for Busy though, and she remarks by saying “why would I want to play for a bunch of boring immigrants who stink of garlic and pinch my cheeks too hard?” I’m not a fan of Sam sometimes, but that was a pretty low blow on Busy’s end. Lucy tries her best not to backhand slap her daughter across the face, while Sam looks shattered that Busy would say such mean things about his family. He tells her to fuck off to her showcase because he doesn’t want her at the reunion anymore.

sam rage

So the next day Busy is meeting up with the band and guess what? Their showcase has been cancelled because of some Ukrainian wedding. So this will set up a convenient conclusion to the episode.

We go back to the Ramone’s, and their reunion is in full swing with many Italians scampering about in the backyard and Amanda being victim to their cheek pinching.

amanda cheeks pinched

Busy’s upstairs in her room pouting or something, I actually have no idea why she’s not at the reunion now. Amanda comes up and gives her a hot dog which Busy happily eats because who actually wants to be a vegetarian? Busy asks Amanda if she really thinks she wants to go downstairs and hang out with her relatives and hear stuff like how much she’s grown. Amanda tells her to swallow her goddamn pride and come down.

Busy eventually sanders down and makes up with her dad, though never actually apologizing for what she said. Lucy asks if Busy still wants to do her drum solo, but Busy has a “better idea.”


Which results in Neon Vomit coming by (because what else would they really be doing?) and playing a rock version of “O Sole Mio”. The episodes ends with everyone jamming out and having a grand old time.


This episode was alright to slightly dull for me. I feel like since there hasn’t been much conflict with the Ramone’s lately, the show had to create some mild drama that would resolve quickly. Plus showcasing Busy as a typical teen aka being as equal a wannabe as Amanda in regards to trying to impress people she likes, and thinking everything she cares about is the only thing that matters.

Next episode: Shit gets real.



Season 3, Episode 3: Tongue Tied

Hello peeps. As per usual, my life is being constantly rearranged. First off, my dog Georgia ended up passing away shortly after that last entry. RIP Georgia, always loving and missing you. School was no. Job was no. Melissa is NO. But seriously… I got some stuff going on, but I’m figuring it out. I don’t know why I always open up with my personal life stuff, but I like documenting where I am in life, especially when I finally do bust out and kick ass.

Anyway, I’m going to start by saying this is probably one of the more lame episodes of this season. I really hate episodes where things get misunderstood and could be easily figured out if people took two seconds to look something up on the computer/read a book, which is the entire concept of this dumb one. Oh well, let’s begin.

The episode opens with Amanda harassing Busy with some Cosmoesque quiz entitled “Are you Normal or Not?” Sadlyas a former Cosmo reader, I do not find it entirely unrealistic for a quiz to bare that sort of title. I mean, I remember reading an article saying that a man would get really turned on if you rubbed his penis like you were trying to build a fire with a piece of wood. So basically nothing they write can be ever be taken as actual journalism.

So one of the questions is in regards to chest size, which will be the entire focus of this episode.

Dom and Manny are in the living room watching a swim suit competition or something, as they are commenting on the women’s breasts in their usual pig-like manner. Busy comes in and criticizes on her brother’s stupid comments, which in turn has the boys comparing her chest to a surfboard. They also make sure to point out that Amanda is definitely not flat… it’s a bit creepy considering Amanda is still only 12 year’s old. Either way, it’s a pretty obvious the show is trying really hard to make Amanda look busty in comparison to Busy, as Amanda is seen wearing tight shirts this entire episode, while Busy is wearing a baggy shirt that wouldn’t even give Pam Anderson breast definition.

dom and manny

hell no

The girl’s are spending the weekend at Amanda’s dad’s place. While waiting for him to return, Amanda mention’s that her dad went to pick up his friend from the airport. I gotta point out that Leonard must be doing good for himself, since his last apartment looked like a bachelor pad piece of shit, and now he has a library and an Indian statue. It’s pretty chic. So anyway, Leonard comes back with his Frenchie friend, who just so happens to have two teenage sons named Jerome and Francois. Instantly both girls take a liking to these sub-par looking French lads. Leonard suggests they all go work-out at at his gym so he and his friend can get drunk on the sweet French wine he smuggled into the country. The girl’s agree, as they are excited to see these boys dripping with sweat or something along those lines. We all know Amanda and Busy are pervs from previous episodes.

french boys

In the next scene the girls are in the change room discussing who has dibs on who. Conveniently enough, they each happen to not like the same boy; with Amanda preferring Francois and Busy having a thing for Jerome.

And so here is where we start with the actions-leading-to-misunderstandings-that-form-the-whole-basis-of-this-episode portion. While in the gym there’s a woman with ample bosoms lifting weights. The guys are surprisingly more interested in her actual biceps then her boobs. Francois tells Jerome to be careful about going near her, because she might smell his reek. Yeah, this guy has a huge complex about his odor and apparently showers like five times a day.


Francois see’s Amanda and wanders on over to the bikes to work on sealing that deal. He calls her pretty, which in French is “jolie” which Amanda confuses as “jolly” and starts laughing like an idiot. I’m sorry, my French is pretty shitty due to a lack of ever using it, but at this point the girls would’ve been taking French in school, and at the very least should be understanding this basic stuff. Like seriously, if they wanted to do a “lost in translation” type episode, why did they pick a language that is the second official language of this country? I’m guessing cuz these actors are probably from Quebec and it was cheaper to use them then dealing with finding someone who spoke another language.

So yeah, while Amanda and Francois are being retarded together, Busy moves near Jerome and starts trying to get to know him by suggesting he use the weights. Jerome looks over at the woman with big boobs lifting weight and says to Busy that Busy’s arms are too small to lift weights. Cue the MISUNDERSTANDINGS because arms in French is “bras” so Busy thinks Jerome said her bra is small. He then keeps this stupidity going by saying the other woman’s “bras are grandoise” complete with a hand gesture that seriously makes it look like her’s talking about her boobs. I was thinking to myself while watching this that Francois and Jerome were seriously shafted having to spend their one tourist day in Toronto at a stupid condo gym, but then I realized that they had to have this set up happen for this entire dumb episode to occur and I DON’T KNOW WHY BUT IT ANNOYS ME. So here’s some screenshots cuz it’s kinda funny in a really ridiculous way.




In the washroom Busy tells Amanda about Jerome’s bra commentary, and even Amanda is like wtf that makes no sense. But Busy is convinced he was talking about her boob size, and now wants that golden info about “normal” breast size from Amanda’s teen magazine.

The next scene is basically Busy finding out she has smaller breasts than Amanda, at least in terms of band size (which really makes no difference, as that just means Busy is skinnier than Amanda). Amanda rightfully points out that it’s the cup that matters, and as previously mentioned, you can’t tell anything about Busy’s cup size because of her baggy as hell shirt. Anyway, Leonard comes by and tells them to take the boys to the mall because he’s not done hanging out with his friend and they are now gonna go get some high class escorts and spend a night on the town. He gives Amanda $30 which she plans to spend on creating a French feast and hopefully seduce the boys, but Busy is glum because she feels her lack of bosoms won’t help with enticing Jerome.


The gang all heads to the mall, where they all eat some hot dogs that Francois finds gross. Do they not have hot dogs in France? (Serious question, I have no idea). Busy still can’t over her boob issues, and Amanda is sick of hearing about it, so decides they need to resolve this matter by getting Busy a goddamn bra.

I think it’s interesting that the girl’s are experiencing the opposite issues that they other one had experienced first, i.e. Amanda got her period this summer and Busy is dealing with bra stuff now. So they go to the bra store and a similar montage to Amanda’s first bra buying experience happens, except it is sadly lacking an enthusiastic Russian sales woman.

Busy finally decides on a bra, and it turns out to be $28.50, which severely takes away from their French food fund. I seriously hate how expensive bras are.

bra shopping

They end up making this super gross looking Kraft cheese and lunch meat spread, and Francois makes a great unimpressed face when he see’s it. Also Amanda finally has a damn French-English dictionary. Maybe look up the word boobs in French and see if that’s what Jerome was referencing to before? Nah, that’s too logical.

grossed out

Busy is in the washroom getting ready and see’s a box of Kleenex, deciding the best course of action is to stuff her bra. Jerome joins them at the dinner table and Amanda mentions how he takes a lot of showers, and Francois says it’s because he stinks (all in French of course). I feel bad for this guy, this is like a ticket to OCD thinking. Busy comes out with some noticeable boobs right now. I feel like that’s the actresses actual boobs and that’s why they made her wear that baggy shirt the whole show, because they look pretty natural. Yes I am analyzing Lani Billard’s rack way too much. But Amanda’s expression is pretty hilarious, like she’s in disbelief at how much this bra improved Busy’s chest size.

wonder bra

da fuq

After dinner Francois is telling Jerome to take Busy and get lost so he can put the moves on Amanda. While in the kitchen putting away the food, Amanda comments on how Busy’s bra has made a huge difference which has Busy all joyful. Francois comes in and tells Amanda he wants to “speak secret” and that Busy should go outside with Jerome because he wants to do the same with her.

Outside, Jerome and Busy are hanging around awkwardly, and he suggests checking out the rental car. I noticed Busy understands the French a bit better than Amanda, despite her having a damn dictionary with her.

Inside, Francois has an acoustic guitar and decides he wants to serenade Amanda. He sings this song called “Alouette” but replaces Alouette with Amanda. According to Wikipedia it’s a children’s French-Canadian song (See I knew they were from Quebec) about plucking feathers from a lark who wakes the person up. So yeah, extremely romantic.

The scenes keep going back and forth between Jerome and Busy sitting in the car, and Amanda enduring Francois’ annoying singing. Slowly though, Amanda starts getting really sick of the song. I find it pretty opposite of Amanda’s character, because she’s all about the corny displays of affection.


So finally Busy’s like “fuck this, I’m going for it” and starts shuffling over towards Jerome. Jerome starts doing the same, but let’s his insecurities get the better of him, as he’s worried he stinks. He “accidentally” opens the trunk so he can run outside and sniff his pits. Poor guy seriously has a complex. Of course Busy is bummed because she was so close to scoring. While Jerome is outside, Busy uses this opportunity to adjust her Kleenex, but unfortunately doesn’t do a great job of it, as some is now sticking out of her shirt.

Amanda and Francois come out, with Amanda telling Busy she had to escape lest she kill him for not shutting up. Amanda immediately notices Busy’s Kleenex and starts saying shit like “I have to blow my nose” and “do you have any tissue?” I don’t really get this, because this is what people say when they’re trying to be subtle around people who speak English. Since these guys don’t, she literally could’ve just said “your tissue is showing.” Or maybe she was trying not to embarrass Busy, though to me it looked like Amanda took a bit of pleasure in discovering that Busy stuffed her bra.

stuffed bra

The next day the boys are leaving and Busy is upstairs sulking about the whole event, even though it’s very obvious Jerome never noticed her Kleenex as he was too busy worrying about his own body issues.  Amanda comes up and tries to convince Busy to come say goodbye, but she feels too stupid about everything and tells her to get lost.

Jerome comes back inside and asks Busy if he can take her photo. She says no because she feels like a beast, but Jerome manages to convey in English that he thinks she is pretty. Busy is flattered and returns the compliment. He ends up taking a cute photo of both of them together. It’s kind of a shame that both their insecurities got in the way of anything happening between them as this was the first time it seemed that Busy was equally into a guy as he was into her.


For the most part I found this episode pretty pointless. Basically any episode where characters are introduced one time and never heard from again I don’t really care about. I guess Busy had to have a weird bra moment too though. But yes, this is probably in my bottom picks for this season.

Next episode: Busy becomes a trendy vegetarian and annoys everyone with her band bullshit.

Season 3, Episode 2: The Last Hurrah

Hi guys. Wow, according this I haven’t posted in a month… that’s sad, but I’m not really surprised. A lot has happened in my life since that last post. I started a new full-time job and full-time school online. I got engaged and then broke the ring by accident (still waiting for that situation to be fixed) and my dog is chronically ill, so we are constantly dealing with that. I’ve been stressed to say the least, but for the most part it has been good stress, I just suck at time management and need to work on that.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with my personal issues, let’s continue on with this second part of the camp themed episodes.

The episode opens with Lola, Busy’s bff from the prior episode, telling a ghost story to all the girls in the cabin. We can see now that Jessica and Amanda have settled in and everything is hunky dory….or is it? Anyway, as I mentioned, Lola is telling a ghost story about some dude named Sparky McClain who used to work at the camp who had kids and they somehow ended up drowning with a camp counselor, causing him to go crazy and begin to kill/eat people. So typical camp story bullshit.


At the climax of the story, Lola says that there was some investigation and nothing but a head was found, which prompts her to throw a cabbage at Amanda who screams her ass off. Everyone settles down laughing when they discover it’s just a vegetable and not an actual head. All of a sudden a face appears in the window scaring the piss (literally) out of Amanda.

creepy kid

Turns out it’s a bunch of guys from the boy’s cabin, and they have come to raid the girl’s cabins, probably looking for items to whack off into afterwards/this is what I am assuming teenage boys do with anything they steal from a teenage girl.

While this is all occurring, Busy is hollering at Amanda to turn on the goddamn lights, but Amanda just lays there kinda looking at what’s going on. The boys run out, and Busy, all annoyed, walks over to Amanda’s bed and asks why the fuck she didn’t turn the lights on. Well, remember what I said about the pissing herself? I wasn’t joking, she actually pissed her bed from the fright of the event. Lola comes over asking what’s wrong, and then smells the faint whiff of urine and looks at Amanda in disgust at soiling herself. She calls Amanda a wimp, and as usual Busy doesn’t stick up for her friend. So yeah, now Amanda has a new bitchy girl to deal with. What’s with this camp attracting assholes?

peed bed

The next day Amanda is seen hosing off her sleeping bag. I seriously hope she did not sleep in her piss all night, because that would be disgusting. The other girls come out and we see that the boys have hung Lola’s bra up on the flag pole for all to see. So now the girl’s have decided it’s time to get revenge on their asses.



At breakfast, the rest of the girls in the cabin are making fun of Amanda pissing herself by telling her to go buy diapers. Cherry stands up and tells the girls to not even think about retaliating on the boys, because she’s way too busy banging her mullet boyfriend to deal with their shenanigans. Of course the girl’s won’t be listening to that though and plans for revenge begin to form in their little brains.


Later on at the beach Lola and Busy are busy whispering to each other about planning an attack on the boys. Amanda swims over and asks them what they are talking about. They’ve come up with the extremely original idea of doing the exact same thing the boys did to them and put a pair of their underwear on the flagpole. Amanda asks if she can join them, and then Busy starts making fun of her saying it’ll get dark and you know what happens when she gets scared. This pissed me off so much, because I’ve had friends in the past act like assholes to me while showing off to another friend too. Amanda basically tells them to fuck off and Busy convinces Lola to let her join them on their stupid revenge journey.

A new scene shows up where everyone in the cabin is outside tie dyeing stuff. Apparently some girl named Marlie eats everything, as Cherry walks by and tells her not to eat the dye. WTF? Is that not toxic or something? Anyway, Lola, Busy and Amanda are at a bench together planning their counter attack.  Lola says they should basically try to sneak up and grab the flag, but Amanda says that’s a dumb as shit idea because they’ll have the path guarded. So she suggests they steal a canoe and paddle across the bay and grab the flag from the shore because the boys are having some Indian Pow Wow and won’t be around. Busy thinks its a good idea and Lola begrudgingly agrees.

tie dye

Later on the girls are getting ready to begin their lackluster adventure. They decide to use the excuse that they got sick from supper and are sleeping in their cabins if anyone asks where they are. Amanda decides to bring along a backpack, which for some reason makes Lola make fun of her. This girl is such a mega bitch.

They manage to sneak by two counselor’s playing crazy eights or something. Aren’t they suppose to be having sex somewhere causing a child to drown to bring about a mediocre horror franchise for years to come? Seriously, what a bunch of squares.


The girls sneak down to where the canoes are, but unfortunately for them, Cherry is hanging out with mullet, blocking the canoes. They then see a random canoe off to the side and decide to go for it. I always found this scene odd, because even though that canoe wasn’t near the rest of them, there’s no way Cherry and the other counselor’s would not have seen them paddling across the lake. Like a lone canoe with three girls in it in in open water would be hard to hide. Anyway, as usual, my logical thoughts can’t be applied to this program.

They paddle across the bay while the theme song to the show is being strummed by a banjo in the background. Amanda discusses her love of poetry which Lola makes fun of. Other random shit is said, but it’s pointless and I don’t care.

About halfway across the lake Amanda notices the boat is wet and it’s discovered they have taken a defective boat and it’s leaking. Amanda starts freaking out, prompting Busy to bitch slap her aka tell her to shut up. They start paddling their asses off (that sounds really weird) as quickly as possible towards the shore. Also, Amanda says this really whiny “what if we don’t make it??” comment, and it’s like…you’re wearing a life jacket, you idiot. P.S. side note: I once swam across a lake without a life jacket, something really stupid that I’m proud of.


They end up landing at some random beach that Lola thinks is the haunted beach from that scary story she told in the beginning. Lola and Busy are pissed off at Amanda and blame her for being in this situation.

The next scene shifts from what was early evening to night time as it is dark, even though it looks like the girls barely moved from their spot where the boat had landed. I dunno if that makes sense, but anyway, it’s bad editing on the show’s part.

They start walking and Busy freaks out like a little bitch because a spider lands on her shoulder. Amanda picks it off with no thought. Once again, I’m surprised at how wimpy Busy is in regards to outdoor stuff, while Amanda seems pretty chill with everything involved with being woodsy, it just seems very opposite of their tom boy and girly girl personas. The girl’s start moving in the direction they think could be the boy’s cabin, when Amanda declares she has to pee. Of course this means something is about to occur, because people on TV never pee for no reason. Busy tells Amanda to go pee while her and Lola check out the area and to meet back at the canoe.

busy woods

Amanda find some really creepy looking abandoned shack and decides that’s a good spot to pee. I personally think Amanda’s pretty brave to even go near this place. I’ve seen enough horror movies to think this doesn’t look good at all.


Lola and Busy come wandering back, not finding jack shit in terms of the boy’s cabin. It also turns out that the boat is gone. So they are fucked.

Amanda comes running back towards the girls full of glee. Turns out, she finally got her beloved period. I think Amanda would be the only girl in the world who would be excited at the prospect of dripping blood out of her vagina in the middle of the woods. But, if she’s still been practicing with tampons like she was in the first season, she should be well prepared and fine. Either way, that’s a gross as hell situation. So yeah, she’s jumping around all happy, and naturally Busy bursts her bubble by telling her the boat is gone.

Lola starts slowly building towards a freak out by saying that Spark McClain took their canoe and probably lives in the abandoned shack Amanda found.


In the midst of Lola’s freak out, Busy trips over a log, which Lola thinks is a headless body. Amanda basically has to calm this idiot down, who legitimately thinks some guy who lives in the woods is going to cook and eat Busy. She does so by shoving her onto the ground and forcing her to listen to her walkman. Turns out Busy also sprained her ankle falling over that “headless body”. So basically shit is fucked up right now.

Except not really, they all end up going into that abandoned shack for the night. Turns out that backpack Lola mocked so much had all the stuff they needed for the night, i.e. a tensor bandage, the walkman, water etc. etc. Amanda and Busy talk more about her period, and Busy mentions how some girl named Ora in cabin five danced naked in the woods with her mom when she got her period. Amanda scoffs at the idea. Well, you tried Busy. I’m sure one day Amanda will flash something in your direction.

Busy finally apologizes about being an asshole to Amanda and then they have a talk about stuff that scares them, and Amanda brings up that her mom dying scares her the most. Geez show, way to turn this episode heavy.


The next morning sunlight streams through the shack and it appears they all survived the night. Amanda wakes up and goes outside, and discovers the boy’s camp.

Lola and Busy eventually get up, still looking for that stupid canoe. It’s clearly at the bottom of the lake by now, you dolts.

Amanda comes back, and suddenly Cherry is seen on the horizon in a boat. She looks pretty much like the Terminator in this shot, so you know all their asses are about to be annihilated.

cherry pissed

Cherry hugs them, and then proceeds to bitch them out, telling them their asses are basically banned from summer camp for the rest of their lives. Well that sucks.

Later on, Jessica admits she was the one who told on them, because she found their sunken canoe by the water. She hands Amanda her autograph book (do people even have those nowadays?) and it has a little message saying they’ll be pen pals forever (do people even have those nowadays?) Of course Amanda agrees, but you know she’ll never talk to Jessica again, she won’t be around to make Amanda feel guilty and provide pity friendship.

autograph book

Back in the cabin, everyone is getting ready to leave. Lola actually has the audacity to still criticize Amanda, despite being a huge ass baby the night before. Busy kinda tells her to shut up, but the girls in the cabin head home still believing Amanda is a wimp and that Lola is super cool, even though it’s entirely the opposite.

Amanda and Busy are the only ones left in the cabin. Busy’s feeling all bummed about the events, when suddenly Amanda stands up and pulls out the boy’s flag. Turns out she grabbed it in the morning when she woke up earlier. I really don’t get why she didn’t whip that thing out as soon as Lola started flapping her lip and gave her a big ol’ FUCK YOU. I seriously would’ve done that, that girl was asking for a public humiliation.


So yeah, Amanda has a pretty cool memento of her overall shitty time at camp. The End.

I really liked these camp episodes, despite the fact that they were filled to the brim with various assholes. I like the outdoors setting a lot, and like I said, I enjoy the summer time atmosphere.

P.S. I totally wrote most of this up last Saturday and it’s been sitting on my computer waiting to be done til now. I’m so goddamn busy guys, it’s not even funny. Most likely updates will be like once a month, potentially twice, while I get my shit together. So I hope you don’t decide to abandon me and keep reading, cuz I really do love writing these reviews.


Season 3, Episode 1: My Buddy Buddy

Hey gang, awwwwwww yaaaaas! We’re into season three, where Ready or Not reaches its pinnacle of greatness.

Maybe it’s because it partly takes place over the summer, which was my favourite season as a child and it brings back nostalgic memories. Maybe it’s because Amanda begins her transformative shift from awkward, shy girl to superficial, bitchy teen and she becomes a lot more entertaining/unbearable. Or maybe it’s because Danny’s final episode is within this season (I’ll disappoint you all right now and let you know his leaving is not a result of the character’s death… sadly, this isn’t Degrassi). It could be for a multitude of reasons, but either way, I’m stoked to start reviewing these episodes.

So let’s kick this shit into gear and begin.

The episode opens on a bus winding down a road near a lake. The children within are chanting some weird ass song about Camp Wanahowee (probably spelt wrong), the camp grounds where these next couple of episodes will take place.

Amanda and Busy disembark, with Amanda being super keen about the whole situation and Busy being a buzzkill. I’m really surprised at this, because Amanda does not seem outdoorsy at all, and Busy totally seems like she should be the one excited about being at camp. Anyway, this sort of sets up the ironic scenario of this episode, in that Busy ends up having a great time at summer camp, while Amanda doesn’t.

summer camp

A counsellor named Cherry comes up to them and already shit has been fucked up by the camp’s administration, as Amanda and Busy are *gasp* not in the same cabin together, despite requesting it months ago.

Cherry tells them to calm the fuck down, disattach themselves from one another and go meet some new people. She then see’s some dude with a mullet and excitedly screams her head off, while running into his arms. So I’m going to assume at some point he probably popped Cherry’s cherry. Gawd I’m terrible.

stuart marsco

Amanda goes off to her cabin, which is empty, so she wanders off to Busy’s cabin. Busy is now having the time of her life, participating in a pillow fight with the rest of the chicks in the room. Amanda asks Busy if she wants to go walk around, but Busy’s counsellor aka Cherry organized a scavenger hunt for them. Amanda’s clearly disappointed that Busy’s having a blast while she’s stuck in a questionable cabin situation. Amanda decides to go to the office to fix shit, and as usual Busy doesn’t care.

pillow fight

Amanda calls her mom at the office, but turns out Phyllis is already on her way to Barbados. A little girl overhears Amanda’s phone call occurring and asks her about name labels or some shit. Turns out this girl is named Jessica Niblet and she’s also in Amanda’s cabin. I just need to question…did they give this character the last name Niblet because she looks like a hamster? Also apparently this actress, Stacey Wheal, was in Billy Madison, so that’s random/slightly interesting.


Anyway, Jessica is a sweet, but dorky and awkward kid. It’s very easy to see later on why she’s not that popular with the other campers.

They hang out looking at bugs for a bit, and Amanda learns that Jessica is pretty smart and asks if she wants to study insects when she’s older. Jessica says no, she wants to be an entertainer, because “you get to be someone you’re not.” That’s pretty tragic commentary coming from a ten year old.

Amanda and Jessica return to the cabin and see a bunch of random bitches running around causing a ruckus. One of them throws a water balloon onto Amanda’s bed and soaks all her stuff.

Turns out the head of this group is a girl with a gap tooth named Heather. Her and the rest of the girls seem to have a real hate on for Niblet. I honestly have no clue why they hate this kid other than she’s always getting stuck in their cabin and she’s sorta nerdy, but that’s pretty easy enough to ignore.


So yeah, they’re totally the “Mean Girls” and Amanda wants in. Heather invites Amanda to go with them to the boys camp to see the male specimens, but Jessica cockblocks Amanda by reminding her that they were suppose to go watch some butterflies together. The other girls thus conclude Amanda must also be a mega nerd if she’s hanging out with Jessica, and take off.


Later on a three legged race is happening between what looks like Busy and Amanda’s cabins, as no other competitors are shown. Amanda’s paired with Jessica and Busy with her new bff Lola. Amanda and Jessica take the lead, and then promptly blow it by falling into the mud. Busy and Lola beat them, and the incident just validates the Mean Girls opinions that Amanda is just as lame as Niblet.


In a new scene, in what I am assuming must be the next day (because I think this is like a one week summer camp), the counsellor in Amanda’s cabin is handing out mail. How the hell did they get mail already? Anyway, NOT GONNA WORRY ABOUT IT.

Turns out Jessica’s uncle thought it would be the best course of action to send his niece a ventriloquist doll. Because something like that is definitely going to earn an outcast points with people who already think she’s a loser. The girls all think the doll, who happens to be named Buddy, is just as weird as Jessica. Amanda tries to be nice and compliments Buddy, which just makes Heather and the others continue to believe she’s a truly lame.

buddy and jessica

Amanda gripes to Busy about the Mean Girls thinking she’s a nerd as a result of Jessica. Busy barely sympathizes and runs off with Lola to the beach laughing at Amanda’s misfortune.

That night at a campfire, some half ass talent show is happening, and Jessica is showcasing her awful talents with Buddy to the whole camp. Busy gets a glimpse of Jessica in action, and tells Amanda that clearly the other bitches were right about Jessica because she’s extremely lame. Amanda of course feels bad for her and sticks up for Jessica. Finally the camp group starts singing a song, and Amanda get’s pushed out of the circle by the Mean Girls, officially making Amanda a social pariah.

amanda sad

I can’t help but feel a bit bad for Amanda, it is a sucky situation. At the same time though, I really dislike the fact that she is always seeking approval from the worst kinds of people, aka first Chrissy, and now these broads.

Once the campfire is done, everyone starts heading back to their cabins. The Mean Girls are walking along trying to decide how to deal with Jessica and Buddy and how fucking annoying she is. Once again, they act like Jessica constantly follows them around, and other than sharing a cabin with them, it doesn’t seem like she has anything to do with them. Fucking catty teenage girls. So anyway, Amanda uses this opportunity to butt into their conversation and suggesting kidnapping Buddy. The girls are impressed, as they believe Niblet will spend the whole time looking for Buddy and be out of their hair. So finally Amanda’s happy, because she’s gotten on the good side of a bunch of girls who treated her like shit up until this moment. Good to see Amanda’s keeping consistent in her relationship priorities.


The next day, while Jessica is off somewhere, the girls decide to put their master plan into action and get rid of Buddy. They each take turns fooling around, saying dramatic goodbyes. Heather than for some reasons starts shaking the shit out of Buddy, which results in his head flying off and smashing everywhere.

rip buddy

headless buddy

The girls are all pretty shocked, but you can tell none of them feel especially bad, except for Amanda.

They decide to throw Buddy’s head down an outhouse. I really don’t understand why they didn’t just leave the pieces on the floor and let Jessica find them. They could’ve easily pretended that Buddy fell off her top bunk somehow. But again, stupid tweens have to come up with elaborate, non-believable explanations.

The girls are all back hanging out in the cabin when Jessica comes back. She discovers Buddy’s headless body…actually no, now he has some sewn on head, which makes them look even more suspicious. Heather comes up with some bullshit story about some cabin raiding them and conveniently nothing is destroyed except for Buddy. Jessica is not buying the bullshit, and runs off. I feel really bad for this character, you know this girl must have such a hard life with her peer groups. After she runs out, the bitches all laugh their asses off, except Amanda who knows she did a horrible thing and looks sick to her stomach. P.S. Does it not look like Jessica is holding a dead child here? This is such a creepy screenshot.

buddy dead

amanda feels bad

Amanda for some reason continues hanging out with these bad seeds, and even smokes with them! Talk about a hypocrite. Season 1, Episode 2 Amanda would not approve. Of course she hacks up a lung, because people can never just smoke for the first time on TV without developing emphysema.

amanda cough

Later on, Amanda tells Busy she’s thinking of confessing, which Busy says she shouldn’t because everyone, including Jessica, will be pissed off. Amanda obviously feels terrible though, and it’s pretty obvious she’s gonna ‘fess up.

The next day Amanda tells Jessica the truth, and all the bitches get mad at her and storm out. Jessica of course knew the truth, and is basically like “k, whatever.”


Amanda leaves the cabin, where Cherry comes up to her and lets her know that two girls in Busy’s cabin have conveniently come down with chicken pox and had to be sent home, so Amanda can move in. Busy comes by and tells Amanda that she’ll help her move. Amanda then says that there are two empty bunks, and thus Jessica will be joining them. Busy kinda side eyes Amanda, but is cool with it. They all walk off happily to eat supper.


This episode was alright. I liked the camp setting a lot. Jessica, while weird, was a sympathetic character, and I’m glad she escaped from those cunts. I’m not sure Amanda even cared all that much about her, other than she was the first person to be nice to her, and she had a guilty conscious about the whole Buddy incident. I want Amanda to quit sucking up to assholes though. Anyway, as I said at the beginning, the next episode also takes place at the camp, and it’s a much better episode than this one.

I probably won’t be updating again til after Christmas, so hope everyone who reads this has a great holiday, whatever you are celebrating. Eat, drink and be merry y’all.

Season 2, Episode 13: Am I Perverted Or What?

Hey guys, long time no post. I was doing NaNo all of November, and it kind of made me hate writing, even though I’m glad it forced me to do it. So I wrote meself a novel, even though it’s only 110 pages, it’s a novel damn it! Anyway, also other stuff going on in my life, trying to figure stuff out you know. Time marches on.

But yeah, I know you guys are here for the R or N goods, and we’ve finally reached the end of Season Two. I’m pretty impressed I managed to get in two seasons in the first year I did this blog, hopefully I shall last until the bitter end. So lets begin.

The episode opens with the girls having a sleepover at Busy’s pad. They’re both taking turns lovingly brushing each others hair, while listening to a radio call in sex show. This seriously reminds me of The Sunday Night Sex Show with Sue Johanson (Canadians who read this will know what that is). Slash off topic, but I totally called in once because my friends dared me to, and they asked me a question about oral sex that I answered so badly because I was 12 and didn’t know much about oral sex.  BUT ANYWAY.

hair brushing

The person who called in was complaining about their boyfriend kissing terribly, which has the girls recalling the fellows they have kissed in their lives. Apparently Troy was all about the tonsil hockey, which Busy hated (quelle surprise), and Danny does some “dried fish lip thing” which I can only assume means he puckers up and doesn’t move his lips at all. I hate that shit, so I definitely feel for Amanda.

So Amanda’s bitching about Danny kissing terribly and wants to go to the next step and French, despite Busy telling her it’s gross. But Amanda knows by now not to go by anything Busy says because of their vastly different sexual preferences.

The next caller calls in and it sounds a lot like Dom. He’s complaining about how his girlfriend has some weird expensive sunglasses fetish which is taking him to the poor house. Busy and Amanda are utterly shocked at the thought of Dom banging in the household, despite the fact that he is a healthy sixteen year old male and that really isn’t surprising whatsoever.

busy shocked

The next scene is at Amanda’s place and Danny is wearing some shirt that says “fish forever”. It looks like a band t-shirt of someone like Hootie and the Blowfish, but I think it’s actually some joke about his fish kissing techniques before. Also I need to point out, didn’t Danny just leave for New York in the last episode? It is also implied that he’s gone basically the whole summer based on what happens in a later episode, which leads me to believe that this episode was actually filmed before the Flunky one. Slash yet again, me caring way too much about insignificant issues.

I guess his breath smells bad or something because he keeps checking it and reaching for breath mints that are non-existent. Amanda and Danny sit around awkwardly until she decides to read his palm. Once again, I’ll repeat what I said last entry, these two have NO chemistry. Not just sexual, even personality wise, as this scene really gives off awkward first date vibes and they’ve been dating for at least a couple months now.

amanda palm reading

After awhile they finally go to kiss, and Amanda freaks him out by trying to French him. Danny rejects her because of his smelly breath. OMG you live right downstairs, go excuse yourself to brush your fucking teeth!

Amanda tries to broach the subject of kissing, asking Danny if he has any desire to go “the next step” and start French kissing on a regular basis. Despite being a straight(?) teenage male, Danny does not jump at the chance to do more stuff with a girl, and actually implies that Amanda’s being slutty by saying “I thought most girls wanted to go slow.” Of course this annoys/gives Amanda a complex, while Danny sits there checking his stupid breath still. Considering you aren’t giving up the goods Danny, I think you can stop caring about that.

cock block

The next day the girls are chilling in Busy’s backyard and Busy brings up potentially blackmailing Dom about having sex at home in order to get him to do shit for her such as driving her places and cleaning her room.

They come up with the idea that they need to find evidence of Dom’s fornication, and figure out that all those sunglasses would be perfect. While this is happening, Busy also asks Amanda to put sunscreen on her back (I’ll refrain from any comments).  The bottle ends up being empty, so Busy tells her to go upstairs and grab some from the bathroom.

Amanda heads upstairs and hears Dom singing in the shower. She not so subtly enters the bathroom, hoping to grab a glimpse of that Italian sausage.


Dom takes it pretty well, considering he just caught his little sister’s friend committing voyeurism. Also I need to point out that that white stuff on his face looks really questionable. I know it’s probably shampoo but…. Ok I’m gonna stop.


This incident FREAKS Amanda out. The next scene she’s at home in bed listening to that radio sex show again. The caller is discussing their voyeurism, and the radio host tells them they have issues and that anyone who obsesses about sex has issues and needs professional help. So now Amanda thinks she’s a nymphomaniac and is stressed out which prompts a Ready or Not dream sequence…ah it’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

Amanda’s back in the bathroom doing the exact same thing she did in real life aka spying on Dom. Except now he’s singing On Top of Old Smokey in a sexy tone (in the real event he was singing it, but normally). Then he peeks out and has these HUGE sunglasses on and also all that white shit is all over his body, so now we know Amanda also thought it was jizz. Then he remarks on how much fun being a pervert is, and offers Amanda some novelty sized sunglasses and says “join the club.” She wakes up in horror, despite the fact that it was a very G rated “sex” dream.

dom shower

Amanda looks up the definition of pervert in the dictionary, because she is quite sure she is one.

The next day Busy is in Dom’s room looking for the sunglasses while Amanda stands around freaking out because of her sex dream about Dom. Busy ends up finding three pairs of expensive sunglasses, but then the phone rings and she runs off to get it. Amanda then tries on some of the sunglasses right as Dom comes in and is like wtf are you doing in my room. Amanda stammers something and Dom offers her the sunglasses, saying he “only wore them once” basically proving he is the caller. Busy comes in and makes up some excuse for why they were in his room. Dom tells them to get lost, announcing he’s “taking a shower” and then winks at Amanda, lolz.

amanda and dom

The girls end up going to some sunglasses store so Busy can confirm that the sunglasses Dom bought are the same as the caller on the sex show as the person said each were $19.95 a pair. How many of us are fully over this plot line, raise their hands.

Anyway, Amanda decides to stay outside and naturally there is some cray cray ranting on about everyone having “filthy thoughts” and how change is vital for inner salvation. I love how outside events always manage to coincide with the issues going on with the girls at the moment, it’s always super convenient. Slash imagine if this was your claim to fame? “I was the crazy ranting guy on Ready or Not.” I kind of want to find out if this guy did anything after this.

So of course I looked, and his name is Hugo Dann and he is listed as “Wackoguy” hahaha. He was mostly in TV movies and hasn’t acted since 2005 according to IMBD. I’m sure your lives are all the more enriched for knowing that. Your welcome.

ranting man

Amanda goes home and is still grappling with her inner sex demons. She decides to hide the radio and then take down her wall of half-naked men. Bye Edward Furlong.


Later on Danny asks to meet up with Amanda. He confesses to her that the reason why he didn’t want to French was because he ate a falafel that had a bunch of garlic and hot sauce and his breath was rank. He decides to give her what she’s craving and moves in for some tongue action, but now that Amanda’s grown this complex she freaks out and tells him they should continue going slow. Danny asks if they can still kiss the normal way. Amanda gets all pissed and storms off leaving Danny confused as fuck, probably thinking “bitches be cray.”

bitches be cray

Later on at school there appears to be some informal health class going on. P.S. I totally thought they were on summer vacation by now, based on the feel of this episode, but anyway. The teacher is answering anonymous questions from a box, and one question is about masturbation. It’s really obvious that Busy wrote it as she looks totally uncomfortable and in distress when all the other girls are grossed out by it. Newly found prude Amanda is even judgmental, saying “it’s not right.” So there, we learned a new fact today, Busy likes to double click the mouse. To be honest though, I’m surprised it was her and not Amanda who masturbated first.


Later on, Busy is trying to figure out a third piece of evidence to this Dom sex caller thing. Amanda’s over it, but for all the wrong reasons aka she thinks it’s all too perverted, meanwhile it’s just all too annoying. Busy found some porn magazines under Dom’s bed and Amanda freaks out, calling Busy and her family a bunch of pervs. They hear the caller on the radio again, and now he’s saying the girlfriend is making him wear barets when they bang. Busy is now convinced it’s not Dom because he hates hats. Uhhh I think most guys would deal with a stupid hat to get laid. Anyway, Amanda then says she’s glad it’s all over with so Busy can stop being a perv. They then go back and forth calling each other pervs until Busy decides they should call the sex radio show to see who the real perv is.

Also I had to get this screenshot. At least Dom likes classy porn.


Amanda calls the radio show about her encounter with Dom and babbles the question so quickly that the host can’t understand her. Busy finds this incredibly hilarious and laughs her ass off while Amanda runs away.

The last scene they are in the tent discussing everything that’s happened. Amanda still feels fucked that she was attracted to Dom’s naked body even though Dom is hot and that is totally normal. Busy tells her its ok because she was just curious, the same way Busy was with the porn mags. I think this conversation sets in stone both Busy and Amanda’s sexuality. They seriously should’ve made Busy be a lesbian on the show, but I digress.

Busy brings up the masturbation question and asks Amanda if she thinks that the person who wrote it was abnormal. Amanda says no and then Busy more or less admits she wrote it. They then have a tickle fight before Dom comes by and gets his sunglasses from Busy because he’s off to his girlfriend’s place to fornicate. He then tells them if they are going to call into a sex radio show that they should learn to disguise their voices. They freak out and laugh, the end. As if we didn’t know the caller was Dom in the first place.



Overall I really liked this episode. You rarely see these types of episodes featuring girls, it’s always two guys feeling weird about their sexual awakenings, aka Degrassi with Arthur and Yick and countless others. It’s good for girls watching to know that if they too spy on their friend’s hot older brother, they aren’t pervs.

That’s the end of Season Two, and I’m so so excited for Season Three, it is by far my favourite season. So many great episodes coming up.

Glad to be writing in this again, I promise it won’t be as long between a review next time! (mostly promise).


Season 2, Episode 12: Flunky

Hi everyone, just FYI anyone who was friends with me on Facebook and coming to the blog from there; I have deactivated my Facebook for now. I may or may not bring it back in the future, but for now I don’t feel like seeing or dealing with Facebook. So you should totally follow my blog so it can go up from 8 followers… it would be sweet if I could at least get 10 followers, that looks so much better than 8.

I’m also attempting NaNoWriMo aka National Novel Writing Month, which is exactly what it sounds like… writing a novel in a month. I’ve never tried it before, so I expect some pretty questionable results. I should probably be doing that now, but since this blog is my procrastination station I will hold off for a bit.

Anyway, onto Ready or Not. Can you guys believe that it’s the second last episode of season two? Me either, I’m impressed I’ve come this far. Well, on with the show.

The show opens with a shot of Peter in the band room playing his guitar with Busy.

peter haha

Just kidding, it does no such thing, we all know Peter is probably in foster care now.

Ok the show actually opens on what looks like a school newspaper office. Amanda and Busy are among a bunch of nerds and Amanda’s complaining to Busy about Phyllis’ new boyfriend Ron. Busy, being a clueless child of non-divorced parents, tries to spin the upside of it by saying at least her mom won’t be lonely i.e. is getting laid. Amanda’s like “whatfuckingever” and carries on with her brooding.

Naturally Emma is working here and has some poll results for Amanda regarding the eighth graders. Apparently Troy was voted “Most Likely to Succeed” and Chrissy “Least Likely” but also “Most Popular.” Remember Chrissy, guys? Yeah, me neither. She’s been seen once or twice this entire season so far. It turns out Amanda’s also on the poll as “Teacher’s Pet”. As if summoned on cue, Chrissy shows up and starts insulting Amanda and the yearbook committee by calling them huge ass nerds.

amanda and busy


The next day in the class, Amanda is still whining to Busy about the teacher’s pet thing. She learns through Busy’s guilty silence that she also voted for her, lol. The teacher asks Amanda to stand up and talk to the class about yearbook shit, but then another teacher comes by with Chrissy in tow. Everyone starts whispering about Chrissy, and it’s basically implied that Chrissy is kind of retarded and needs to be sent back down to grade seven English because she is failing.

After class the teacher asks Amanda if she wouldn’t mind tutoring Chrissy so she can catch up before final exams. Of course Amanda gives in, and Chrissy is super annoyed at the thought of being tutored. I think if anyone should be annoyed it should Amanda, like I’m sure she wants to be helping this girl who is always a total bitch to her.

chrissy and amanda

At lunch, Melissa and the long haired guy who rammed into the Busy in the prior episode are questioning why Chrissy wasn’t in English. She comes up with some bullshit excuse about having to do a study workshop and that’s where she’ll be for the next couple of weeks. They then go to hang out, and we see a shot of the clock with the time that Chrissy and Amanda agreed to meet up at to study.

Amanda’s then seen at the libary, and it’s ten to one when she finally gets a clue that Chrissy isn’t coming and takes off. She joins Busy outside, and see’s that Chrissy is outside with the “cool kids” having some weird ass dance party with no music…just clapping.

weird ass dance party

Amanda confronts Chrissy, who then insults her by calling her “little miss perfect” and “squeaky clean” and then takes off with her posse. At this point I would be telling the teacher too fucking bad, I’m not helping this idiot out… but it’s Amanda so that won’t be happening.

The next morning at Chrissy’s house we see Chrissy getting ready for school by putting on tons of makeup. Her sister points out that she doesn’t really need it because she’s already pretty. Chrissy of course knows she only has her looks to ride on, and tells her sis that you gotta milk your good points for as long as you can. Their mom runs into the bathroom whining about Chrissy not waking her up for work and Chrissy points out it’s not her fault her mom was out with her scumbag boyfriend all night. Chrissy’s mom more or less calls her an idiot and tells her to get breakfast ready for her sister. I guess this is trying to establish that Chrissy’s home is slightly dysfunctional. But I don’t care, because Chrissy is a bitch and I don’t feel bad for her, but nice try show.

chrissy family

At school it looks like photo day is occurring. Yeeeeah.. I’m gonna say Monkey Ears is not helping his case by posing for photos like this:


Amanda seems to be in charge of running the photo day… and she wonders why she got voted as teacher’s pet. Busy’s helping Amanda out with it, because apparently Danny was suppose to, but now he’s going back to New York soon and has “too much on his mind.” Ok, I’m sure this photo day is really taxing Danny.

Chrissy comes in and parades herself down to get her picture taken, while a bunch of dudes whistle at her. Busy and Amanda point out how gross all the guys at their school for drooling over Chrissy, and Amanda states she’s happy Danny doesn’t act that way. Well the return of his rapist gaze would seem to suggest otherwise.

rapist gaze

Later on in class, the teacher asks Amanda to give an example of some grammar rule because she got perfect on her last test. Amanda pretends not to know, I guess in order to show off to Chrissy that she’s not as smart as she seems. I never understood this is shows. Why is being smart considered a bad thing? Stupid kids.

In a new scene Danny and Amanda are waiting outside their apartment for Danny’s cab to take him to the airport to go back to New York. Amanda starts complaining how she hates being seen as smart, because everyone thinks she’s a nerd and doesn’t think she’s sexy like Chrissy. Danny agrees Chrissy is sexy, but then says Amanda’s “cute and nice”. Pro tip guys; don’t call some other girl sexy and then refer to your own girlfriend as cute. The cab comes and Danny takes off. Can I just say Danny and Amanda have zero chemistry? They don’t even kiss each other goodbye. Such a dull relationship, even Troy and Busy kissed once in awhile.

danny and amanda

The next day Amanda’s taken her trying to impress Chrissy status to a whole other pathetic level, as she is now sporting the exact same type of hairstyle as Chrissy. She also asks Busy if she wants to skip class. Busy tells her no, because she doesn’t want to fail and school’s done soon anyway so it’s pointless.

In another scene Chrissy meets up with Melissa and that long haired guy and they imply that they know she’s in grade seven English now, and the guy calls her a dumb blonde. Melissa tells her it would be weird to go to high school without her and Chrissy has a freaked look on her face, as it is suddenly dawning on her that she may be fucked if she doesn’t start working hard now. I guess being stupid isn’t something you should be striving for after all, is it now Chrissy?


In class the teacher announces a quiz tomorrow, and Chrissy basically demands for Amanda to meet her after school in the library to study. Busy asks Amanda if she’s actually going to go, considering how much of an asshole Chrissy has been to her. But of course Amanda, who is so desperate for approval from the wrong people, says she’ll go because maybe Chrissy will quit thinking she’s a nerd. Busy just makes her usual face at Amanda’s usual stupid logic.

In the library Chrissy and Amanda are studying and it turns out Chrissy isn’t as big of an idiot as she makes herself appear, and answers a grammar question correctly. Even Amanda says she’s not as dumb as everyone thinks she is, hahaha.

But then Chrissy see’s Melissa and her boy and freaks out and runs off. You know, Chrissy and Amanda should become friends, they both care way, way too much about how they appear to other people.

amanda nad chrissy

Later on Amanda’s talking to Busy on the phone about Chrissy’s predicament of being popular while pretending to be stupid. It’s fucking dumb, and I don’t care. Then Phyllis mentions she’s going on a date with Ron. Amanda calls him a “goon” and Phyllis says “just because he dresses conservative doesn’t mean he is.” Gross, they probably do weird sex acts together. Blech…Phyllis is the WORST.

The next day in class during the test, Amanda thinks its a fine course of action to help Chrissy cheat.


Naturally they get caught. After class Amanda apologizes for cheating, but Chrissy gives major attitude and tries to deny the cheating. The teacher therefore gives Chrissy detention for a week, while Amanda got off with a warning. Chrissy gets pissed and stomps off, angry that Amanda wasn’t punished.

After school Chrissy bails on the detention and Amanda see’s her and chases after her, telling her she agrees it wasn’t fair she got off without a punishment. Chrissy then lets loose on Amanda, shoving her twice, calling her a brown noser, a geek and a wannabe. Finally Amanda can’t stands no more, and pushes Chrissy back and tells Chrissy she doesn’t know anything about her at all. It’s about time Amanda finally stood up for herself, but Chrissy wasn’t wrong in saying that Amanda is a wannabe, because she is the portrait of one in this episode.

P.S. I dunno how I got this screenshot, but it’s cracking me up.

amand roaring

At home, Chrissy’s mom seems over it at Chrissy’s behaviour, and tells her that the school called and said if she failed her exams she’d fail the year. Just a side note: I know a lot of Canadian shows have episodes where kids fail a grade aka Joey in Degrassi, but I’m almost positive they aren’t allowed to hold kids back a grade.. at least not in elementary school. I dunno, I went to Catholic school so maybe it was different, but I never saw or heard of a kid being held back a year. The mom then goes on to say that Chrissy should be more like her smart sister. So she basically implies that one of her daughter’s is stupid and one is ugly.

The next day at school Chrissy musters up a semi-convincing apology to Amanda.

So I guess that convinced Amanda, because she’s at Chrissy’s place tutoring her again. Chrissy’s mom goes off on a date with her boyfriend “Nick” who Chrissy calls “Dick.” Amanda and Chrissy bond over the fact that their mom’s are desperate and dating losers.

Anyway, so the episode basically ends with Amanda and Chrissy hanging out and I guess sorta becoming friends, but not really because it’s obviously the end of the school year and I’m gonna go ahead and assume that Chrissy passed her exams and goes off to high school, because she’s never seen again.

chrissy hang out

As I mentioned, that’s the end of the Chrissy character. I find it odd that she is featured so little throughout this season, when she was a big part of season one. This show isn’t very good at establishing non-main characters, other than the girl’s family members. I guess it’s sorta realistic that way, as people do drift in and out of our lives. Oh well, Chrissy was annoying anyway.

Next episode is probably one of the funniest in the entire show, and it’s the last one of season two!


Season 2, Episode 11: Monkey See, Monkey Do

Hello faithful readers…the last couple of weeks for me have been incredibly stupid. Can we all just agree that 2015 needs to end? At least there’s only two more months of this damn year.

Anyway, I’m so not excited about this episode. I hate episodes featuring non-main characters, so basically anything about anyone other than Amanda or Busy. But the featured character in this isn’t even a secondary character; this dude was literally only in the Chrissy/Justin closet sex episode and maybe in the background of a couple other ones. In NO way does he warrant having his own episode.

But whatever, at least he gets smacked around in it, and considering I don’t give a shit about this character, I don’t feel bad saying that. Ok I’m done bitching, lets go on with the review.

The episode opens with the Ramone family once again watching basketball. Everyone looks annoyed as we hear the faint sound of drumming in the background, so we know Busy is practicing drums and pissing everyone off.  Sam and Frankie have a freak out on Lucy and tell her to get Busy to stop playing her damn drums.

sam cray

Lucy goes into Busy’s room and Busy is playing the same generic drum beat she plays every episode. Lucy tells her to stop with the fucking drums and Busy gets all offended because when is she suppose to practice. How about not at night, Busy? Lucy actually tells her to quit “torturing the family” HAHAHAHA. I love how Lucy is zero fucks given about the other Ramone’s feelings now. But of course that comment offends Busy even more. There’s no real resolution, but you can tell Busy is all like “my family doesn’t support my music dream” which will be an element to this episode’s themes.

The next day Busy is bitching to Amanda about how her family is basically non-supportive of her aspirations of being a famous musician. Busy’s dad even has the gall to suggest she become a dental hygienist…holy fuck Sam stop being so logical. Amanda runs off and it fades to a new scene…I actually think this is the first fade out in this show (it’s sad that I noticed this, isn’t it?)

So Busy is practicing and this dude with some luscious locks comes in and basically just starts jamming with her. No introductions for the viewers, we’re just suppose to accept that this kid and Busy know each other and are now jamming together.


Mr. Boil comes in and calls their music crap and tells them to hit the road because the band has “real music to make.” Mysterious guy mutters under his breath that that’s “subject to debate.” So we know this guy is a baaaad boy. FYI this guy’s hair is a tad too long for my personal tastes, but I was alllll about this look when I was a teen in the 90s… like I wouldn’t let my boyfriend cut his long hair because I was obsessive haha. Ahhh I miss those times.


Busy walks home with this guy and he tells her that his dad works at some studio and promised to book him studio time when he’s ready. He tells Busy that he needs a drummer and if she’s good enough she can join him. So Busy is pretty stoked that she may finally get a chance to play music with another musician.


The next day Busy excitedly tells Amanda that she’s playing music with Peter. Finally we learn this guy’s damn name. Amanda’s all excited for Busy, because apparently Peter is a rock God at Cornelius. And for once in her life, Amanda doesn’t use Busy hanging out with a dude as an excuse to try and hook Busy up with him. Guess Amanda’s finally getting wise to Busy’s actual sexual preference. They pass Peter in the hall and say hi, but he’s all reclusive and trying to hide what looks like a bruise on his face. Ugh…yeah…gonna be one of THOSE episodes.

After school Amanda and Busy are walking and another long haired dude rams into Busy and drops her books all over the place. Busy calls him a dumbass and he starts kicking them around. Peter appears out of nowhere and tells the guy to pick up the goddamn books or his ass is grass. The guy gets lippy so Peter puts him in a headlock or something similar, and the wimp gives in and picks up Busy’s shit. Peter tells Busy he’ll drop by later to see her drum kit. I retract what I said one second ago, because Amanda totally uses this incident to say that Peter is crushing on Busy because he “defended her honour”. Busy of course says nope, and he’s fighting only cuz he’s a dude. It’s like Busy just looks for reasons to not accept that a male might like her.


amanda busy

Later on Busy is playing hockey with her brothers and Sam and Peter comes waltzing up. Dom makes some remarks about him being cute and a “fashion plate” because he has long hair. Sam tells Elizabeth to “keep the door open”. I swear to God every father must say these words to their daughters at some point. I was having flashbacks myself. Yeah based on this screen shot, I’d say you have NOTHING to worry about, Sam, Busy looks anything but hetero here. Like don’t seriously tell me if you didn’t already know that Peter was a guy that you wouldn’t think this is a lesbian couple. Don’t fucking lie to me or to yourself.

walking again

In Busy’s room, of course nothing scandalous is happening, so we learn about Peter’s home life, and how his mom and older brother moved “out west” and he lives alone with his dad. Busy asks why his mom left and Peter says his dad claims “he was a handful when he was younger” which translates to his parents couldn’t fucking deal with parenting him properly and his mom ran off and his dad probably has rage issues as a result aka spoiler alert does have rage issues. This is such a staple of these abuse episodes, it’s pretty borderline predictable now. Busy I guess feels bad based on the piano in the background, and invites him to stay for supper.

Peter hits it off pretty well with the Ramone’s, complimenting Lucy’s cooking and even somehow being convincing enough to have Sam ask him to write a jingle for the butcher shop. Does Sam have commercials on TV? Who would even hear this so-called jingle? Ah well, like any of us actual care. Also, it is SO HARD to not find screenshots of them looking like a same sex couple.


The next day Peter starts acting like a total diva asshole and gets all annoyed with Busy for having Amanda hang around and listen to their music. Busy acts all meek and mopey, which is weird because normally she’d bitch out anyone who treated her shitty. It’s kinda weird to see. Amanda’s actually the one who shakes her head at Pete’s behaviour and walks off.

Later on, just as things are looking more cheerful, Mr. Boil returns and threatens to give Peter detention for I guess using the band room again. Busy gets to leave, and Pete tells her to come by his place later.

Next scene we see Peter storm out of the school and key Mr. Boil’s car. Amanda also see’s it and is pretty shocked. Guess Amanda’s into every other type of boy except the hooligan.

amanda shocked

Busy arrives at Peter’s house and his dad seems too cool to be true…so obviously you know he’s got evil brewing within. He encourages Busy and Peter to jam together and if she’s serious about her music, she should totally consider playing with Peter. Peter apologizes for being a jerk earlier to Busy and uses that stupid “artists are temperamental” bullshit excuse. I hate that garbage, just admit you’re an asshole.

The next day at lunch, Amanda talks to Busy about Peter and asks her if he’s always yelling and being a jerk. Busy spews the same excuse Peter gave to her to Amanda. Amanda then tells Busy she saw Peter key Mr. Boil’s car and Busy tries to brush it off by saving Boil deserved it, though you can totally tell she doesn’t really believe that and feels awkward that she’s befriending a potential psycho.

busy eating

Later on, Busy is hanging out at Peter’s listening to him play a little ditty that he wrote. Busy proclaims how good it is and asks if it’ll go on the demo tape, but Peter says no because his dad thinks its lame and the dad is apparently also his manager. Well we all know how well that usually turns out in the music world.

Busy asks him if he keyed Boil’s car, and Peter basically avoids out right admitting it, but you can tell Busy knows he did it.

Peter’s dad comes downstairs and it’s pretty obvious he’s a bit hammered. He even gives some cans of beer to Busy and Peter. He decides to start strumming the guitar a bit and Peter casually mentions some hand move that would make it easier. Immediately the mood shifts, as you can tell Peter’s dad does not take well to criticism. Peter than makes an even bigger mistake by smirking at Busy which then sets in motion his dad hulking out on his ass. Peter tries to calm his dad down, but he can see there’s no going back and yells at Busy that he’ll see her tomorrow aka get the hell out so you don’t see my dad beating my ass. Busy runs off while we hear the sound of fists hitting flesh in the background.

freaking out


The next day at school Amanda tells Busy about Peter’s beating and Amanda of course says Busy should tell someone. Busy says she can’t because she’s his friend and he trusts her and maybe this is the first time this happened blah blah aka excuses people use not to do shit when they know people are being abused.

Peter’s at his locker and Busy goes to say hi and touches his arm and Peter flinches in pain, so you know his dad gave it to him good. Busy talks about how he should tell, and Peter says more excuses such as they were fooling around, the artist temperamental crap again etc. Busy is unconvinced, but Peter says his cray cray dad booked them studio time to start the demo, probably because he felt guilty, and tells Busy they could start recording on Friday. Busy seems happy and invites Peter over to her place to practice.

The next scene Peter is playing hockey with Dom, Frankie and Busy. But it’s obvious that Peter is pretty aggressive, and basically collides with Dom into the net, knocking Busy over to get a goal. Dom calls Peter a “birdbrain” which sets his fuse off and he begins to beat Dom’s ass. Just as this is occurring Manny pulls up on his motorcycle and saves the day by driving Peter off. So obviously there is rage within, which is pretty common in these abuse situations.



The next day at school, Amanda and Busy are conversing in their usually girl’s washroom setting. Busy points out that Peter’s anger is just as bad as his dads, and Amanda says its probably because he’s constantly getting hit. Busy tries to find reasons not to tell and again uses being his friend. Amanda says if you are a real damn friend you’d tell.

So Busy was pretty easily convinced, as the next scene is her coming out from telling the guidance counselor about Peter’s beatings. We then see Peter walk by with some social workers and he says the cliche “I thought you were my friend.” Busy quietly replies “I am.” While the sad piano plays in the background, ending the episode.

busy sad

peter sad

Aaaaand that’s the end of Peter as a character. Do we find out any resolution with his abuse? Of course not, because that would require an ongoing story line, and he’s not an important character. What was important was to showcase that abuse is bad, but never what happens afterwards. This is so common on Canadian kid’s TV shows and I find it pretty tiresome. I wish the could’ve had the balls to do something super controversial, like Sam secretly beating Frankie every night with jumper cables (yes, shameless reddit reference).

So yeah, overall for not remembering this episode at all, it was ok. But again, also utterly forgettable.

I can’t believe there are only two more episodes of Season 2.


Season 2, Episode 10: The New Deal

Hey guys. I just realized I haven’t written an entry since Labour Day weekend, which is shitty on my part. i wanted to try and update this blog once a week and now it’s been almost a month. I’ve been pretty tired lately, and just trying to get myself in order. But anyway, enough of my lame ass excuses onto the review.

Now this is the episode where I really start to dislike Phyllis as a character. So much stuff she did in this episode just struck a nerve with me…but yeah, we’ll start from the beginning.

The episode opens with Busy, her parents and Amanda at what looks like some super lame community meeting on safety. Amanda’s all annoyed because her mom is late. Ok, in this case I’m sorta supportive of Phyllis, because honestly this looks boring as fuck.

safety meeting

So just as the meeting is ending, Phyllis comes rushing in. Amanda’s irritated because she missed the whole thing, but Phyllis really seems to give two shits, because she was at her art class. Yes now that Phyllis is a single lady she’s branched out more and is trying new things.  Unfortunately many of these new things are extremely questionable as is evident in the next scene.

Amanda and Phyllis arrive home and Phyllis is really eager to share with Amanda why she missed the meeting. Phyllis tells her it was because she modeled for the art class…except she was buck ass naked while doing it.

Amanda pretty much reacts how any normal teenage girl would upon learning her mother did this, i.e. a combination of shock, mortification and disgust.

amanda wtf

While Phyllis on the other hand is full of glee because her nakedness resulted in her scoring a date with her creepy art teacher after class.

phyllis happy

The next scene Amanda and Busy are walking to school, and Amanda’s look has now evolved into the Claude Tanner look of Degrassi High. Yes Amanda’s look will evolve later on again, but thankfully for the most part it becomes better. I’d say this is the pinnacle of her terrible outfit choices. But anyway, their discussing Phyllis’ naked art adventures and Busy is asking hilarious questions like “did she have on an undershirt or socks?” Omg imagine socks. That’s the worst look ever, naked with socks. Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t take their socks off when they get naked.


Amanda invites Busy over, but Busy can’t because she needs to help her dad. Amanda’s disappointed because she wanted Busy to add something funny in her letter to Danny, and Busy rightfully points out that all Amanda needs to do is tell him what her mom’s been doing.

Amanda comes home and her mom invites her to see the artwork she posed nude for at the community centre. Of course Amanda’s like hell fucking no, as well as freaking out because she’s worried people will recognize her mom. Seriously…how good could these art students actually be? But Phyllis just keeps using the “it’s art!” excuse to justify her nudist bullshit. Phyllis has also decided to start dressing like an African man. Why can’t these Zimm women wear normal clothes?

phyllis toto

As she’s leaving, Phyllis reminds Amanda that some handy man will be by later to fix their shitty door.

Later on the handy man drops by, and Amanda checks his ID before letting him in. I feel like this was added in as like a public service announcement. How many kids would actually do this?

So as the guy is fixing the door’s he starts chatting up Amanda about writing. This Justin Trudeau look-a-like then says he would “love to read her stuff sometime” which is Amanda’s kryptonite aka a man paying attention to her. So she’s immediately smitten.


amanda giggling

The handy man, whose name is actually John, goes off to wash up and while he’s in the can Phyllis comes home. As soon as Phyllis gets her sights on John she begins heavily flirting with him, much to the mild annoyance of Amanda, who is not used to her mom being so brazen with gentleman callers.

p and j

The next day at school, Amanda is telling Busy all about how her mom is becoming a sex maniac and she is utterly embarrassed by it. Busy of course agrees that it’s messed up when you mom starts acting sorta slutty.

Later on Amanda’s at home while her mom gets ready to go out dancing with her friends and Amanda doesn’t want her to. Amanda also talks about how she doesn’t want her mom to bring any men home. This scene really resonated with me, because I had very similar things happen with my mom. I hated when she went out with her friends at night and I was very much an asshole to her when she separated from my dad and was dating her first boyfriend. I can honestly see it from both Amanda and Phyllis’ points of view, though I do side more with Amanda because I remember at that age it really doesn’t feel right for your mother to be going out and dating, especially after your parents separate. I think the parent should really give it at least six months, for the kids sake. On the other hand I know parents are people too, and have the right to their own lives. Anyway, enough introspective, it is clear that Phyllis is moving on with her life and Amanda is not ok with it.

amanda and phyllis

The next day Amanda and Busy go to the community centre where they see the pictures Phyllis posed for. Luckily they are abstract, so there is no way to tell it’s her. Probably could’ve told Amanda that so she wouldn’t have freaked the fuck out, Phyllis. They also see the art teacher who Phyllis went on a date with, and comment on how nasty he is, it’s pretty lol.


Back at home Amanda catches Phyllis reading her love letter to Danny and rightfully freaks out. Phyllis tries to say some garbage about how Amanda shouldn’t just focus on one boy which causes Amanda to say that unlike her mom, she likes just one dude at a time. Just as a fight is about to break out there’s a knock at the door. John’s back to fix some more shit and Phyllis uses it as an opportunity to basically throw herself at him. John decides he wants to hit that and asks Phyllis out. Amanda overhears, and being the cock block that she is, brings up the fact that Phyllis might have a date with Joc (art teacher) tonight, because Phyllis is a loose woman now. Phyllis gets pissed off at Amanda for trying to ruin her game and tells her to back off.


This leads Amanda into having some weird daydream about her mom posing nude for more artwork and getting John to stay and fix more appliances. The dream kinda blends into reality as she is calling her dad both in the dream and then in real life. Amanda starts bitching to Leonard about how much her mom’s behaviour is bothering her, but Leonard tells her that her mom isn’t really doing anything wrong and Amanda needs to shut up and accept it.

Amanda then starts looking at pictures of her broken family to a sad piano melody. It’s clear Amanda really blames her mom for what has happened, which is ironic considering what she later learns about her dad in season 4.

amanda photos

Later on in the eve, Busy has stopped by to hang out with Amanda. John stops in to pick up Phyllis for their night on the town, and Amanda has immediately become pretty cold with him. Hey he can’t help it if he knows Phyllis will probably give up the goods and therefore has to pursue that. Phyllis gets John some drinks, which annoys Amanda because her mom promised not to have men over, even though she’s seen John like 10,000 times by now. Amanda therefore stands around pouting while John and Phyllis awkwardly drink next to Busy.


not impressed

While Phyllis is out, the girls decide to go snooping around her room. Amanda spills her perfume all over the place, and Busy pulls one of the grossest moves in the series by putting Phyllis’ diaphragm on her head.

busy wtf

Amanda freaks out and wonders why her mom still has that because she is clearly not banging Leonard anymore. She comes to the conclusion that it means she’ll be eventually be bumping uglies with John and/or many other men.

In order to stop this from occurring, Amanda decides to fake sick in order to get her mom to end her date early.

For some reason Amanda doesn’t even try to make her fake sick seem authentic aka somehow making her head hot and she even says no when her mom asks if she’s thrown up or had diarrhea. So of course Phyllis knows she lying and calls Amanda out on it. Amanda gets all pissy and stomps off saying she should just go live with her dad because he doesn’t throw himself at every woman he meets. Oh if only you knew Amanda/you will know Amanda in about two more seasons.

amanda brat

The next day Phyllis and Amanda kinda tensely avoid each other until Phyllis finally asks Amanda if she actually wants to live with her dad. Amanda keeps up the silent treatment until Phyllis asks her why the hell she’s so angry with her. Amanda admits she’s pissed because Leonard made it sound like they could get back together. Oh dads, always with the false hope. But Phyllis squashes that pipe dream and tells Amanda its basically done with him and she’s moving on up, to the east side, and so on and so forth.

Amanda tells her she wants her to be a mom for a bit because her people part has gotten a bit out of control. Phyllis agrees and they hug it out and make cookies. The end.

hug it out

Jesus H Christ it took me forever to finish this review. I really could see a lot of myself in Amanda in this episode when I was a teenager, so it’s a bit cringeworthy. I personally think both of them were acting annoying in this episode, and like I said in previous entries, the Zimm family drama is boring to me.

Next episode is legit one I have absolutely no idea about. Most episodes I don’t like I have a vague recollection because I remember every episode of this show thanks to my freakish memory, but this one I don’t think I’ve seen since the show was on the air. I’m not looking forward to it, so the next review might take like three months. Just kidding….maybe.

Season 2, Episode 9: Dear Troy

Hi guys. Sorry this review took forever, I wake up at like 5:50am everyday now for work and it takes longer to write now. But it’s the long weekend and time to party, aka read some Ready or Not reviews!

Alright, time for some bullshit, more specifically, relationship bullshit involving Busy and Troy.

The episode opens with Troy and Busy watching what sounds like a soap opera based on the terrible dialogue, but I’m pretty sure it’s suppose to be a romantic movie. Troy’s lighting the candles and trying to set the scene to seduce Busy, while Busy sits there looking exceptionally uncomfortable.

busy and troy

We learn that Troy has seen this movie “four times” so it must have some sex scene in it that he hopes will put Busy in the mood.

Troy does the ol’ “yawn and arm” around Busy and starts getting fresh with her. He moves in for some heavy necking and Busy freaks out. I need to point out that another Ready or Not blog reviewer (if you can actually believe that another person reviewed this show) said this scene looked like an adult praying on a child and I can’t help but agree, especially since Busy’s wearing overalls and looks even younger than usual.


After escaping Troy’s clutches, Busy notices that he’s writing a poem. Troy grabs it because it’s for her, but it’s not ready yet. Troy also decides to start calling Busy by her real name, Elizabeth which weirds her out….because Busy is such a normal fucking nick name. Why isn’t she just called Liz like every other Elizabeth out there? Once again, Troy moves in for a smooch and Busy ducks away and grabs the basketball, like a true non-hetero girl. She throws the ball right into Troy’s gonads. Well, it’s not like he needs those as long as he’s dating Busy.

troy pain

The next scene Amanda’s hanging out with Busy brother’s for some reason and doing some Cosmo quiz. She asks Frankie one of the questions about whether or not couples should share the work equally. Frankie being the modern man that he is says yes, while Manny being the Neanderthal that is he is, says no because he’s not a “quiche sucking wimp.” I have no idea what that even means.

Busy comes back and looks exceptionally boyish, like more so than half the dudes in this scene.

busy tomboy

We learn that Manny has moved out, but came back home to get Lucy to do his laundry, despite the fact that he’s nearing 40 (in my opinion) and is capable of going to a laundry mat. I’m surprised Lucy actually did it.

Busy and Amanda step away from the Ramone clan and Amanda starts grilling Busy on details at Casa de Troy. Busy tells her about the Elizabeth thing, which naturally Amanda finds sweet and tells Busy she’s so lucky to have Troy around all the time. Busy invites her to stay for supper, but Amanda bails because Danny is flying back to New York tomorrow and she needs to get it in before he goes. I see she’s also back to embracing purple everything again in her wardrobe choices.

amanda and busy

In the kitchen Sam is bitching about Manny coming over to eat their food and do his laundry and how he sucks as a bachelor. Mmmm pretty sure this is exactly what bachelors do. But Manny informs them that he is not actual a bachelor as he is currently shacking up with someone. Manny tells them about his girlfriend Shelia, who will eventually down the road become his wife. Sam is none too impressed by this arrangement, and tells Manny not to bring her around til she has a ring on her finger. I dunno why Sam consistently acts like he’s fresh off the boat, he’s lived in Canada for awhile, you’d think his old world Italian customs would change a bit.

manny and sam

The next day at school Amanda’s gushing about a candy necklace Danny got her before he took off for NYC. That seems like the type of cheap gift Danny would give someone, but of course Amanda thinks its extremely romantic. Amanda once again points out how lucky Busy is to have Troy, but we see Busy silently trying to cover up pictures of her and Troy with a basketball poster, so obviously her feelings for Troy are starting to falter. Troy comes up and asks Busy if they can talk in private and Amanda takes off.

Troy decides now is the time to take it to the next level and gives Busy a ring that was his dead mom’s. I dunno about anyone else, but if I had a kid that was giving away my dead spouses ring to some random girl in the eighth grade, I’d smack them. I’m sure that relationship is totally going to last and is worth giving away a family heirloom for. Troy tells Busy he wants to go steady and he won’t be playing the field anymore. You can tell Busy is silently freaking out, and tells Troy she can’t come to his place today because she’s rehearsing with Neon Vomit (wow I forgot those guys existed). So yeah, Busy is entirely not ready for what Troy is wanting, and not even on a sexual level, but a maturity level.


troy and busy

We’re now at Busy’s, and it’s clear she lied about the Neon Vomit thing because she’s hanging out with Amanda. They’re reading up on the meaning of a ring and how it symbolizes eternity.  Thus Busy thinks that means she’s Troy’s property or something stupid. She tells Amanda how much she hates that her and Troy can’t just hang out because he gets all lovey dovey and sometimes she just wants to be a tomboy. Amanda tells her to shut the fuck up because Danny’s gone and she wishes she had Busy’s problems. So both of them have the problems the other one wished they had.

The next day at school Troy see’s Busy but Busy rans off with Amanda before he can catch up with her. Busy is full on avoiding Troy now. Man up and dump his ass, Busy. The girls decide to visit Manny and his girlfriend at his new place.

Manny’s sitting around in a t-shirt that says “Just Do Me” while drinking beer, eating chips and watching TV. All he needs is one hand down his pants and he’d be the perfect Al Bundy replica.

manny beer

“Shelia” comes in (quotation marks because whoever the actress is that is playing her is never seen again and a whole other Shelia arrives later on) and Manny starts acting like an annoying alpha male kissing up on her. Amanda asks Busy if that’s what Troy does, and Busy says “it’s what he tries to do.” Oh PLEASE. Troy is by far more feminine than anyone else on this show (except Amanda) and is all about the romance. Busy’s got a warped view on men thanks to the one’s in her family. Shelia quickly ducks out to change out of her work clothes.

When Shelia comes back, she’s unfortunately wearing a shirt owned by her ex boyfriend. Manny starts acting like a super jealous male chauvinist and tells her to go take it off. Shelia, despite being completely irritated, gives in and says sarcastically to Busy “men, you gotta keep them happy.” So clearly Busy is somehow going to associate her ape-like brother’s possessive behavior to Troy’s desire to just be more intimate with her.


amanda and busy

So at home Busy decides to give Troy back the ring, because she doesn’t want to be owned by him or whatever. This kid is going to have some commitment issues in the future.

The next day after school Busy see’s Troy swinging sadly on the swing set. She goes over to him and he asks her why she didn’t have the guts to dump his ass and just gave him back the ring in an envelope. Busy tells Troy she doesn’t want to “break up break up” (even though she totally does) and Troy gets all happy and tries to take her somewhere to get fresh. Busy once again manages to escape Troy’s clutches by saying she’s walking Amanda home. So this whole situation is being prolonged because Busy is a wimp who can’t just break up with a guy she has no interest in at all anymore.

Later on at the gym, Busy is basically bitching to Amanda that she won’t be held down by a guy (guess a girl would be ok, right Busy? haha I kid…but not really) and all this other stuff making Troy sound like he treated her the way Manny treated Shelia. Amanda says she’s glad Busy told Troy the truth, but she obviously did not as she said none of that shit to Troy.

Later on, Troy comes up to Busy with some candy hearts and asks her if he can meet her tonight because he has something really special planned. Busy get’s all annoyed because she probably thinks Troy is planning on taking her V card and she’s rehearsing with Neon Vomit again. Troy asks her if she can just miss practice once for the surprise and Busy gets pissy because this clearly means Troy is trying to be controlling and says “maybe.” Troy leaves all disappointed.


Later on Busy’s practicing with Neon Vomit, and Troy comes by in one last desperate attempt to get her to come to his surprise. But as in her usual asshole fashion, Busy blows off Troy and says she can’t go. Troy finally realizes that Busy’s a terrible girlfriend and gives up. Should’ve went with Eve, Troy. Also off topic, but the Liz finally took out his white girl vacation braids, and it is magnificent.

the liz

The next day at school during the morning announcements over the PA, we hear that last night Troy won the national public library award for his poem “Elizabeth.” Busy realizes what a colossal fuck up she has committed.


In the washroom, Busy is sobbing to Amanda about how badly she treated Troy, but by this point I think the damage is clearly done and there’s no going back. Again, you done FUCKED UP BUSY.

Busy comes up to Troy in the hallway and congratulates him on the poem. Troy is giving her the major cold shoulder though. Busy wants to talk more to Troy, but some random kid named Gordon is hanging around, but Troy says it’s fine because “Gordon is his friend”. Wouldn’t most dudes feel totally awkward hanging around their buddy when he’s breaking up with his girlfriend? Take a hint, Gordon. Anyway, Busy finally tells Troy the truth, that the ring freaked her out and that she thought Troy was going to control her and they couldn’t be friends anymore. Troy’s over it though and is like bye Felicia and takes off.

busy look

troy mad

As usual, Amanda’s hanging in the background while Busy is having a private moment happen between her and Troy. Amanda tells her she can go after Troy, but Busy say’s no because he obviously hates her guts now. Busy finally acknowledges that she’s a terrible friend and based on this season, I have to agree. I think Season 2 of this show should be dubbed “The Extensive Fuck Ups of Busy.”

sad Busy

Well that’s the end of Troy Edwards as a character. Overall I think he’s better off not being emotionally abused by members of the Ramone clan. I guess the girl’s just can’t have boyfriends at the same time. Too bad Troy and Amanda never fell for each other, because their corny asses would’ve totally gotten married by the end of the show or something. Oh well, better luck next time Troy.

Next episode is when I fully start to embrace my hatred of Phyllis, so look forward to that!


Season 2, Episode 8: Amanda’s Romance

‘Sup homies? Well this week has been a swell one for me, as my boyfriend bought a car, and thus I get free rides everywhere! My lazy ass is enjoying that, that’s for sure. But I’m as broke as a muthafucka right now, the ol’ job doesn’t really fully start til next week and thank GOD,  because I’m getting desperate. But anyway, let’s talk some Ready or Not!

The episode opens on a shot of some shitty apartment building. This is where Amanda and her mom will now reside, as a result of falling down the socioeconomic ladder thanks to the separation.

They are waiting for what seems like a decade for the elevators to arrive, and have a ton of painting supplies with them. Amanda reminisces on painting their old family home which results in Phyllis bringing up how Leonard was a jackass in that specific memory.

amanda and mom

After waiting forever, they give up and walk up the stairs. As they climb, they happen to hear someone doing what sounds like the worst comedy routine ever, he even has a cassette player of people laughing. Does this kid not have a bedroom of his own to practice this crap in? I’m assuming his dad probably kicked him out, and after watching this episode, I really couldn’t blame him if he did.

Turns out, this kid is named Danny Masters. He is played by Ross Hull and if you ever grew up in Ontario/Canada in the 90s and watched television, you will immediately recognize him. He was in such Canadian classics as Are you Afraid of the Dark? ( Random fact: Laura Bertram was also in an episode and played another lame character named Amanda!) and Student Bodies. Nowadays Hull is a meteorologist for Global News Toronto.

So through Danny’s lackluster comedy we learn that like Amanda, he is also the product of a broken home. Danny’s family life is pretty fucked up, as his dad is currently living in Toronto, but Danny’s actually from New York, where he lives with his mom. So his parents have frequent custody battles and he’s forced to go back and forth between the cities. It’s also necessary to point out that Danny has the weirdest hair, it’s somehow naturally crimped or something. Either way, it’s not normal, much like Danny.


Later on, Amanda and Phyllis are painting and discussing Danny and how awful his hair is. The phone rings and somehow despite the fact that they literally just moved in, Danny has found their number and is calling them. Stalker much? He actually calls and asks if he can borrow a cup of sugar, like what decade does this kid currently live in? Why did he need to call about that, I’m sure the time it took to locate their number back in the 90s would’ve taken longer than just going upstairs. Yes I am analyzing this too much, but if I didn’t than who would??

amanda phone

Amanda brings the sugar down to Danny and he gives her a tour of his dad’s hoarder-like apartment. They start chatting and Amanda tells him that her parents recently separated too, so now these two have something to bond over. Danny starts projecting his weird shit onto Amanda by comparing his parents custody battle to a game of ping-pong and he’s the ball. I guess you can’t really blame him, because his situation is pretty awful. But I can already tell Amanda’s feeling bad for him which = starting to like him.

danny coffee

The next day Amanda’s looking for a shoe, which somehow prompts her to open her front door (no idea, did she think she left the shoe in the hall?) There she finds a cup of sugar with a flower in it, so we all know now that she’s definitely going to be smitten for Danny, as this is the first boy whose ever actually acknowledged her.

amanda flower

At school Amanda’s in the can, and Busy comes in telling her that some “goof” is handing out business cards in the hallway. Two guesses who this could possibly be. Amanda’s plucking her eyebrows trying to get herself hot for Danny, and Busy quickly seems to realize that Danny is indeed the “goof”.

So in the school hall, Danny’s already going around acting like a complete dumbass. He decides it would be normal to drop his pants in front of Chrissy and bare his underwear to the school. Even Monkey Ears thinks he’s an idiot.

danny legs

In class, Amanda see’s Danny come in and kicks Busy out from where she was sitting so Danny can sit next to her. The teacher then brings up some weird scenario asking the class what they would bring with them if they were ever on a deserted island together. Amanda then has some horrifying fantasy image of Danny in an open shirt, doing some weird rapist gaze while holding a huge sunflower.

amanda daydream

danny no

The teacher asks Amanda what she would bring and she says “just Danny.” How mortifying! She quickly says boots, and then Danny says he’d bring a two year supply of breath mints. Gross.

At lunch Amanda is telling Busy how romantic she thinks it was that Danny said breath mints, because that implies that he wants to kiss her for two years. See I knew Amanda was going to turn Danny being a fucking weirdo into something romantic. Danny comes in the cafe, still acting like a moron. Busy peaces out to give Amanda time alone with Danny/I think she just didn’t want to hang around him.

Danny stares at Chrissy in the background and Amanda notes that every guy in the school wants to bang her. Danny says he doesn’t because she’s trying too hard to be sexy and he feels bad for her because it’s pathetic. Oh please, that’s why you dropped your pants in front of her in a stupid attempt to impress her? I see through all your bullshit, Danny. But Amanda doesn’t and gets all smiley because Danny insulted her arch nemesis.

amanda smile

Later on, Amanda’s practicing for the 70s dance the school is having. Yeah, forgot to mention that…the school is having a 70s dance. So Phyllis and Amanda are dancing to the most generic sounding “disco” ever. I really love whoever has to come up with all the fake music for this show. So their practicing the hussle or whatever, Danny arrives and basically calls them fatasses aka elephants because he can hear them from downstairs in his apartment.


Amanda’s dad ruins the fun by phoning and pissing Phyllis off. Amanda runs out and Danny follows after her. Danny comes out and tells her that the fighting will get worse during holidays/her birthday. I think this guy just gets off on parental strife, he always seems a bit too eager to go on and on about parents fighting. But anyway, Danny uses this as an opportunity to ask Amanda out to a movie and the dance.


For some reason Amanda decides to do a double date with Busy and Troy, despite the fact that it is clear that Busy is not a fan of Danny. They end up going to some emotional movie, because Troy starts blubbering like a baby. Danny is also one of those obnoxious fuckers that decides his opinion about the movie is worth shouting out. He also makes fun of Troy for crying. Troy and Busy get super pissed at Danny being a jerk and take off.

pissed off

Amanda and Danny leave the movies, and you can tell Amanda’s embarrassed/totally annoyed with how Danny acted. Danny starts bullshitting, saying that his comedy is huge in New York City and how he’ll get to perform one day. Ok, how old are you Danny? Are you even allowed in a club at 13? Amanda’s still giving him the silent treatment, and Danny tries to say that people don’t understand him the way she does. No, Amanda’s just too nice and puts up with stupidity much more than most would. Ok, I also need to point out that Danny’s fashion sense is truly bizarre. He’s either wearing dad bowling league t-shirts or grandfather cardigans. If this was airing nowadays, Danny would definitely be a model hipster.

amanda and danny

Next day at school Busy and Amanda have a two second conversation where Amanda tries to defend Danny by using the “product of broken homes” excuse and Busy says that gives him no right to be an asshole to people. Exactly right, Busy.

While walking in the dance Amanda tries to explain to Danny that he should apologize to Busy and Troy because his crappy sense of humour is actually hurtful to some people. Danny gets totally offended by Amanda trying to analyze his behaviour and takes off into the gym alone. Yeah, so this jerk can insult everyone, but the second someone tries to offer constructive criticism he runs off. I hate people like that, can dish it out but can’t take it.


WTF the DJ is playing the EXACT same song Phyllis and Amanda were dancing to in the apartment. This “woooo woooo woooo wooo…WAAAAAAAHAAY” song must’ve been on par with “Disco Inferno” in this television universe. Seriously, all the song is saying is woooo woooo woooooo wooo and then WAAAHAAAAAAAAAY, they couldn’t come up with ANYTHING ELSE? Even the fake U2 song had lyrics.

Amanda goes in and see’s Danny dancing like a muppet around Chrissy. For someone he claims is “pathetic”, Danny sure spends a lot of time trying to get Chrissy’s attention.

danny dumbass

Busy notices that Amanda looks bummed out because Danny is being a dick and starts making her dance along with her and Troy.

Danny notices that Amanda’s not paying attention to him anymore and dances over and calls Amanda an elephant again. Amanda gets upset and runs off. Finally, Busy takes it upon herself to do what should’ve been done at the beginning of this episode and tells Danny to shut the fuck up because he’s not funny.

busy pissed

Busy chases Amanda into the bathroom and tells her that she shouldn’t let Danny ruin her night because he’s a moron. Danny overhears because he’s taken upon himself to go into the washroom and eavesdrop. There’s some girls doing make-up and they start laughing at this spectacle and Danny tells everyone to get out because he and Amanda need privacy. Uh.. YOU get out Danny, you’re in the girl’s washroom!


Everyone leaves, including Busy. Instead of apologizing for his behaviour, Danny starts telling more stupid jokes. Amanda is over it and goes to leave and Danny tries to say “it’s the way he is and he’s had a hard life.” Amanda calls him on his bullshit, because her life has been shitty lately too and she doesn’t go around being a jerk to people because of it. He then tries the whole “woe is me, why are you still my friend?” angle and she’s still like give me a break. He FINALLY starts telling the truth and admits that his comedy was a bomb in NYC and he got heckled off the stage. Amanda then says “I knew it”. HAHA BURN.

Anyway, it ends up with Amanda deciding to forgive Danny if he apologizes to Busy and Troy. They then decide the girl’s washroom is the perfect spot for their first kiss. But they get interrupted, first by two girls coming into the washroom and then by some girl who was in a stall THE WHOLE TIME coming out. Must’ve been a damn big shit she was taking.

Finally the two lovebirds get a chance to kith.


So despite the fact that Danny is pretty annoying, I really liked this episode a lot. It was nice to finally see Amanda like a guy and have him like her back. Danny as a character is kinda random, because he’s never around that much from here on out (I think he’s seen randomly in 5 or 6 episodes). I wish they emphasized Amanda’s relationships with guys more than Busy’s…but I guess they probably would’ve had to do a sex episode or something, because we all know Busy would never do anything with a dude and Amanda totally would. Speaking of Busy and relationships, next episode we will see her’s rocked to the core! The core I say!

Until next time!




Season 2, Episode 7: Break Up

Hey guys, guess what, I got a job! I’m going back to my barista roots, working at a new cafe opening soon in a city next to mine. I’m really excited, as having no money sucks and the people I’m working for seem really cool.

Well we’ve now come to the episode where the Zimm’s reach the cusp of their downward spiral and it results in Amanda doing some fucking weird shit. But I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s start from the beginning.

The episode opens with Amanda painting some huge mural and you can hear Phyllis and Leonard arguing in the background. You hear Leonard yell “Goddamnit, that’s it!” and leaves the house. Amanda looks sullenly into her paints as she knows her family is on the brink of separation.

amanda paint

The next day Busy and Amanda are walking around the mall and Busy actually notices some hot guys that Amanda didn’t, so you know something’s wrong with Amanda. Busy asks her what’s up and Amanda starts talking about some weird childhood fantasy she had about living in a mall. Busy naturally scoffs at this, while Amanda points out that you could fully live well enough in a mall aka by eating the cafeteria food, playing with the toys etc. Hey, it worked in Dawn of the Dead until the zombies tore everyone’s shit up.

They walk into what is probably Sears or The Bay and find an extravagant bed, which Amanda immediately wants and refers to as “an environment.” Busy asks if she could ask her parents for it and Amanda says no because her dad is still an unemployed bum, plus having the marital strife. Amanda asks Busy how her parents are doing and Busy acts kinda weird about it, but says they are doing fine. Then she see’s some kid playing a Sonic the Hedgehog game and immediately runs off to play it. It’s scenes like this where Busy seems like such a little effing child compared to Amanda.

amanda bed

busy video games

Amanda comes home and her parents are sitting on the couch in a serious manner, so you know Leonard’s getting his ass kicked to the curb. Amanda asks how long til he goes and he says he’s leaving tomorrow. Also Phyllis is wearing the worst jeans in existence in this scene; they weirdly bunch at the ankle, perhaps because of spandex and they’re that gross light blue colour that was big in the early-mid 90’s. They just look awful, it was all I could focus on in this scene.


The next day Busy is at Amanda’s place and you can tell she feels super awkward because Amanda’s trying to put on a brave face with her father leaving, but isn’t really succeeding. She keeps lying to herself saying that things will go back to normal once her dad finds a job and all that other crap kids tell themselves when their parents break up. Leonard comes in and again it becomes awkward because he’s leaving and Busy’s there which doesn’t really allow him to have a heartfelt goodbye with Amanda. He goes and then Busy can’t handle the awkwardness and leaves as well. Amanda cries softly into her yellow paint.

amanda sad

Amanda goes downstairs and notices Leonard took all the furniture. Pretty shitty move I’d say, but then I guess he’s broke and most likely paid for it so felt right in taking it. Just seems a bit fucked to me that he’d leave them without a damn chair. Amanda starts giving attitude to Phyllis, saying shit like “are you satisfied now?” even though they both agreed to separate. I think in the eyes of a kid, whichever parent is the one that has to go will always look like the “better person” even if they aren’t (which is the case with Leonard, and not even just cuz of his lack of job, it will be revealed in later episodes the other bullshit he did).

Phyllis tries to tell Amanda right now it’s complicated, but she doesn’t make herself look any good when she says shit about Leonard only “loafing around” when he was there. Amanda gets really pissed at that and yells at her mom saying she was too mean to Leonard and always yelled at him. Phyllis starts getting emotional and Amanda yells “Why are you crying, you’re the one that made him go!” and runs off. I found this an extremely accurate portrayal of how a kid would react in this situation, blaming the one parent, getting in one good hurtful jab before running off etc.

phyllis cry

At Leonard’s Amanda’s having a spaghetti dinner with her dad. What is it about spaghetti dinners with recently separated fathers? It’s always either that or Kraft dinner. Least they’re not having pancakes for dinner like in the Babysitter’s Club movie. So Leonard is trying to make the best of the situation saying shit to Amanda like “now we can get to know each other as people” to which she replies yeah we can do that at home and have an unbroken family. Just like Phyllis, he tells her it’s not that simple blah blah.

Amanda starts looking at some newspapers and tells Leonard he needs to get a goddamn job so things can go back to normal, but of course it’s more than that because clearly Phyllis and Leonard hate each other now. Amanda then gets all mopey because Leonard took one half of the couch section and it clearly symbolizes the breaking up of the family unit all set to the heartfelt piano this show loves. Oh Ready or Not, you’re so melodramatic.

amanda and lenoard

The next day Busy and Amanda are walking home and Busy asks how Amanda’s dad’s place is and if it’s a “swinging bachelor pad”. Of course Amanda gets pissed off at this remark and says her dad isn’t a bachelor and that his apartment is depressing as fuck. Stupid Busy. Amanda then asks if Busy wants to come over and study and Busy once again lies in a terrible fashion and says she has to go help her mom make dinner. So clearly Busy is totally weirded out by Amanda’s family shit, probably because it hits a bit too close to home with her own family.

Later on at her house, Amanda hear’s Phyllis and Leonard arguing about money over the phone. She picks up the receiver and yells at both of them to shut the fuck up and then runs out of the house in a dramatic fashion.

amanda phone

Amanda goes to Busy’s where she’s in the middle of a poker game with her brothers. Amanda wants Busy to go to the mall with her, but Busy’s being really dismissive about it, clearly rather hanging out with her bros. Sam and Lucy come in with a huge pizza and it’s just one of those perfect family moments where everyone is happy and content. Amanda decides to go and Busy is basically like “ok PAYCE” aka doesn’t care at all. Lucy kinda notices since Lucy is the only one who seems to be aware of people outside herself. Anyway, so yeah Busy’s being a shit friend in this episode. Actually Busy’s been pretty shitty this entire season now that I’m really paying attention to these episodes. I am by no means a huge fan of Amanda, but Busy’s been pretty craptacular lately.

ramones and amanda

Amanda goes to the mall by herself. She starts writing in her diary which actually looks like a napkin, and she’s writing with one of those thin Crayola markers. She then notices some gross dude’s checking her out and high tails it out of the cafeteria. That one guy legit looks like he’s rolling a joint haha.

gross guys

Amanda wanders aimlessly around the mall. She then comes back to that bed her and Busy were at before, right as an announcement comes on the PA saying the mall is closing soon. She then decides to hide under the bed and live out her fantasy of residency in a mall.

We then see a montage of Amanda doing random shit in the mall such as trying on make-up, trying on clothes, playing video games, going to the food court and other various things. She finally wanders off and settles into the bed.

amanda dress

amanda tv

Back at the Ramone’s Lucy is asking Busy if anything is going on between her and Amanda, probably on account of how lame Busy was treating her earlier. Busy says no and Lucy tells her she knows about her parents splitting up and asks Busy if she’s scared to talk about it because of her and Sam’s issues. Busy says yeah and that’s basically why she’s ignoring Amanda. Lucy tells her to remember Amanda has no siblings so maybe try and actually talk with her. This is why I love Lucy, she just seems to care about everyone. So Phyllis calls and she’s probably freaking out because Amanda’s missing and you can tell by Busy’s face that she probably has an inkling where crazy Amanda went.

lucy and busy

Finally just when you think this mall has no security whatsoever, a security guard catches Amanda in the bed and drags her ass off the office to call the police/her parents. As this is occurring, Lucy and Busy are pulling up to the mall’s parking lot. Lucy asks Busy why she thinks she’s here and Busy says “because she’s Amanda.” I think this reasoning will be used again later on in this series.

The security guard starts writing her up and Amanda tries to reason with him saying she only did it because of her family strife. He doesn’t seem to really care, but conveniently just as this convo is occurring they see the Ramone meat van on the security camera. Amanda begs him not to call the cops and he gives in pretty easily, probably didn’t want to deal with all the bullshit.

amanda cops

Back at Amanda’s place her parents give her the whole spiel about being worried and asks why she ran away. Amanda says she doesn’t know and she just wants them to get back together, which they say nope, not happening. The episode ends with Amanda quietly going up to her room and laying in a fetal position over the soft piano.

amanda lay down

Overall this episode was much more boring than I remembered it being. For some reason I thought the mall antics lasted way longer, but they were about 10% of this episode. I guess I also find Amanda’s family drama much less interesting than Busy’s family drama.. Most likely because I don’t like the Zimm family all that much in general. Busy continues to irritate me as a character this season, but thankfully(?) we are introduced to a much more annoying character in the next episode. So look forward to that!




Season 2, Episode 6: White Girls Can’t Jump

Hi guys, sorry this review is so late, life hasn’t been the best lately. One of my pets is really sick, so that’s been on my mind. In addition to that, my laptop has now broken for a third time, and I’m currently using my boyfriend’s machine. Plus I’m still unemployed. So I’m kinda over life as of late. But I find Ready or Not to be a welcoming distraction, though this episode I’m reviewing now is pretty annoying. Ah well, on with the show.

The episode opens with the Ramone’s watching a basketball game on TV. Sam’s reverting to his usual casual racism, except this time he has something “good” to say, in remarking that all black’s are naturally good athletes. Frankie tell him that’s a stupid stereotype, but Sam tries to defend it saying there is nothing wrong with being naturally gifted. Yep, it’s all because of their skin colour, Sam.

Dom comes in looking for an “Italian Stallion” shirt which no one has. Busy is sitting around with a basketball and Dom asks what she’s doing, and she replies that she’s trying out for the basketball team. Manny says she’ll make it because she’s Italian, and thus “good at sports” but Dom says there’s never been any Italians good at basketball which Busy intends to change. So yep, ANOTHER RACISM EPISODE… *insert annoyed sigh here*

busy basketball

The next day Busy’s practicing basketball in the snow with Troy. She asks Troy if he wants to practice with her and he says no cuz he sucks and hates basketball. See Sam, not EVERY black person is good at basketball…which is the message this episode is already trying to hammer into our heads.

The next scene is in a science class. Mr Boil appears to be the teacher, but I thought he taught music? Or maybe it’s a different teacher but the same actor, I honestly wouldn’t put it past this show to make the same actor play two random people because it’s been done before. Anyway, so maybe-Boil is talking about DNA and Troy is not getting it, and is trying to figure out what the deal is with this weird DNA model thing everyone has. This random girl sitting beside Troy decides to help him out by twisting this model DNA for him and then schooling him on the functions of deoxyribonucleic acid.

Turns out this girl’s name is Eve and she’s one smart cookie when it comes to science, unlike Troy who appears to have almost failed the test when Boil hands back the papers. Pretty sure I saw a “D” grade written down. Eve seems pretty smitten with Troy though, as she gazes at him with sympathy for sucking so hard at science.

eve and troy 3

The next scene Busy and Amanda are at their lockers and Busy is stressing out about the basketball tryouts, especially since its the senior basketball team and she’s the only grade 7 trying out for the team. Somehow Dom’s stupid Italian Stallion t-shirt got into Busy’s gym bag and she’s hoping it’ll bring her luck. Amanda notices that Troy is talking with Eve and asks Busy who she is. Busy says its Troy’s pretty, smart, athletic science partner, and Amanda tells her to calm down because Troy is crazy about her.

Troy and Eve are talking about science and how Troy’s basically fucked if he doesn’t pass biology. Eve offers to tutor him because she wants to bang him and tells him to come by her place on Friday. Troy says he can’t cuz he has plans with Busy who happens to come up right at that moment. Eve has a UBW (unimpressed black woman) expression on her face and walks off. Busy remarks to Troy how pretty she is and Troy says “not as pretty as you.” Oh Troy…love is blind.

busy shirt

troy and busy


Next scene is a short one outside with Eve and her friend having a discussion about the relationship status of Troy and Busy. Eve wonders what Troy see’s in her and thinks its weird that they are dating since Troy’s in grade 8 and Busy’s only in grade 7. Her friend rightly points out that Eve is jealous, to which she says she’s not and is just pissed that all the guys she likes are taken. I dunno, I can’t see Cornelius middle school being a hot bed of male hotties, but who knows.

We now turn to the basketball tryouts, and it basically shows that both Eve and Busy are good at the sport. It’s a two second scene.

The results of the tryouts are up, and Troy and Amanda go check it out for Busy and sure enough she made it. Then for some reason she feels compelled to say “obviously you don’t have to be black to be good at sports.” Amanda and Troy give her a major WTF look at that dumbass remark, and Busy then blames Sam for saying it. Luckily Troy breaks the awkwardness by once again pointing out how much he sucks at sports. Amanda takes off and Busy asks Troy if he wants to go celebrate by getting a pizza, but Eve comes sauntering up all ready to “tutor” Troy.

busy saying dumb shit

amanda wtf

troy and eve

The next day Busy is having one of her once-a-season-I’m-trying-to-be-a-female moments and has borrowed some purple girly clothes from Amanda. She hopes Troy will notice, because I guess now she feels threatened by Eve, even though Eve is also athletic and not really a girly girl at all. Troy goes to his locker and barely notices Busy. Though I have to admit, those clothes do look way better than what she normally wears.

busy purple

Later on in the gym the girl’s basketball team is practicing and Eve notices Troy with his camera. She runs over and returns a notebook he forgot at her place with all his poems and whatnot. She makes a joke about love letters and then says Troy’s “cute when he’s embarrassed.” So yeah, Eve is definitely macking on some Troy. Busy and Amanda come in and Amanda notices that Eve really enjoys herself some Troy. Busy says she hopes the feeling isn’t mutual and Amanda asks why would it be. Busy then says she thinks it would make more sense because they’re both black. I really don’t get Busy’s though process, seeing as how she’s in an interracial relationship with Troy. Would she automatically dump him if she met some corny Italian guy that liked poems and photography just because he would be Italian?

Eve see’s Busy and Troy hugging and is none too happy about their relationship.

So it shifts to the basketball court and a practice game is going on. Eve is being an asshole on the court and not passing to Busy, instead only passing to her black friend (I don’t think it really matters to point out she’s black, but at the same time it might, so I will). When she finally does pass it to Busy it’s when she’s not ready at all and she ends up hitting Busy in the side of her head. So anger is beginning to build up between these two.

busy hit

Finally the racist blowout is about to occur. In the hallway Busy confronts Eve on why she’s being a jerk on the court. Eve tells her she isn’t being a team player and Busy rebuttals by saying she doesn’t think Eve can stand to see her do well. Eve basically laughs it off and goes to leave, but Busy ain’t through. She asks Eve if she’s worried she thinks Busy may be better and then Eve says “you’ll never be better than me.” Busy then decides to say “just because I’m not black, doesn’t mean I’m not good.” Oh God.

Eve is like hell fucking no, and says, “that’s what this is about, me being black?” Busy says no, and then Eve says “sure sounds like it, wop.” So YEAH, they’re both racist idiots! The fight ends with some more stereotypes like Eve saying Busy should “stick with her own kind” and that it’s “good that she hasn’t shaved her legs yet, because Italian men like women nice and hairy.” I thought that was French men? Busy then tells Eve she heard black men like their women “nice and lazy so they can hang out on the corner and cause trouble” and then stomps off. So yeah….that happened. Also I dunno why, but Busy’s sassy little hand on the hip amuses me.

busy hand on hip

The next day at school Amanda and Busy walk up to Busy’s locker and “Racist” is written in bold black marker. Troy walks by and Busy’s like “do you see this shit??” But Troy ain’t having it, because he heard what Busy said to Eve about black people. Busy tries to say that Eve also said horrible things to her, but Troy blows it off. So obviously Troy isn’t hearing the full story because Eve also said racist shit. Amanda’s like “wtf did you actually say that?” and they run off to the washroom to discuss.


They go into the washroom where Busy tells Amanda what Eve said, but Amanda’s still like why did you say what you did? Busy tries to blame it on hearing her dad say that and it just popped into her head. But Amanda’s basically still like, that doesn’t mean you say it, dumbass.

The next scene is another short one at the Ramone’s with just Dom and Busy. Busy asks Dom if people inherit bad qualities and Dom says some stupid joke about her being worried about getting a mustache like their Nonna. Busy says forget it and that she hopes Dom won’t be a racist like their dad. So yeah, I guess this is weirdly tying into the whole DNA thing, and nature vs nurture with stuff like racism. I dunno, moving on.

Later on at school, Amanda and Eve are sitting in the stairwell eating lunch and Eve comes up with her posse and tells Busy that no one wants her on the team anymore because she’s a racist. Amanda points out that Eve is just as much of a racist as Busy is. Also Eve is dressed like a school teacher for some reason, you can’t see it in the screenshot, but in addition to this beige blazer, she’s also wearing some horrid brown slacks.

eve hell no

Later on at Busy’s place, Amanda and her have a discussion about how Busy is worried that she may be a born racist because of her family. Amanda asks her about when she fights with Troy what the reasons are, and Busy says because he makes her do lame thing she doesn’t like and Amanda points out that it’s not because he’s black. Busy also notes that Eve pisses her off not because she’s black but because of how she acts on the court and Amanda adds because she’s trying to steal Troy. So in conclusion, Busy isn’t a racist, but kind of an idiot who needs to think before she speaks.

Back at school the girl’s basketball team is now finally playing an actual game. Amanda sits next to Troy and you can tell he’s still hurt by Busy’s dumb remarks, but Amanda says lighten up on Biz cuz Eve said some dumb shit too. Busy walks proud into the court, despite being pretty much hated by the team, or so Eve would have you believe. Eve’s pretty flabbergasted that Busy would have the balls to show up.

eve no

During the game both Eve and Busy aren’t passing to one another and it’s costing the team points because they keep trying to make impossible shots on their own. The coach calls a time out and Eve starts going on about Busy hating all black people because she accidentally knocked Eve down on the court. The coach tells them both to fuck off and win the damn game and solve their shit off the court later.


So finally after that they start playing normal and Eve gives in and passes the ball to Busy, allowing them to win the game with seconds to spare.


Everyone’s cheering and Busy is seen chumming up with some black chick that’s never been seen before. I guess this was to establish that Busy doesn’t hate black people? It was awkward.

So yeah, Eve can’t let it go though and she comes up to Busy and tells her again that no one wants her racist ass on the team.

Busy tells her to knock it off because she also said racist things that they both said in anger. Eve says its different because she’s black and Busy is white, but both Troy and Eve’s black friend are like “uhhhh how is it different?” P.S. It is totally different, just look at history. Troy says either way, that doesn’t mean they should be racist back. Finally Busy says the reason she was also annoyed at Eve was because she thought she was going after Troy and that he may like her because they’re both black. Troy then says he likes Busy for lots of reasons, and not one is because of her transparent, albino skin. Everyone lowers their head in shame because Troy is the only one here who isn’t an asshole.


Later on Eve is playing basketball alone in a dark gym, and then Busy also feels like playing basketball alone in a dark gym and comes in. They kinda acknowledge each other and then finally end up playing 21 together.


I found this episode pretty obnoxious. I dunno what the point of this was other than to show that black people can be racist too? Don’t assume things based on race? Who knows.

Anyway, I think we’re finally done with the racist episodes, thank God. Busy also kinda sucks this season…first the dance-a-thon wimp out, then the U4EA ticket scandal…now racism. Shape up, Busy. Next episode is pretty funny so I’m looking forward to that. Until then!